5 life changing TEDtalks

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Heya guys!

How's Valentines day been treating you?

I really hope you all have some time set apart to reflect on your intimate life and have some deep talks with your loved ones. Yup, candlelight and naughty nights aren't what Vdays are all about.

(All though they do play a big role in all the fuzz. Keep them for the afterparty!)

You'll find a soulful talk will push your relationship further than any chocolate box or teddy bear ever will.

So DO make time for a date with your partner, even if you're not to big on the Valentine's Day idea, where you can really relax and make some thrilling future plans, share some new dreams and old memories.

It will make a corporate holiday like today, really, really special.

Then again, I hope you guys do this all the time, not only today. The 14th is just the perfect excuse to make things formal!

Now, talking about talks, I wanted to share some love from my side as well.

..And what better way than with inspiring, life changing material, right?

You already know I'm a ginormous TEDtalks fan. Almost as big as I was a Harry Potter geek as a child! (And that's as obsessed as you can get!)

So, since we've got TEDxCluj going on in less than one week ahead, *sooo excited*, I wanted to give you a selection of 5 of my favourite talks lately.

I suggest you take some time to get your finger around the information, let it sink in and revive you from within. Just like coffee!

The thing with TEDtalks is that they give you perspective, real examples, researched information and quite innovative ideas that can truly touch the lives of so many people - including yours.

Of course the speakers are mostly charismatic people, and some may say TEDtalks are a tad cliche, but I believe in the soul purpose of them with all my heart.

These are good people, that set out to make other people improve their own life experience.

They set out to change the world for the better. They're pretty much modern day heroes. Like Batman and Robin, remember?

Bringing awareness, helping, inspiring and even fighting actively to help the innocent. By this I mean war issues, endangered species or just plain suffering people, that need a lift of spirit.

What you're going to listen to today though, isn't as much about universal problems that a community should solve together, but rather individual problems that everyone in our community is fighting with on their own. For example: loneliness, stress or not being able to let go of a bad habit. ( like excessive eating or smoking )

I want you to listen to them, because I know they will make a change in your life. Because any time these things will happen to you again, you'll remember these videos and the emotions you had when you listened to them. You'll remember just how inspired and empowered you felt.

I'm a living example. I listen to a new talk every other day on my app and I always go back to my favourite ones when I'm feeling down.

You're going to feel the need to listen to them over and over again afterwards, and you should, because braking a habit takes a strong decision and perseverance. So you'll need the fuel!

But you can make it!

Here are your tools:


1. Growing Emotional Strength

This talk is going to help you notice a frequent pattern that I'm sure you've experienced at least once in your life. Guy Winch is a psychologist that has the solution. He calls it Emotional Hygiene. You'll love him, I promise!


2. Braking a bad habit

Sometimes ignoring the things you want to change in your life, will just make them even more exciting and appealing. Like the forbidden fruit - you'll go crazy if you won't have it! Judson Brewer has an answer on how you should make a little shift in your mindset to be able to take control of your own life!


3. Make stress your friend

This one is just brilliant! Everyone, no matter how succesful or laid back, is bound to have to handle stress and stressful situations in their lives. That's just the reality of things. But the incredibly amazing part, is that all the symptoms of stress, are actually your bodies means to preaper properly! Listen and you'll find the way to courage and beat stress's ass on the way!

Oh, and the ending idea is just such a revelation. You'll see what I'm talking about.


4. Why some of us don't have one true calling

I've shared this one with you before, but for all those that didn't listen to it yet, I really suggest you should. Now. Emilie Wapnick is going to clarify a few things about our generation, and why it's so damn hard to decide on a carrier, or anything else for that matter. She also comes with a great conclusion!


5. And A Valentine's Day gift!

This talk is just pure creativity bottoled up in this dude, Harry Baker. I've listened to this like a dozen times. It's just awesome how he uses poetry in love. It won't change your life per say, but it may trigger a creative button in your body. At least to appreciate poetry, if not anything else. Argh, I'll just hit play again, too!


..And the best part?

As I've said earlier, we have our TED event, right here, in Cluj.

TEDxCluj 2016 is going to bring this kind of human beauty and innovation to our town. Glorious!

I'm quite honored to be named an official Blogger for the event and I'll be posting a lot more on the 20th this month, when it's going to take place at Cinema Florin Piersic.

The theme this year is going to be MYTHBUSTING!!

You can find more details about the speakers and the whole thing on their website, if you click here.

Sadly, the tickets are all sould out by now, but there are future events that you can find an early bird for, if you keep an eye open!

If you're curious how a previous edition went on in Cluj, you can read my article from TEDxCluj right here. (click)


I hope I got you just as excited as I am and I'd love it if you'd share some oppionions in the comment section below.

I'm really curios how you feel about the ones I've selected, which one you liked best and if there are any other talkes that you'd like to share with me too!



Sorry for not coming up with the romanian version of the text,

but I've got my final exams tomorrow and I really, really need to get back to my books now. I'll be all yours starting with next week.