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Why America, you're asking?

E cert că-mi place să mă îmbrac frumos, să mă machiez, să-mi fac rutina de frumusețe și să-mi închipui ca am vreo 10 mii de BFF-uri pe internet, dintre care tu ești una. Dar știi ce? Toatea astea sunt doar o suprafață, sunt doar o mică parte din universul meu.. și mai ciudat decât atât, sunt cultural determinate, iar eu știu asta. Cum adică, te întrebi? Stai să-ți explic, si cu un drum, hai sa-ți spun și de ce am tulit-o din nou în State.

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Love from California!

... Acesta e unul dintre efectele adverse pe care le ador la călătorit. Faptul că mă face mai atentă, mult, mult mai atentă la tot ce mă înconjoară.. iar asta am simțit cel mai tare, chiar când am ajuns. Uber-ul ne-a lăsat pe Fifth, în San Francisco, unul dintre orașele mele de suflet. Ne-am dat jos și deja m-a lovit.

"E un miros. E un miros aparte pe care-l simt în State. Tu nu?" ...

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The jewel under my hair

"What's that little thing on the back of your neck?"

This is the question I get almost every day now. Dermal pierces, "dermals" or micro-dermal implants are still very new to Romania, but an old story for other places. Today, I'm planning on answering the most frequent questions I got about my pierce and hope to give you the best advice possible if you're thinking on getting one yourself..

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Our American Story

I'm ready to start telling the story of that one summer in America I will never forget. The bedtime story I will keep on telling whenever nostalgia creeps in.

That time when we were all young and foolish. 

Let me throw you back in time to the days right after Labour Day. It was the first week of October and we were already in the US for two months. These days all I could talk about was traveling. Making little notes to myself to remember this and that, things that I've heard of, places that have been recommended to me and flavours that still haven't yet been tasted. It was a glorious time when the tingling in my tummy came to that point that I wouldn't mind skipping dinner out of enthusiasm. We were starting our trip on the 8th of that month and it came quicker than we'd have ever imagined. 

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The beginning of a Dream


Nu paream sa mergem nici inainte, nici inapoi. Miscarea se pierdea in aer, la fel si norii pe care ii depasisem de mult. Avionul fiind atat de mare si reperele atat de indepartate, nu simteam nimic altceva decat emotia pe care o fierbeam incet, inca de cateva luni in coace.

La foc mic am asteptat plecarea, dar acum ca doar cateva ore ne mai indepartau de destinatie, simteam cum clocotul ma aprinde pe dinauntru.

Am evitat sa ma gandesc la asta, imi spun in gand ori de cate ori imi imaginez ca am sa-i povestesc cuiva situatia.

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American BBQ Party

And look, we're less than 3 weeks away 'til we board on the flight that defies time. Overseas, beyond the comfortable and closer to adventure. Our appetite for the new and unplanned feeds our impatience, making us count down the days. We realized that we spend most of our time left thinking about what it's going to be like and what stories we'll have to share after it's all over.

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