Catching up with yours truly

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Velvet and Tassles


During the winter, I literally have one of two moods. I'm either putting on a second pair of socks and hiding under the covers with a sturdy book and a lemon, vanilla green tea OR I'm totally hyped about the smell of fresh snow and I'm up and running in about 5 minutes, just to get a taste of it. Then again, it's so much easier to enjoy winter when you love big sweaters, thick fabrics like velvet or wool, and have at least a dozen furry pieces in your wardrobe. I'm a total faux fur maniac, but I honestly think it helps.

Yeah, we all know I like to play dress up, so I'm back with a few pictures from yesterday's white afternoon. The sun was still up while we were strolling on the long walks of the central park. Over there, everyone seemed to love the crisp, cold smell just as much as I did.



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Other than taking a few shots, we got a good chance to catch up. Me and my photographer I mean, Vlad. I got him updated with my current affairs: my struggles to get focused on my exam session in the midst of building a home for me and Andrei.

I can't even start telling you how excited I am for this next chapter of my life. I know it may sound weird, I never thought I'd be this home-wifey either, but I'm totally thrilled to make myself a kitchen where my creativity will skyrocket. A spa-like bathroom and huge storage places. I want to create a sanctuary for our souls, where we can always find peace and warmth and comfort and laughter.

No worries, I'll take you through the process when I'll have something to show. For now, they're just plans drawn on ripped pieces of paper, sketched phone numbers from nameless handy men and quite a few empty walls, waiting to come to life. 


Now, regarding Dyrogue, I just don't know. I feel a bit stuck. I want to tackle new issues, but I'm lost on the HOW. I just wish I could have my closest conversations over here. You know?

I've been so lucky to have bright friends whom I talk with. Together we come up with so many questions, but also so many solutions. Thanks to these deep conversations, I feel like I've grown to be quite proud of how I connect the dots, how I make sense of things - and I would just love to share more of that with you, over here. But I don't have any idea yet, on how to frame it. So I'm reaching out to you. Like any good friend in need, I'm asking to share your thoughts. Maybe your ideas will spark a whole revelation, you never know. So please, tell me if anything comes to mind. There's no wrong or right, so don't fuss on leaving a comment.

Let us catch up too. I'll be there at the end of the article. Oh - it's been a while, hasn't it?

Until then, have a brilliant day, my lady. 




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La Rochelle Tassel Velvet Wrap

Zara Pants & Faux Fur Collar

Prada Cahier Shoulder Bag