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How To Turn Your Thoughts Into Life Commandments - Here's my list of 27.

I see myself as a writer, so whenever I get the slightest idea of doing a mental exercise, I'm thrilled to put my words down in front of me. To study them. To see what comes up. In my point of view, writing has always meant self discovery. That's what I did today. I thought about my life commandments. Guess what came up?

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Aseara am plans de fericire.

Eram la dus, cu apa fierbinte curgând lin pe conturul meu, când mi-am dat seama ca vreau sa scriu.

Aveam de scris, mi-am spus, fără sa știu despre ce voi scrie.

Am oprit apa, m-am lăsat învelita de un prosop alb și robust, și m-am îndreptat spre laptop, cu o singura imagine prinzând viata în gândul meu. A fost o amintire. O amintire proaspăta, a cărui intensitate încă îmi ardea obrajii.

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Doua inele, doua suflete si o poveste

Probabil ca e cel mai intim articol pe care l-am scris vreodata. E o fila din jurnalul meu, scris dupa miez de noapte, despre una dintre zilele pe care nu le voi uita niciodata. E presarata cu framantari, intrebari si replici adevarate, care ilustreaza exact ce s-a intamplat, intr-o noapte ploioasa de Septembrie, in mijlocul Venetiei. 

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8 Things you need to know about Italy

Italy has amazed me with so much beauty, it's almost hard to describe. It's a type of wild beauty, not the curated one. It's the greens that grow in the ancient walls, the tiny streets that have seen the foot of thousands of generations, the history and culture, the fashion scene and the lively people, all in one they are a rare mixture of everything I find beautiful in the world, all in one shoe-shaped country.

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