My Favorite Creations from the UAD Fashion Design Gala

Vest by Veronica Tomos.

Vest by Veronica Tomos.


fashion design Gala in Cluj

Last week I was lucky to have a front row seat at one of the most exciting events of the year in Cluj, The Graduation Gala of the University of Art and Design. When I say exciting, I mean it.

You need to be there to feel it yourself, but the place is packed with emotion. The students are just a few moments away from starting their careers as fashion designers, the media is breathless while the collections surpass each other in boldness and eclecticism. The rest of the audience is either enchanted by a new sense of elevated sex appeal they'd wish to pursue or just dazzled by how these students translate their understanding of the world in their creations. Of course, not all students make it to the gala. Just the very best get the chance.

In my view the show itself is a trademark of the zeitgeist we are living in. As always, the artists are the ones who manage to show us the true colors of the society in a better light, making it more bearable. By aestheticising facts and reviving former values, the clothing bares the truths of our world in their fabrics.

Even if each collection seemed like an effortless play, one cannot create such a masterpiece without a creative mind and a lot of hard work.

The show, as all other different forms of art, awakens a mix of love and hate. There is either a sense of awe or one of repulsion that fires up inside when the models hit the catwalk. You either fall in love with a look, or dread it, because in some way, it may not conform with your inherited values. The designs I lusted to wear are in the video below and were the ones I could easily fit in my own identity. On the other hand, the designs I would not dare wearing, where the ones that brought me the most value. Those made me wonder the most.




The Gala was not only a showcase of raw talent but also a great opportunity for young graduates to make a statement about the world.These young designers are so fresh, so outspoken, it's hard not to brag about them!

Ah, by the end of the night, my feet were in terrible pain because of the high heels I swore I'd never wear again, but my mind was still stimulated by all the visual incentives. So bravo to the organisers and sponsors and all the designers that made it happen.


Find more images and information about the designers here.


Syoss Collection

I attended the event not only out of personal interest but also as a proud brand ambassador for the professional brand, Syoss. I was thrilled to accept their invitation and join the Syoss team. Here are the reasons why I believed in their initiative. 

For several years, Syoss has been one of the main sponsors of the UAD Gala. The tradition continued this year as well with the graduates creating a unique collection custom-made for Syoss. 

The theme of the Syoss Collection was called “minimalist glam” and it was meant to express the identity of the brand: black and white, elegant, sharp, professional but classy at the same time. The students did an amazing job as you can see for yourself in the images below.



I believe that it is brilliant how Syoss managed to create a play field for the young designers at the Gala. Thumbs up for that!

I would also like to congratulate the winner of the Syoss Prize for Innovation, Veronica Tomos, who won with her wonderful collection called “Post Reality”.

So yeah, up until last week, I worshiped Syoss for my indispensable dry hair shampoo, but now, my admiration went beyond that and I am happy to be able to give them a hand in helping talented students make their way out in the world!