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little black dress.. reinvented


Last week, I told you all about my favorite looks from the fashion design students' gala and how I joined the Syoss team to help our city's fashion scene get some more coverage. Today, I wanted to show you the very first item I decided to take right off of the catwalk and on to my body. Uh, that had a sexy ring to it!

You may have guessed, but the dress gets the spotlight today. It was created by one of the students from UAD's fashion department, Anca Oprean, and stands for her personal take on the Minimalist Glam theme the professional brand has suggested. The project itself helps the graduates a lot in their careers and well, gives consumers like me reasons to care and aspire. 

I find the students incredibly creative and courageous in their endeavors, so wearing fashion born in Cluj is quite a treat for me. I encourage you to keep an eye on your favorite local designers, because I'm pretty sure they're going places. Big time.



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 Just check out how much exposure the back gets and much of a service it does to my waist line. As much as I love geometrical fashion statements, there's seriously nothing better than finding your own strong suits and emphasizing on them. We all have at least one trait that is prettier than the rest, so why not show it off?  

I generally go for bare shoulders and upper chest or a bare, deep back. This dress got me both. But seriously now, do you spend time selecting the items that match your physical qualities? It's the oldest hack in the book! 

I bet you haven't noticed I have thick thighs and rather short legs, have you? If you haven't, it's because I've guided your attention towards the upper side of my body, to the face, chest or hands. 




The dirty secret is that literally EVERYONE we look up to does the same. We just don't notice it, because of the way they've learned to put the spotlight on what they're best at.

This is my take-away today. Show the world the things you're most proud of, it will be less scary to do and it will train you to soon accept your flaws. We all have them, so why make such a big fuss about them, right? It's all a matter of focus.  

Focusing on what matters is my take on what minimalist means. It's boiling down everything to the essential. Of course, the glam element is given by the sex appeal of the low back and the vertical lines that guide your eyes and creates length.

Oh, I just love deconstructing fashion. I actually like talking about it more than I like wearing it. ( It's a professional defect, I guess.) I think the dress itself is a great reflection of the Syoss brand identity, that has mostly down to earth, intelligent and driven ladies as their customers. Their brand image is professional, modern, minimalist and performance oriented, because their products offer professional styling options for individual use. That's empowering for a woman, who's always busy getting great things done, all while looking amazing. Guess that's why I carry a Syoss dry shampoo in my car and in my purse all the time, haha. Is that something you do, too?

Now tell me, how do you feel about the collections this year? How about this dress created especially for Syoss? Let me know!



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