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Quicky: Festival RED Eyelashes

You know what I love most about music festivals? C'mon, what do you think?

It's the way people want to set themselves free.

You know, the fact that everyone wants to be liberated from they're routine. In my case, it's all about adding a bit of color and drawing above the lines..

Learn more about colored eyelash extensions in this post, darlings, and get ready for your next festival look.

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Quicky: Vanity Close-up

I confidently placed both my hands on my waste, took a deep breath with my head up high and let me eyes rest on the tidy room in front of me.

Focusing my sight back and forth from the details to the big picture, I thought to myself, that all the cleaning up and reorganizing was worth it. Proud and satisfied, I noticed that even the air smelled like mango.

I smiled to all the shiny things that reflected the window light so playfully and took out my camera.

Today, I'll take you on a tour on my vanity table.

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5 Ridiculosly cheap Make-up products I could use everyday

Filozofia mea in make-up este foarte simpla: Este o arta, iar arta nu are reguli. Snobismul in ceea ce priveste machiajul te poate numai limita. Intradevar sunt si eu o mare fraiera pentru glossy stainurile YSL sau rujurile mate de la Mac, dar asta nu inseamna ca in trusa mea de machiaj nu sunt si produse sub 10 ron sau care chiar nu au nimic de-a face cu machiajul. Hai sa vedem care sunt cele mai iubite dintre ele.

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