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Quicky: Festival RED Eyelashes

You know what I love most about music festivals? C'mon, what do you think?

It's the way people want to set themselves free.

You know, the fact that everyone wants to be liberated from they're routine. In my case, it's all about adding a bit of color and drawing above the lines..

Learn more about colored eyelash extensions in this post, darlings, and get ready for your next festival look.

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PB SERUM - Or the fast way to lose centimetres

This month I got so lucky I recieved a personalized treatement using ENZYMES, that promises to help me lose not only centimeters off my waist and thighs, but it should also help me smoothen up my strech marks. Struggeling with the same problems? Come see my treatement calendar and get some more info.

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Quicky: Vanity Close-up

I confidently placed both my hands on my waste, took a deep breath with my head up high and let me eyes rest on the tidy room in front of me.

Focusing my sight back and forth from the details to the big picture, I thought to myself, that all the cleaning up and reorganizing was worth it. Proud and satisfied, I noticed that even the air smelled like mango.

I smiled to all the shiny things that reflected the window light so playfully and took out my camera.

Today, I'll take you on a tour on my vanity table.

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A Gift for all ladies

La multi aniiiii, draga mea!

Cu ocazia zilei noastre, a domnisoarelor, domnitelor si mamicilor, eu si Sublime Lash Boutique vrem sa-ti oferim un cadou!

Povestind cu Florentina ultima data cand am fost sa-mi improspatez genutele, i-am marturisit ca primesc mai mereu intrebari legate de serviciile si salonul ei nou-nout. Impreuna am decis sa rasplatim curiozitatea voastra si sa le oferim fetelor care cocheteaza cu ideea extensiilor de gene, un make-up complet de tip Contouring sau Strobing..

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Beauty Trick: Volumination Lashes

Hello darlings!

With Christmas just around the corner and my baby tree not set yet, I'm taking a few minutes to show you a few pictures illustrating a new lash technique I've tried before the holidays. It's a 6pcs per lash set of lash extensions, made by the one and only Florentina Cinos, hihi. She's opening a new salon too, it will be called SUBLIME! Catchy, huh? Let me show you..

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Tot ce trebuie sa stim despre epilarea definitiva

La inceput am fost reticenta, apoi am fost curioasa, apoi am fost informata, iar acum sunt in extaz. Ce a insemnat o prima sedinta, cum functioneaza aparatul, care aparate sunt bune si care nu, de ce unii au rezultate mai bune si altii ba, si multe alte informatii utile. Am facut un material pe care mi-ar fi placut sa-l fi citit si eu cu mult timp in urma. Acum am o experienta de impartasit, citeste daca ai cochetat cu ideea unui corp lipsit de par, promit ca sunt multe lucruri aici care te-ar putea interesa.

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The jewel under my hair

"What's that little thing on the back of your neck?"

This is the question I get almost every day now. Dermal pierces, "dermals" or micro-dermal implants are still very new to Romania, but an old story for other places. Today, I'm planning on answering the most frequent questions I got about my pierce and hope to give you the best advice possible if you're thinking on getting one yourself..

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