Dark Emerald

Dark Emerald

85.00 117.00

360 RON ( From 480 RON )

The half black, half iridescent feathers of this cape make it a marvel to the eye. A mysterious piece of beauty, which can be matched to anything, from the most outrageously luxurious outfits, to the rock'n'rollas of our times. The accessory is dramatic, but light and comfortable. The feathers are long and playful. The collar is black satin, as well as the interior.



  •  Dyed Dark, Trimmed and Treated.
  •  Handmade Unique Item
  •  One Size Accessory
  •  100% Natural
  •  Limited Edition
  • Soft Long Feathers, Black Satin Collar


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get your Wings

We present the accessory that has the power to effortlessly glammify any outfit. It is dramatic, iconic and by all means, unique. A conceptual item, born out of the desire to stand out in a grey world. We consider it a symbol of freedom, courage and strength, as it comes like a pair of lavish wings on any lady's shoulders.


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