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This November

What I want to show you today, is my pick from the current Guess by Marciano fall-winter collection. I know clothes and shopping feel a bit shallow right now, but I'm trying to keep focused on the things that still make me happy. I've been pretty down these last few days and I don't think this will due any longer.. There has been enough pain and heartbreak around here and although it is more than normal to feel that way, we should still cherish our time on earth. And I mean it.

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#Colectiv, a tragedy for the world to know

I didn't plan on talking on the subject. No.. I felt I was, and I'm still pretty sure I was right, not the one to do it. Who am I to go out in the public to talk about something that we can only feel? Or start to feel, or try to feel. Because, to be honest, there is no way in this world that I, or any of us that weren't there, can truly imagine what these people have gone through that night at Colectiv.

To sum up what has happened for all my readers that haven't already heard what's going on in my country, let me explain. There has been a tragedy..

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