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Want to be toned, fit and sexy, but hate exercise? Try this!

Look, my entire life I believed that I didn’t enjoy exercise. For some reason, I thought it had to be painful in order to work, but that made me dread the gym or any type of sport for as long as I can remember. I managed to turn things around for me, just by trying one more thing, that was the opposite of everything I thought exercise is: hard, complicated and precise. Trust me, if I found a way to love my exercise routine, then you can too! Here’s my secret.

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The One Training Everyone Needs in the Modern World: Postural Alignment

Before&After pics included!

One way to take care of your health and even your overall presence, is to start with your posture. You have NO idea how much it reveals about your charachter, your life style or your past behaviours. It can also uplift your confidence, your flexibility and enjoyment of life's most treasured experiences. Like sensual play, travel or sports!

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The Movement

Când am văzut-o pe Florina antrenându-se, am rămas cu gura căscată. Acum chiar se vede că sunteți frați. îi spuneam bărbatului meu, în timp ce o urmăream pe sora lui făcând un antrenament de Gunnex, la The Movement, în București. Ne-am petrecut câteva zile în capitală, iar între întâlniri și evenimente, am avut parte de o adevărată revelație în relația mea cu sportul..

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