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Fashionality - Preps & Emotions

- "What are you planing to wear at Fashionality?" asked Diana, a girl with green eyes, who shares my name. "How about a jumpsuit?"

- "It never occurred to me, actually! ... Not a bad idea though.. but I think I'd like to try something else. Got a pen?" I asked Diana and started dressing a silhouette I sketched quickly, on a piece of paper, she already wrote upon.

- "Let's just ignore my outstanding drawing skills" I notice Diana smiling secretly. "and tell me if we could do something like this."

I entered her workshop with an idea in mind. I wanted a long skirt, tapered and very tight .. and on top, I wanted a gem. I was thinking about a skin colored mesh with glowing metal sequins. I imagined a piece that would shamelessly steal all gazes. Diana read me like an open book...

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