Quicky: It-Bag alert!


Para-pa-pam-pam, para-pa-pam-pa, pa-ra-pa-paa

( imagine the Star Wars theme song fading out )

presenting youuu

the Quicky!

This is a new type of article you're going to find on this blog.

I think it's as much good news for you as it is a total thrill for me.

This quick and snappy kind of blog post is meant to share just one single idea.

A single, yet cool thing I felt I needed to share with you guys. It's a relief for the standards I set for myself, which are so high, that sometimes event I can't reach them - especially when it comes to something as important for me as blogging.

I'm a hell of a perfectionist and I get carried away when writing, so I usually take my time to write a lot of quality content.

But the Quicky is something else.

It's supposed to be a solution for me when I just don't have the time, but I can't get my mind off of the things I wanted to share.

...And right now, time is the only thing I'm missing.


If you're into Quickies, then I'll certainly start making more of 'em.

( Still testing, hihi. )


So, this being said, and I promise I won't go this long with the text the next time and  I'll do my first Quicky with today's happy buy.

A gorgeous leather bag I got from Guess.

I am strongly, madly, deeply in love with it. Wait! Who sang that song again?

Never mind.

It's the last collection and they come in a variety of colors that will probably give you a hard time choosing. At least that was my case, hah.

Like it?


Don't get all kinky on me for using this term, alright? It's a metaphor!