PB SERUM - Or the fast way to lose centimetres

Credits: Vlad Petrut

Credits: Vlad Petrut


Last week I wrote Viviana a text, letting her know that I needed to see her asap. Immediately after I finished typing my maybe a little too dramatic message about how committed I was to put myself in shape, I realize just how lucky I was to have met her and that thanks to her, I have gotten so incredibly fast results in the past. I had saved months of sweating in the gym, with just a few sessions in her salon.

To describe things better, it's like they have the cheat codes to this never ending game of having a great body.

I went over to visit her the very next day, on Paris Street No. 66, where I've been so many times before. Guess that's how you know that you're motivated, when you don't have the patience to set things in motion.

I had a long chat with the girls when I arrived. I explained to them what was bothering me and what I wanted to improve, then I pulled down my jeans and showed them exactly which areas were upsetting me:

"Here, here and just below there, see? Ah .. and then there are these stretch marks that I have, though I kinda got used to them."

I wouldn't say I'm self conscious because of my flaws, but rather that I'm excited to correct them, as long as I can, without having to put up with the side effects.

Anything in life requires an exchange. For any winnings, you must first invest. Whether it's your labor, money, health, affection or your time, you always have to give something first.

In my world, my health occupies the number one priority. Period. It's my something that I'm not willing to sacrifice, no matter what I get in return. It's just so fragile anyway, that I'm not gonna put it up to any extra risks.

Although my time comes second, I'm highly selective for what I'm willing to invest it in.

I think I'm speaking here for the majority of you, when I say that time is the most precious measurable element that we have, no matter how relative it may be. And, as always, we need to decide which is the price we're willing to pay in time for what it is that we want. (Remember that movie called Time, with JT, that I keep coming back to now and then?)

And I'm probably speaking on behalf of most of you once again, when I say that although we want to look just picture perfect all of the time, we have other interests, dreams and aspirations that we want to meet as well. And we probably want everything else even more. So here's the thing: we just don't have the time to do it all.

Alas, that is my life's drama. Right there.

I want to travel the whole world and set foot in every corner of every continent while I'm still in my twenties, but at the same time, I'd love to open a café in my home town and stay around to relax, enjoy my own little place and make sure my business works out just fine.

Then, I'd like to be a young mother, but I would also like to give my all in my career and make it damn well worthy of a Nobel prize. I want to learn French and Italian and Russian, to write at least one novel, to study at another two faculties, to learn photography at a professional level, to study the history of fashion till I know it by heart, to do an internship somewhere, or even two, to lay in a hammock, lost on a remote beach for several months, just so I can break free through meditation and get to know myself better.

I would like my mountain of unread books to start shrinking, as well as the pile of all the TV shows and movies I stopped watching, just so I can save up some more time in my day.

I'd just love to do a professional driving course and to start filming make-up tutorials. I want to jump off a plane, have another work and travel experience, and soo many gazillion other things.

I want to have as many different experiences as I possibly can, and still have time to keep a live journal on my blog, to edit my photos, to create original artistic concepts, to go to exhibitions, parties, festivals, venues, but ALSO have my nails, hair, eyelashes, skin and body all in perfect shape in the meantime. I want everything right now, not later, now. And not only now, but all of the time.

This is why going to the gym on a daily basis just doesn't work out for me anymore. Sorry, but my conscience just won't let me waste my summer inside there, day by day, in the very same place. Although it took me a while to understand this about myself, but being toned just isn't that important to me anymore. Living my life to the fullest though, that's my goal.

So here comes the dilemma. What is or isn't worthy of my time?

But to set the record straight, I must say that I'm an idealist, and I do live under the impression that I CAN have it all, no matter how hard I try to convince myself otherwise. But sometimes I get lucky and I find solutions.

A solution?

One of them I'll show you today.

Although it's nothing more than a beauty treatment, I take it as a time saviour that allows me to concentrate on something else on my bucketlist, while feeling self confident and loving my body in the meantime.

Now, if you ask me if I need this kind of therapy to feel confident, I'll answer as clear as I can. No. BUUUT I do have standards regarding my physical appearance and I do want to meet them. They're not set by others, models, celebrities and so on (at least not consciously), but they're relate to those days of my life when I felt best about my body. I remember exactly how I felt back then. How flexible and uninhibited I was when my body looked just the way I wanted. Everything from my mood, libido, concentration, enthusiasm and my mental and the physical health were optimal then. That's when I got to say, "Yes, this is me and I'm incredibly pleased this way. " These are my aspirations.

Ok, now let me tell you what I planned with Viviana and Dena, that day at Paris Esthetique. This is the solution they offered me.

