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Catching up with yours truly

During the winter, I literally have one of two moods. I'm either putting on a second pair of socks and hiding under the covers with a sturdy book and a lemon, vanilla green tea OR I'm totally hyped about the smell of fresh snow and I'm up and running in about 5 minutes, just to get a taste of it. Then again, it's so much easier to enjoy winter when you love big sweaters, thick fabrics like velvet or wool, and have at least a dozen furry pieces in your wardrobe. I'm a total faux fur maniac, but I honestly think it helps.

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A Hot & Cold look for Winter's wonder

It was the very first day of snow and we were damn right excited. The backdrop was set with flickering snowflakes and crystallised branches. The tips of or fingers were almost numb as we tried to touch the snow still floating in the air. The air had a smell to it, that reminded me of my childhood. The days when we'd go to school wrapped in fluffy sweaters and big knitted scarfs. I would always take a deep breath the very moment I would step outside. I'd tell myself I'm brining in the winter. And, I guess I was. 

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Let's talk Christmas Glam

Cum am ajuns sa alunec in aceasta rochie si sa ma plimb prin opera pustie, cu camera lui Vlad urmarindu-ma de pe un coridor pe altul.

Propunerea mea de outfit aduce in centrul atentiei o rochie unicata de la Elen's, croita chiar pe mine. Mulata si provocatoare, cu spatele decupat si gulerul inalt, acesta rochie e pentru femeile care ar da oricand boancul imblanit, pentru o pereche de tocuri inalte.

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Winter Poetry

Remember when we were little? When we'd use to try and swallow as many snowflakes as we could, with our tiny mouths wide open to the sky?Our eyes were shut tightly. Those little pieces of winter were bothering our sight, cluttering on the tip of our nose and making our soft eyebrows bushy white.

What a joy it was to play in snow. What a revelation it was when we first found out that it was made out of water.

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