This November

Hello folks, how have you been doing?

I'm guessing everyone is still rather shocked and revolted in sight of the latest events going on in our country. If you've been marching on the streets or if you're still confused about how you feel about things, it's okay. This is a fragile time we live in and at I, for one, still need to take my time and think about these issues. 

If I'm going to approach recent events right now, I would just want to say out loud, that we should stop and think more often. To have a very personal, argumented opinion on whatever we're saying. A dialog that makes sense to us foremost. 

Of course we're upset, of course there has been a tragedy that has had to trigger some changes, but I only worry that these changes are not completely under control. I'm worried we may not get what we want, but rather what somebody else, in the right place, at the right time, will try to obtain.

We should find unity and stick close together to try and come to one new era. A Romania with more compassion and less corruption..

I've studies my share of politics and the only thing I know for sure, is that I don't know enough. We need more information. Up till then, we should all try to get past this horrible last weeks with a bit more optimism. Things will definitely change around here, making such a sacrifice, at least, a little more meaningful..



What I actually wanted to show you today, was my pick from the current Guess by Marciano fall-winter collection. I know clothes and shopping feel a bit shallow right now, but I'm trying to keep focused on the things that still make me happy. I've been pretty down these last few days and I don't think this will due any longer.. There has been enough pain and heartbreak around here and although it is more than normal to feel that way, we should still cherish our time on earth. And I mean it.

Of course, the outfit I picked isn't all pink and dandy. I felt a little more casual combinations with a tad more serious colors would do. I chose comfortable, every day pieces, like sleeveless pullovers and a pair of dark jeans with a revolutionary feel to them, thanks to the studs that take them out of the ordinary.

I love how I can just go in a shop and find things to match my mood, don't you? Especially when one particular store can host a mixture of all moods one can get. 

If you've been following me for a while, then you probably know I've been a sucker for Guess ever since forever. It's one of the sexiest ready to wear brands out there, with a pinch of luxury that you can notice in every detail. The textures and fabrics, the knites and the metal accessories are pretty much what keep me coming back. Because I know it's important to be both pampered from out far, but to look just as gorgeous when you come up close.  

Check out the back to school items they have in store. There's a backpack I fell in love with instantly and a whole lot of fluffy knits to suit all tastes. The cold weather is creeping in on us fast and I want to be prepared to fight it off. There's nothing worse than being cold and not being amble to enjoy yourself because of it. 

By the way, perfect make-up and photoshop looking hair isn't in trend anymore. Try to keep your hair frizzy and playful, go for a more close to natural make-up and focus either on your eyes or on your lips, at least while it's still daytime. I don't want to push my own tastes on anyone's style, but these things are just outdated and somewhat "try-too-hard-ish", you know what I mean? Just be yourself, praise quality over quantity and don't over do it, at least not now, while everyone is still mourning..

A special thank you to...

Guess by Marciano ( brought to Romania by Unic Brands ) for the whole outfit

Anca Cheregi for the pictures & company