It's something new and it sounds terribly promising.


Saptamana trecuta i-am scris Vivianei ca as vrea sa ne vedem. Imediat dupa ce am terminat de tastat mesajul meu, poate putin prea dramatic despre cat de hotarata sunt sa ma pun in forma, am realizat ca sunt norocoasa ca am cunoscut-o si ca multumita ei am ajuns sa obtin rezultatele a luni de zile de transpirat la sala, in doar cateva sedinte la ea in salon.

In alte cuvinte, e ca si cum ar avea codurile la jocul neincetat de intretinere fizica.

N-a trecut mult si i-am facut o vizita pe strada Paris 66, unde am mai fost de atatea ori. Asa e cand esti motivat, n-ai rabdare pana pui lucrurile in miscare.

Am stat de povesti cu fetele. Le-am explicat ce ma deranjeaza si ce as vrea sa imbunatatesc, apoi mi-am tras blugii in jos vreo 20 de centimetrii si le-am aratat exact ce ma supara:

"Aici, aici si chiar sub fese, vezi? Ah.. si mai sunt si vergeturile care ma cam enerveaza, desi m-am cam obisnuit cu ele."

Nu as spune ca sunt complexata din cauza defectelor mele, ci mai degraba ca sunt dornica sa le corectez, atata timp cat pot sa o fac fara repercusiuni.

Orice in viata necesita un schimb. Pentru orice castig, trebuie sa investesti. Fie daca e vorba de munca, bani, sanatate, afectiune sau timp, totdeauna trebuie sa dai si tu ceva de pe partea ta.

Ori in lumea mea, sanatatea ocupa prioritatea numarul unu. Acesta e bunul meu pe care nu sunt dispusa sa-l sacrific pentru nimic. Si asa e atat de fragil, incat nu cred ca e nevoie sa il mai supun si altor riscuri.

Pe locul doi vine timpul, fata de care sunt extrem de selectiva pentru felul in care il investesc.

Cred ca aici vorbesc in numele majoritatii, cand spun ca timpul e cel mai de pret element masurabil pe care il avem, fie el relativ. Iar ca totdeauna trebuie sa decizi care e pretul pe care il platesti in timp, pentru ceea ce te intereseaza. (Mai stii filmul acela Time, cu JT?)

Cred ca acum vorbesc din nou in numele multora dintre voi, cand spun ca, desi ne dorim sa aratam ca scoase din cutie, avem si alte interese, vise si aspiratii pe care dorim sa le indeplinim. Iar timpul nu ne ajunge sa le facem pe toate.

Vai, asta e drama vietii mele, exact asta.

Mi-ar placea sa vad toata lumea, sa calc pe fiecare colt al fiecarui continent, dar in acelasi timp mi-ar placea sa-mi deschid o cafenea in oraselul in care m-am nascut si sa fiu acolo mereu, sa ma relaxez si sa ma asigur ca merge.

Mi-ar placea sa fiu mama tanara, dar mi-ar placea sa imi cladesc o cariera demna de nobel in acelasi timp.

As vrea sa invat franceza si italiana si rusa, sa scriu minim un roman, sa mai fac doua facultati, sa invat arta fotografiei la nivel profesionist, sa cunosc istoria modei pe de rost, sa fac un internship, sau doua, sa lenevesc in hamac undeva pe o plaja indepartata cateva luni bune, doar sa ma pot rupe de tot prin meditatie si sa ma cunosc mai bine.

As mai vrea sa incep sa micsorez muntele de carti care imi doresc sa le citesc si sa ma uit la serialele si filmele pe care m-am oprit sa le vad doar sa nu-mi fur prea mult din zi.

Mi-as dori sa fac un curs de condus profesionist, sa fac tutoriale de make-up, sa sar cu parasuta, sa ma duc cu work and travel, sa fac cat de multe lucruri cat mai variate si sa am totodata timp si sa scriu pe blog, sa editez poze, sa creez concepte artistice inedite, sa ma duc la vernisaje, evenimente, petreceri, festivale, terase, dar sa am si unghiile, parul, genele, tenul si toate cele puse la punct intre timp. Le vreau pe toate si le vreau acum.

Cu toate astea, nu am cum sa ma duc in fiecare zi la sala. Imi pare rau, dar nu ma lasa constiinta, sa stiu ca imi petrec vara acolo, in acelasi loc, zi de zi. Nu mi-e atat de important sa fiu fibrata, pe cat mi-e de important sa fiu libera, sa imi traiesc viata din plin..

