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dDay I 1st Year Anniversary Party

My soul was struggling with a sweet kind of agitation and it let all my emotions sink in the moment I started walking down the wooden stairs to the lake. I was stunned - utterly overwhelmed by the beauty of the sight.

There I was, passing by the girls from La vie en rose braiding dozens of orchids with dusty pink rosebuds and peonies, on the water's edge. White tables with tall, glass structures where making place for the ephemeral pastel cakes.

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Fashionality - Preps & Emotions

- "What are you planing to wear at Fashionality?" asked Diana, a girl with green eyes, who shares my name. "How about a jumpsuit?"

- "It never occurred to me, actually! ... Not a bad idea though.. but I think I'd like to try something else. Got a pen?" I asked Diana and started dressing a silhouette I sketched quickly, on a piece of paper, she already wrote upon.

- "Let's just ignore my outstanding drawing skills" I notice Diana smiling secretly. "and tell me if we could do something like this."

I entered her workshop with an idea in mind. I wanted a long skirt, tapered and very tight .. and on top, I wanted a gem. I was thinking about a skin colored mesh with glowing metal sequins. I imagined a piece that would shamelessly steal all gazes. Diana read me like an open book...

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