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My Share of Prada inspiration

Last night, before bed, I read an article in Vogue. Miuccia Prada was interviewed after launching last year's spring collection. You read the reason I mention this above..

She's right, isn't she?

I think so. And I also think she has a brilliant approach to fashion. The nonconformism she plays with in a field so risky, their robust colors, but also maintaining classical pieces as symbols of luxury in the mean time. Prada is ultimately an aspirational company. They target an audience that craves the status such a brand offers.

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Casual rockin'

How was your day?

Mine started with an attempt to make the most delicious and beautiful, Pinterest level, pancakes. Guess what happened?

I'll tell you what! - They had me go mad. Gosh, I just can't get what I always do wrong. I've tried making some for the 3rd time already, and still, I burn each and everyone. Seriously, is there something I'm missing?

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