Si aici vine dilema. Ce merita sau nu merita timpul meu? 

Dar eu sunt o idealista, si traiesc cu impresia ca le pot avea pe toate. Desi stiu, sau cel putin incerc sa ma conving ca nu e adevarat, uneori gasesc solutii.

O Solutie?

Una dintre ele e cea de azi.

Care, desi e doar un tratament de frumusete, eu il iau ca o economie de timp, care-mi permite sa ma apuc macar de una sau doua din lucrurile pe care le-am enumerat mai sus, si sa ma simt increzatoare in corpul meu in timp ce o fac.

Acum daca e sa ma intrebi de ce am nevoie de asa ceva ca sa ma simt increzatoare, am sa-ti raspund cat de bine pot. Pentru ca am standarde referitoare la aspectul meu fizic, pe care vreau sa le intalnesc. Nu sunt stabilite de alte persoane, modele, vedete samd. (cel putin nu in mod constient) ci se raporteaza la acele zile din viata mea, cand m-am simtit cel mai bine cu felul in care aratam. Si tin minte exact cum ma simteam atunci. Cat de flexibila si dezinhibata eram cand aratam asa cum imi placea. Totul, de la starea de spirit, libido, puterea de concentrare, entuziasmul si sanatatea mea mentala, cat si cea fizica, erau optime atunci cand aveam mai mare grija de corpul meu si am ajuns sa spun: "Da, asta sunt eu si asa e absolut perfect". Spre asta aspir.

Ok, hai sa-ti spun acum ce am pus la cale cu Viviana si Dena, la Paris Esthetique, si care e solutia pe care ele mi-au propus-o.

E ceva nou si suna chiar teribil de promitator.


The beauty salon brought in revolutionary products, created by PB Serum.

In the vials that you've seen in the pictures above is a powder made mainly of enzymes. They're combined with physiological serum and applied to the skin in the areas where the patient wants changes.

What are enzymes?

Although I'm sure most of you already know what they are, let me give you a quick explanation directly from our buddy, Wiki:

"They are substances which catalyze biochemical reactions in the body, having an essential role in the biosynthesis and degradation of substances in living matter. It is encountered in all organisms: animals, plants and micro-organisms .."

Basically, they are particles that naturally break down tissue. Apart from metabolism and other biological processes, they are also found in artificial cleaning products, which effectively remove fats, by melting the proteins in them.

The enzymes are rapidly absorbed, they are natural by nature and simply paying off, at least so said the girls.

And I believed them, sipping every word they said about this new method, with excitement glowing in my eyes. I decided I'd give it a try.

Personalized Cocktail

The most attractive part, is that this treatment can be customized. The vials with the enzyme come in different types, that target each persons problems differently. Therefore, it's necessary to have a serious discussion with the therapist before beginning the process.

The PB Serum vials are created in a variety of different types, organized by the outcomes: SLIM, SMOOTH, DRAIN and LIFT.

With these, every patient can get the right kind of mix, appropriate to their needs. It may only be one type of vial used a few times, or it can be a cocktail made of a particular combination of the four types. Except the Lift, that can only be used separatelly ( that's the one that's the most effective with stretch marks).

Sometimes applied all together, sometimes on different days of your unique treatment.

My Treatement

Depending on my requirements, the girls have developed a plan for the next month for me, which involves five treatments of PB Serum combined with five treatments with the LPG machiene. LPG has brought me great results in the past and had me lose centimeters off my waist almost instantaneously.

Take a look, this is how my month looks like:


Cei de la Paris Esthetique au adus in salon produse revolutionare, create de PB Serum.

In fiolele pe care le-ai vazut in pozele de mai sus, se afla o pudra facuta predominant din enzime. Acesta se combina cu un ser fizilogic si se aplica pe piele in zonele unde se doresc schimbari.

Ce sunt enzimele?

Desi sunt convinsa ca majoritatea dintre voi stiti deja ce sunt, am sa fac o mica paranteza luata direct de pe Wiki:

"Ele sunt substanțe care catalizează reacțiile biochimice din organism, avînd un rol esențial în biosinteza și degradarea substanțelor din materia vie, întîlnindu-se în toate organismele animale, vegetale și în microorganisme.."

Practic, ele sunt particulele care descompun tesuturile in mod natural. Inafara de metabolism si alte procese biologice, se mai gasesc in mod artificial si in produsele de curatenie, spre exemplu, care indeparteaza eficient grasimile, topind proteinele din ele. 

Enzimele se absorb rapid, au o apartenenta naturala si pur si simplu dau roade, cel putin asa au spus fetele.

