A Style Revolution

Diana Rogo & Laura Firelfly



Changes, changes, changes, aren't they just so exciting?

Let me introduce you to my new blog layout I've been working on for the past week. You know, one or two all nighters, one day wasted sleeping afterwards and loads of picking on all the little details, up till everything feels just nice and dandy. 

So here we have it! Larger pictures, a more accessible archive on my home page and well, that killer minimal welcoming page. 

Please, please let me know if you like it! I really appreciate the feedback!

Okaaay, I'll stop talking about the design now, I know I'm a bit of a nerd like that, but you don't know even half of it. I've actually been talking out loud to my computer, trying to have it type these words for me. It was weird and I think it freaked out my cats, haha.

Anyhow, the thing is I'm back in town, all settled, with big plans up my sleeves.

You know that moment when you feel inspired and have this big revelation of what you could be if you just follow your heart? Well, I've pretty much had it right now and I knew I had to come up with a few changes to start off with. First, I died my hair color darker. This may sound somewhat shallow, but we ALL know this is real! It's just the way you know a woman is about to change her life, right? Andrei was trying to talk me into going brunette for over a year now, and what do you know? I actually really like it. I feel it brings out my features easier, making them pop out, rather than grabbing all the attention towards my hair. Than again, it's classier in a way.. and looks way more natural. 





Now that I'm done playing captain obvious, how about I'll fill you in with what's going on in these pictures. I took on a role of the ultimate fashion victim. The girl that follows all the Vogue headlines, is always busy running from one boutique to an event, instagraming her life in those bright white filters. I think you've already figured out that this is one of the egos I have embraced. The fashion scene and it's dynamic is a constant fascination for a girl like me, following up with my own mix and matches, making up rules as I go and having the damn guts to take over the streets in any piece I feel like in the morning. Lately, I started having a great admiration for start up designers, little brands with big time personalities and those visionary people that work, sketch and style behind the scenes. You see, we should try being proud of having a unique statement piece, rather than looking to blend in with a mass production retailer. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm still craving a Prada bag like nuts right now and I'm still going to be a Zara addict, but in the mean time, it's the other items that are the real treasures. Those particular textile wonders that leave all the other women asking:

"Where ever did she get that? " 

As a blogger I feel it is both natural -and my duty- to lead people to understand the beauty of feeling unique. Of setting that as a goal, rather than pushing the limits to be just like everyone else. 

It doesn't always work. And some things have already been done before and you can't fight loving someone's style so much you want to copy it, right? But I do mean we shouldn't just stay focused on one particular inspiraiton source and just let your mind wonder into what makes you feel most special, then you'll notice you're putting value on your meeting points. Where 2 styles, 3 ideas and 4 collections meet. 

This is the most AWESOME part of the times we live in today. Fashion is made on the streets. The people are the trend setters,  no longer the big luxury stores. Why do you think the fashion blogger phenomenon got so big in such a short time? Why is Chiara as popular as any Hollywood stars? Because she has a talent. And that talent is in any one of us. You don't have to learn the piano to show off some personality in the way you approach fashion. No. Fashion is both a result and process. 

Let's say you're this busy workaholic business man, then you probably won't have time to think too much about what you're wearing. But you'll still take on a suit every morning. And that is a way of non verbal communication. Our CEO here, is practically yelling out to the world that he is part of a group.

A language we all understand no matter where we're from. 





This photo shoot ended up being one of my very favourites. I felt it described the way I feel almost every day, carrying so much along, having a fluffy scarf hanging to my toes, always on the run. The two books I started reading lately, being just the top of the pile of my must read list, the tiny Zara backpack I got especially for our get away in Amsterdam and this so casually sexy pink coat. If there's something I'm a sucker for, it's comfort. I love big fabrics that I can snuggle in, that I can just playfully wrap around my body. It's easy to style, ready to wear contemporary good taste. And yeah, it's a designer piece too. 

The coat was made by Laura Firefly, one of my most recent collaborators that I've had the luck of getting to know. She started her brand after a full on modelling carrier, knowing all the perks of being both on and behind the runway. From the catwalk to my closet wasn't such a long journey. I pictured this coat in a highly romanticised way, either having a cup of coffee on the side of one small Parisian street, taking on art galleries for a day, or a New Yorkers rush item, that they would just slip on the shoulders when the weather gets breezy. Coming back to Romania and moreover, Cluj, it is just the way I want my clothes to be. Unique and straight-forward. This is me, take it or leave it.






Hope you enjoyed this little demonstration of a more boho chic, Mary-Kate Olsen mood and will have the courage to just look like there's a hundred things going on when there actually are. We all know our generation is a sweet chaos. So let's embrace it! The good part is, that we're just very good at a lot of things and our interested are zooming out further and further. Oh, and we stay connected. So yeah, let there be fashion blossoming in our wardrobes and never, ever grow old! Amin!


a special thank you to..

Laura Firefly for the designer Coat ( Shop here )

Florentina Cinos for the seductive lash extensions 

Pop Academy for the new hair color and cut