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A sugar-free year: Why I quit sugar

At the end of last year, I decided: 2018 is going to be sugar-free for me.

I wanted to mend the feeling of being incapable, uncontrollable and for sabotaging myself. But getting the motivation to actually do it sounds way easier then it is. The mere thought of quitting sugar made me wanna go dig in a bucket of ice cream for the rest of the day, but I managed to do something even better …

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3 NO-Sugar Nice Cream Recipes You Need To Make This Summer

I've bragged a whole lot about my quitting sugar and you must be wondering how the hell I manage going through summer without having ice cream, right? Well, easy: making Nice Cream.

Nice Cream is a guilt-free, natural, home-made ice cream without any added sugar. Sounds too good to be true? Wait till you taste it! Here are three recipes you can try at home and the 1 trick that will help you improvise your own signature recipe. Read on.

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One thing you NEED to figure out about yourself right now - Are you a moderator or an abstainer?

Do people often tell you to stop going to extremes? To be more balanced? Yeah, I know, me too. But it's actually not easy to do, nor do I think it's a good piece of advice. If you're anything like me, you'll need to your own justification for what you want to do, before doing anything. Then, you'll need to know the answer to this question: are you a moderator or an abstainer? as Gretchen Rubin puts it. Join the conversation and find out four yourself.

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11 mistakes you're about to make when setting goals for 2018 —  Save the year & Read this first

Crafting your goals for the coming year is one of the most powerful tools you could ever use to shape your destiny. But how come so many of us never get to see them come to reality? How come it just isn't as powerful for everyone? To make things even worse, here's a scary figure: 80% of new years resolutions fail by February. 

Don't make these 11 mistakes and you've set yourself up for success. This is a practical guide that will help you be part of the mere 20% that make it. You're about to notice the things that have been keeping you back from unleashing your full potential. Rock your goals this year.

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You are what you value - But how do you know what that is?

When it comes to being yourself, it all sounds easy, but it really isn't. How do you know who you are, in the midst of the social media phenomenon and all the influence taking over your mind? Let me show you an exercise that worked wonders for me. And it will for you too.

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The Movement

Când am văzut-o pe Florina antrenându-se, am rămas cu gura căscată. Acum chiar se vede că sunteți frați. îi spuneam bărbatului meu, în timp ce o urmăream pe sora lui făcând un antrenament de Gunnex, la The Movement, în București. Ne-am petrecut câteva zile în capitală, iar între întâlniri și evenimente, am avut parte de o adevărată revelație în relația mea cu sportul..

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