Dar eu le-am crezut, sorbind incantata fiecare cuvant despre noua tehnologie. Am decis sa o incerc.

Cocktail Personalizat

Partea cea mai atractiva a fost faptul ca acest tratament se poate personaliza, fiolele de enzime tintind in mod diferit problemele fiecarei persoana in parte. De aceea a fost necesar sa avem o discutie serioasa inainte sa incepem procesul.

PB Serum a creat o varietate de fiole pentru diferitele tipuri de rezultate dorite:  SLIM, SMOOTH, DRAIN si LIFT.

Din acestea se face un tratament adaptat nevoilor fiecaruia. Se poate aplica doar cate un tip de fiola sau se pot realiza cocktailuri din combinatii a celor 4 tipuri, cu exceptia celui de Lift, pe care vei vedea imediat, ca si eu il fac mereu separat ( e cel care actioneaza cel mai bine pe vergeturi).

Fiolele de enzimele vin uneori aplicate deodata, alteori in zile diferite ale tratamentului sau pe diferite zone.

Tratamentul Meu

In functie de cerintele mele, fetele mi-au realizat un plan pentru urmatoarea luna, care presupune 5 tratamente cu PB Serum si 5 tratamente cu aparatul de LPG, care ajuta mult la pierderea in centimetrii, si care din experientele anterioare, mi-a adus rezultate aproape instantanee.

Uite, cam asa arata:



In the pictures above, I've shown you the Dermaroller too. It's that machine with the tiny green needels, made to massage the area where the PB Serum was applied.

The goal is to help the enzymes enter deeper in the skin, by genlty penetrating the skin. Each patient can opt for a Dermaroller (which will only be hers, of course) or make the same treatment without it, but will need to have more patience with the results. If you know me, you'll figure out that me and patience aren't too close.

So I started this adventure, dreaming of the outcomes ..


In pozele de mai sus, ti-am aratat si Dermarollerul. E aparatul acela cu tepisori verzi, care urmeaza sa maseze zona unde a fost aplicat in prealabil PB Serumul.

Scopul lui e sa ajute enzimele sa intre mai in profunzime, prin acele care intra gentil in piele. Fiecare pacienta poate opta pentru un Dermaroller ( care va fi doar al ei, bineinteles ) sau sa faca tratamentul fara el, asteptand insa putin mai mult aparitia rezultatelor.. Eu nu stau bine cu rabdare, se stie.

Asa ca am inceput, cu emotii si asteptari..


I must admit, that Dermaroller gives you a pretty weird sensation. It's a combination of pain and tingling, but it's bearable.

At the end of the treatment your skin will look like a chaotic chessboard. With scratches to all sides. The heavier the scratches are, the better the enzymes have penetrated the skin.

Kinda hardcore, isn't it? But what won't a woman do for beauty?


Trebuie sa recunosc ca e stranie senzatia pe care ti-o da Dermarollerul. E o combinatie intre durere si gadilat, dar e suportabila.

La finele tratamentului pielea va arata ca o tabla de sah mazgalita. Cu zgarieturi in toate partile. Cu cat mai zgariata e pielea, cu atat mai bine a patruns serul de enzime.

Cam sadic, asa-i? Dar ce nu face o femeie pentru frumusete?


Me and the girls were talking about Angelina Jolie that day. She's known for doing this treatment alone, at home, or so they told me. The girls from the salon do it at home as well, but I really wound't dare.

Finally, when treatment is done, I laid down in the thermal blanket for another 40 toMe 45 minutes  Looks like the enzymes work best with hear.

( Please don't laugh at the next picture!)


Povesteam cu fetele despre Angelina Jolie, care face tratamentul acesta singura, acasa, sau cel putin asa mi-au spus ele. Si fetele de la salon il fac acasa, dar eu nu m-as incumeta.

La final, cand tratamentul e gata, mai intru 40-45 de min in termocuverta, pentru ca enzimele actioneaza cel mai bine la caldura.

(Sa nu razi de urmatoarea poza!)

The results?

I will tell you my conclusions when I finish the treatment. I honestly can't say anything yet, but I'm very curious, especially regarding the stretch marks. The girls said this is the most effective therapy for them.

Have you ever tried such a treatement? How was it?

We can chat more at the comment section below.



Despre rezultate am sa-ti scriu cand am terminat tratamentul.

Inca nu ma pot pronunta, dar sunt foarte curioasa, in special in privinta vergeturilor, fata de care spuneau fetele, ca e cel mai eficient.

Voi ati incercat ceva de genul? Cum a fost?

Ne auzim la sectiunea de commentarii!