The One Training Everyone Needs in the Modern World: Postural Alignment

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present in my body.

When I was younger, I though that being 25 meant you're an adult. Even worse. That you've been an adult for quite a while.

Being an adult means have things figured out. Cutting the drama and just getting things done, right? Having responsibilities and the strength to face them every day. Having all the answers and no questions.. oh, was I wrong. 

When we were kids, we thought growing up will just happen. That people become strong and brave, dependable or responsible just by blowing out 20 more candles on a cake. But the big secret about life, is that things rarely fall into place by themselves. Actually, they almost always fall like a bunch of confetti - all of a sudden and literally everywhere! 

Yeah. Things don't just fall into place. But, we can put them there. 

And that's the secret. Most people know it, yet most people don't ever act on it.

I'm one of those true believers that everything can be improved if you're only willing to give it some attention and care. Having this mindset has always opened up doors of opportunities for me, but more than anything, it made me able to face my insecurities or weaknesses with a dynamic curiosity.

I want to know what's going on, so I can turn it around. I'm no longer a victim, but a hero of my own story. It has become part of who I am and what I stand for. 

Of course, I wasn't always like this. We all have things we're good at and things we aren't. Sure I knew that if I worked long enough on writing an essay it would end up better than before, but when it came to sports, I was pretty sure I would never be significantly better. I just wasn't any good at it, like all the other kids were.

Ah well, luckily, I grew up.

My shift started with an openess to accept what's not working, what's painful or shameful and take a bold step to taking back control. To making myself proud and confident, especially about the things I'm least confident about. 

One of them was sports.




Yet, there was more to it than merely my self pity. Year by year, day by day, I've been wearing and inhabiting my body without truly understanding how and why it worked the way it did. I've always had a twisted posture, with my butt and belly sticking out, having a strong curve at my lover back. My shoulders gently came forward from working so much on my computer and one side of my body has always been more tense than the other, having one shoulder stand higher than the other. 

I thought all of this was natural. We're human, we're all flawed, right? 

And it is. It's normal to have your body mirror your daily life. How else could it be? 

But what has always made me wonder was the people that I admire. Strong public speakers, actors, politicians, even royalty. Aren't they human too? How come they age so beautifully? How come they always have a body presence that can shake up an entire audience? What makes them so special? Were they born that way?

Hell no.

It's practice! Of course, they have the money and connections to get access to the best facilities and trainers, to new technologies and treatments. But nowadays, things aren't so divided any more. The masses can get access to literally ALL the info the privileged get, if you just google it. 



Postural Alignment

Postural Alignment

One of these things is postural alignment - a training system that has just entered in Romania and that I was just dying to try out. 

Going to the sessions made me feel centred and in control. It made me notice how I felt from the inside out. It helped me feel some muscles I didn't even know I had. All without pain, without pressure, without sweat. 

The experience was amazing because of the trainer, too. We immediately connected and felt so comfortable together. There's few people I meet that give me that type of calm and reassurance. I just like being around humans with a big heart, you know what I mean?

And the exercises build on each other. A typical program is 10 sessions long, with each session of about 1,5-2h. It focuses a lot on extra slow movements, repetition and mindfulness. You really need to relax and start to look inside to notice what you're feeling. You have to gain cellular memory, to really set the right bodily position in the very core of your being by inhabiting it with all of your senses and mind. And Cosmin helps you do just that.

The results are overwhelming. I corrected most of my postural problems. From my unequal shoulders, to my curved lower back, even to how tense I felt over-all. 

Now that my tummy isn't sticking out like crazy, I even look thiner, because my abs muscles are working. Take a look!


But most importantly, now I have all the tools and the know-how to keep reminding myself how to allign my body and enter any room ( or stage, one day ) with a queen-like posture. 

Talking about royalty, I literally felt like cinderella, learning to be a princess and gathering all the gracious bodily manners I wish I was thought when I was little. 



The price for the entire program, including the massages, trainings, home videos and evaluation is 300 euro.

I encourage you to remember you've got this option and that any postural problems can be prevented or at least ameliorated with the proper guidance. Also, I talked Cosmin into offering free evaluation sessions for my readers, and he agreed. 

So please, take advantage of this and go for a free evaluation whenever you have time, it only takes about 20-30minutes tops. 

find him here

Cosmin (Certified Postural Alignment Trainer) 0749 358 364

Or over his email at

IG: cosmin.poputa