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The One Training Everyone Needs in the Modern World: Postural Alignment

Before&After pics included!

Lately, I’ve been a strong believer of a wholistic take on life. This mindset has impacted all aspects of it, uniting them in a work of art that needs balance to survive. It also made me look at the cause, never the effect. One way to look at health and even your overall presence, is to start with your posture. You have NO idea how much it reveals about your charachter, your life style or your past behaviours. The scary thing is that it affects everything about your future, from your well being, to your ability to move around, travel, have fun and create a life worthwhile. It determines how you’ll age and how much confidence you’ll have and show. Taking care of your posture should be the first step, especially before doing anything athletic! This was one mistake I wish I didn’t make. You need to know about this, read on.

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