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An Outfit Choice for the Holidays

This is pretty much a tradition for me already, but I got the chance to go straight to GUESS in Iulius Mall to pick out what I feel is the most delicious outfit in the whole store. It's a collaborations that has kept me shining throughout the years!

So that's a starter, but what do we get for ourselves? What do we wear for the holidays?

Going to Guess is starting to be a shopping spree that I tent to associate the most with the season. Having done the same the past few holidays.

When Christmas and NYE is coming up, then sooner or later I'm checking out the casual glam they offer.

Check out my outfit decision from this collection..

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This November

What I want to show you today, is my pick from the current Guess by Marciano fall-winter collection. I know clothes and shopping feel a bit shallow right now, but I'm trying to keep focused on the things that still make me happy. I've been pretty down these last few days and I don't think this will due any longer.. There has been enough pain and heartbreak around here and although it is more than normal to feel that way, we should still cherish our time on earth. And I mean it.

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Woman's Day inspired outfit

If February was the month of love, March is definitely the month of women.

With this is in mind I started my quest in search for an appropriate outfit.

I don't know how you start planing a look, but I always begin with the end.

What will be the final effect?

What are the first things that the person on the other side of the street will think of when seeing me?

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Glam On October

This is a so-called "look-post", you guessed it!

But I don't just want to show you where I bought my clothes, or how the weather was, when I wore them.

No. Because, 1. the whole outfit, I got from the same place ( Guess, Iulius Mall ), 2. the weather, I swear, could not be more perfect, judging by the sunset in the background of my pictures and 3. because I want to answer a question which usually remains unansered: why?

Why I dressed like that, and not otherwise.

Why is it worth it, to let your boyfriend waiting for another infinite 30minutes, until you're ready.

Why you deserve to be the one that steals all eyes, in a mass of grey people.

I have a belief, well rooted in my nature .

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