I've had plenty of experience with all types of beauty salons and I know sometimes you just don't get what you're expecting. I hate putting my mood and body up at risk that way, especially since it's so time consuming, that's why I pretty much keep loyal to whomever meets my needs.

I've carefully selected a few beauty salons that have not only been there for me time and time again, but that have exceeded my expectations each and every time.


High End salons in Cluj.

So, If you're ever in a rot and don't know where to go to in Cluj-Napoca, here are my warm hearted recommendations.



1. Hair styiling


Pop Academy

Pop Academy


I've been a model for these guys for about 4-5 years in a row. I've traveled with them and seen them grow into an incredible team and a leading creative institution on a European level. I recommend them warmly for both cut & color. Especially if you're a fashion forward thinker.

This is a place where knowledge, technique and creativity come together to teach and reinvent people everyday.

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Strada Frederic Curie, Nr.2  0748 087 070




2. Manicure & Pedicure



Nail art


A leader in manicure and pedicure treatments, Nail Art is the trend setter of their niche. All new embellishments, techniques, colors and styles are to be found and created behind these perfumed walls, filled with relaxation, sweet teas and the most careful of all nail artists in the city, and beyond.

They also offer intensive courses for anyone willing to learn this form of art.

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Strada Avram Iancu Nr. 9    0757 671 144




3. unwanted hair removal





At first, I had my doubts regarding the hair removal treatment,but it all went away as soon as I entered the glass door of the bright clique.

I was not only impressed by how professional everything went from that day on, but I couldn't be more grateful for getting me rid of the unwanted hair and getting me into a baby-like, soft skin - forever!

A place to make you feel safe, clean and an absolutely sexy.

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Strada Republicii, Nr.35  0788 574 951




4. Eyelash Extensions


Diana Rogo Sublime 2.jpg



A salon specialized in lash extensions of all kind. Built out of a leading team of Romanian experts, these women know what they're doing.

Every set of lashes in unique and personalized on the face and eye shape of every client. The possibilities are infinite and the enthusiasm keeps you wanting more and more.

Isn't it such a blessing to wake up and look just as fresh and flirty as ever, with no make-up on?

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Strada Iosif Vulcan, Nr. 26  0732 261 793