18 unconventional Engagement Rings you'll love

Love is in the air



If you're reading this, you either adore her, or you have a lucky guy, that adores you.

No matter if you're a him or a her, I'm sure you'll find a ring style to fit your personality in my selection below.

Let's face it, an engagement is an absolute thrilling, memorable and incredibly symbolic moment for both of your lives.

So you need to make sure everything falls into place.. and by that, I mean on her finger.


I've been browsing the internet for jelwery when I spotted one particular ring that I irrevocably fell in love with.

I started digging deeper and deeper, trying to figure out what my own preferences are.

I remember my boyfriend asking me once, almost by mistake, what type of ring I'd like to have. My heart was pounding, when I saw his sneaky gaze, filled with a hidden curiosity.

Well, I did some research, and here's what I found.


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A little blue box with a white ribbon on it will make any girls heart race faster than a sports car.

Tiffany & co. is one of the oldest and most iconic jewel store there is, standing out for their perfectly cut, high quality diamonds and conservative design.

They are the high end of engagement rings, with prices that can grow fast over 30.000$.

While the diamond itself is a masterpiece, I think the brand itself is what makes these rings so desirable. But at the end of the day, it's the relationship that matters, not the gemstone, so pick a style you like and keep an eye open for other retailers with the same designs. You may just find yourself a better bargain. 


black Diamond

“Because you are not like anyone else.”  said Mr. Big.

In the final scene of the Sex and the City 2 film, Mr. Big captured the heart of Carrie Bradshaw with a one of a kind engagement ring, with a black gemstone to fit her eccentric personality and over the edge fashion sense.

Here's a 14k White Gold Engagement and Wedding ring set with a black gemstone and a halo of diamonds.

1,636 $





We like to think of aristocrats as blue blooded, but they also tend to love blue sapphires when it comes to engagement rings.

Kate Middleton, and Princess Diana before her, both wore a large Sapphire ring to show off the love of their princes.

Of course, it's best when the ring is vintage and carried on through generations, but why not start your own little tradition with your king, right?

1,199 $




A 14k white gold Emerald Engagement ring is certainly not a traditional choice, but a truly exquisite masterpiece.

Such a bold ring will only be fit for a strong, leading woman with a love for the spotlight, but with impecable manners and a classy fashion sense.

710 $





A triangle diamond ring, with a clean and geometric design is exccentric in it's simplicity.

Still feminin, still precious, it holds today's spirit in it's sleek shape. For the very contemporary thinkers, ready to live in the now.

895 $



A black diamond, oxidized sterling silver ring for the minimal lovers our there.

Black is both rebellious, yet sophisticated, minimal, yet mystical. It always depends on the wearer, doesn't it?

183 $



A custom fingerprint ring with 14k rose gold is one of the coolest rings you can go for, if you're not looking for a gemstone.

The width and color can be customized to fit any taste.

+259 $



rose Gold


A pear cut engagement ring in a soft shade of rose gold is a true show stopper.

Large enough to be seen, yet tasteful and delicate, with a halo of small diamonds. *Speechless*

560 $



A conventional designed ring with a twist of colour.

The rose gold tone gives it warmth and personality, don't you think so?

428 $



A 14k Rose Gold, oval cut diamond engagement ring, with a vintage look, for the most romantic of creatures.

Needless to say more.

1,895 $





Traditional shape, with a very special gemstone, a ruby.

For the hot blooded females, that live up to the passionate red colour of such an engagement ring, and the lover that has given it to her.

1,790 $



With a modernised art deco design, built out of two pieces, this ruby ring is anything but conventional.

A true piece of art for the women that can appreciate a different angle, for an old habit.

2,660 $




Art deco

This ring speaks for itself. And it only talkes about beauty and glory.

Like a rising sun, this ring warms me up and fills me with hope.

A Great Gatsby, custom made jewel to mark the promise of a one of a kind love.

What is there left to say?

 2,580 $




A 14k gold, diamond branch ring, with a solitaire diamond.

For the souls that find beauty in nature and in life, without caring about anything else in the world, except each other.

330 $





One of my favorite alternatives to the traditional engagement ring, is the raw finish gemstone ring.

Click on the picture to find custom made rings with any type of diamond, white, gold or rose metal, in one of the most brutal, yet marvellous pieces of art I've ever seen.

I feel this ring is for the purest of loves and for the purest of people.

1,795 $



All women are beautiful, but each and every one of us is unique.

That's why I think having an alternative engagement ring to wear for a lifetime is one of those little things that make life such a joy, by celebrating both our differences, as well as our love.

Let yourself be inspired by these styles and let me know which one is your favorite in a comment below, you never know, your lover might just be reading.