La Nuit Coat

La Nuit Coat

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1100 RON ( From 1580 RON )

La Nuit, that one coat in a lifetime, that everyone will remember. The broad, loose collar draws all the attention to the upper side of the body, flattering your neck and face. The neckline has a deep cut, making it wearable off one shoulder, for your most daring dates. The collar can be transformed after your taste and reinvented every time you wear it. It may be folded back giving it a royal finish or let to fall in front, with a flirting, natural flow. The long, vertical lines emphasize height and straight body pose, adding to the elegance of the parisian femme fatale. The knee length and straight lines, followed by the volume added to the shoulders outline a feminine silhouette, that you can't find in any other outerwear item. It is the statement piece, that will keep you shining through the night, under the flashes or the moonlight.


Toute Blanche - La nuit

  •  Made to Measure
  •  A Variety of Ways to Wear the Collar
  •  Handmade
  •  70% Natural Wool
  •  Jewel Accessory
  •  Limited Edition


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a coat can be your jewel


Toute Blanche is a refined outerwear collection, made of three different coat styles to match different occasions when they may be worn, different personalities and different body shapes.

The french names are a regard to the main inspiration source of the collection, the 1950's Parisian high society.


le jour. le soir et la nuit.

Le jour, le soir et la nuit - the evening, the day and the night. Each represents a one of a kind item, in a pure, ivory white, with a fine jewel embellishment of clear crystals and in a rose gold finish, that brings outerwear back in the spotlight. They are hand made after every unique client's features and comes in a highly limited number.

The collection speaks of another time and elegance, when women were still a mystery of power and seduction. No other city in this world has encapsulated such a feeling, just like Paris. Thus, it became the main inspiration source. The coats are meant to frame the female beauty and body, making it stand out at any given moment of the day.

It is, as we consider, a timeless collection.



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