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Tot ce NU stiai (dar ar trebui) despre extensiile de gene

Nu e tocmai ușor să aplici extensii de gene. De fapt, e chiar destul de complicat. Afla tot ce e de stiut despre asta inainte să incepi acest serviciu. Vreau să-ți spun toate detaliile, în special ca să nu te supui nici unui risc când te hotărăști că vrei să apelezi la acest Beauty Trick. Gata?

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Quicky: Festival RED Eyelashes

You know what I love most about music festivals? C'mon, what do you think?

It's the way people want to set themselves free.

You know, the fact that everyone wants to be liberated from they're routine. In my case, it's all about adding a bit of color and drawing above the lines..

Learn more about colored eyelash extensions in this post, darlings, and get ready for your next festival look.

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Beauty Trick: Volumination Lashes

Hello darlings!

With Christmas just around the corner and my baby tree not set yet, I'm taking a few minutes to show you a few pictures illustrating a new lash technique I've tried before the holidays. It's a 6pcs per lash set of lash extensions, made by the one and only Florentina Cinos, hihi. She's opening a new salon too, it will be called SUBLIME! Catchy, huh? Let me show you..

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