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How to Make Your Own Terrarium in 8 Easy Steps

I got serious about doing daily yoga, so vamping up my zen space was one of the tricks I had up in my sleeve to make this new habit more satisfying and the room more welcoming. Doing yoga next to my hand-made miniature garden is one of those dreams, that is actually really easy to fulfill, so I did some research, went shopping with my best friend, dug in my mom’s flower garden and called Vlad over, who also took these pictures, to start building it!

If you'd also like to have your own terrarium, I laid out the entire process for you in 8 simple steps you can follow. Let's get dirty creative this weekend!

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5 Life-Changing Decisions To Take When Moving Into A New Home

Ever felt like you’re living your life on autopilot? Well, in a way, you probably are. Most of the things we’re doing on a regular basis are habits we’ve acquired a long time ago, even without noticing it. The good news though, is that many of them are tied to the environment we’re spending our time in. We can change these patterns if we change the space and take some powerful decisions along the way! These are 5 things I’ve committed to while moving into our new home and they are literally changing our lives forever.

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