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Falling for Fall

Autumn. What does it say to you?

Wait a second, and think about it. Now.


I did.

I wanted to write an article about the current season, so I took my time to contemplate about the topic right now.. in my bedroom, alone with the lights off and fingerstips caressing the heated keyboard.

I'm losing grip, closing my phone and taking myself very seriously as a blogger. This is it, what am I going to come up with?

Nothing more than a feeling. Dazzling and abstract, and orange, brown and yellow.

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Glam On October

This is a so-called "look-post", you guessed it!

But I don't just want to show you where I bought my clothes, or how the weather was, when I wore them.

No. Because, 1. the whole outfit, I got from the same place ( Guess, Iulius Mall ), 2. the weather, I swear, could not be more perfect, judging by the sunset in the background of my pictures and 3. because I want to answer a question which usually remains unansered: why?

Why I dressed like that, and not otherwise.

Why is it worth it, to let your boyfriend waiting for another infinite 30minutes, until you're ready.

Why you deserve to be the one that steals all eyes, in a mass of grey people.

I have a belief, well rooted in my nature .

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