A 2016 printable Life Planner


Hello everyone and nice to see you in the new year!

I'm the kind of person that just loves to feel in control of their own life, so every time a new beginning shows up, I'm eager to set a few grid lines for myself. 

I'm definitely a goal getter and a gold digger, so if you're anything like me, you'll probably love this!

I made this for myself, but I'm quite pleased to share it with you folks.


What's inside?

1. an introduction

into this way of thinking, beginning from the very general (further starting to be more accurate)

Who am I? This here is a personal description of who you are going to be from now on.

A Value Hierarchy( so you can figure out clearly what your personal most important things are )

Codes of Conduct ( A list of all the things you should do, feel, say (etc) on a daily basis, as to be the person you want to be in the previous Who am I? section.

2. a section of goal setting

for the year, and the future.

Personal Development: Anything from learning a new skill, to losing weight, to getting a tattoo, etc.

Carrier and Financial: A professional approach to 2016, revenues, contact making, etc.

Toys and Adventures: Here comes the material part and the pleasurable moments, I use this to set traveling goals for example.

3. strategy and timeline

Strategy: The 3 big goal pillars are broken down into larger tables, where you can add 10 steps to every 10 goals.

Timeline: Then you've got a timeline you can fill out for yourself, so it starts all being clear in your mind.

4. spirituality

This depends on your own beliefs, but I would still like you to make:

A list of your lost contacts you would like to get back in touch to. ( Never let life make you lose old friends and family. )

Challenges, New Habits, New Traits. With extra room for motivational points or quotes.

5. plans

Holidays: So they never sneak up on you ever again! This year you'll make everything matter!

Travel: A challenge for you to discover a new place every month.




Hope you enjoy it!




If you've got any questions, just ask away in the comments section.