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Let's talk Christmas Glam

Cum am ajuns sa alunec in aceasta rochie si sa ma plimb prin opera pustie, cu camera lui Vlad urmarindu-ma de pe un coridor pe altul.

Propunerea mea de outfit aduce in centrul atentiei o rochie unicata de la Elen's, croita chiar pe mine. Mulata si provocatoare, cu spatele decupat si gulerul inalt, acesta rochie e pentru femeile care ar da oricand boancul imblanit, pentru o pereche de tocuri inalte.

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An Outfit Choice for the Holidays

This is pretty much a tradition for me already, but I got the chance to go straight to GUESS in Iulius Mall to pick out what I feel is the most delicious outfit in the whole store. It's a collaborations that has kept me shining throughout the years!

So that's a starter, but what do we get for ourselves? What do we wear for the holidays?

Going to Guess is starting to be a shopping spree that I tent to associate the most with the season. Having done the same the past few holidays.

When Christmas and NYE is coming up, then sooner or later I'm checking out the casual glam they offer.

Check out my outfit decision from this collection..

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