A first trip to Paris Esthetique


I just finished my article entiteled 50 basic fitness tips. I'm taking my coat off the hanger, my gym bag and I climb in the car.

I turn down the music, not wanting to be distracted from my thoughts. I lower the window and I head towards the city center, letting the fresh air come inside, caressing me.

"This is it." I say to myself. "I'm starting a new chapter .." I think, as usual, in terms of fiction. Whether it's from a movie script or a novel, it's still the same, just that today I'm thinking in a blog post.

I'm off to Paris Esthetique on, ironically, Paris Street in Cluj. I'm a little nervous about finding a parking place, but otherwise I feel a deep inner calm, a warm confidence I rejoice in.

I'm motivated to start "clean" and to gradually build new habits, shooting down the harmful, old ones.

I can already hear today's soundtrack in a distance: "Breaking the Habit" from Linkin Park! I sing away 'till I reach my destination.

I wonder if anyone sees me.

I feel like I'm alone in the world when I'm alone in the car, as if the windows were opaque.. but sometimes they are. People are too caught up with their own route, their own destination and their own life to take the time to observe the others.

That is, of course, until they collide, both their lives and their cars.

I'm no exception.. I ponder.

I leave my row of thoughts closed in the parked car and I see Maxim when I get out. He's coming all smiling towards me, crossing the street as if it was his own living room. I burst in laughter.

The camera swings on his shoulder.

We go in the salon and I present him to the ladies, he's the photographer who's accompanying me today.


Am terminat articolul legat de cele 50 de sfaturi pentru fitness, imi iau haina, geanta de sala si ma urc in masina.

Dau muzica mai incet, nu simt nevoia sa fiu distrasa. Cobor geamul si ma pornesc spre centru. Las aerul curat sa ma alinte.

"Gata. Am inceput un nou capitol.." ma gandesc, ca deobicei, in materie de fictiune. Fie e scenariul unui film, fie al unui roman, dar astazi e un articol.

Ma indrept acum la Paris Esthetique de pe strada, culmea, Paris. Am putine emotii cu locul de parcare, dar in rest simt un calm interior, o incredere calda care ma relaxaza.

M-am motivat sa incep "curat" si sa construiesc treptat noi obiceiuri, nimicindule pe cele vechi, cele daunatoare.

Imi imaginez deja piesa din soundtrackul difuz al zilei de astazi "Breaking the habit" de la Linkin Park si incep sa fredonez pana ajung la destinatie.

Ma intreb daca ma vede cineva.

Am impresia ca sunt singura pe lume cand sunt singura in masina.. ca si cum geamurile ar fi opace, dar de multe ori asa si sunt. Oamenii sunt prea prinsi de propriul drum, propria destinatie si propria viata incat sa-si faca timp sa-i observe pe ceilalti.

Asta pana se ciocnesc, atat vietiile cat si masinile..

Nici eu nu fac exceptie.. ma framant.

Las sirul de ganduri parcat o data cu automobilul si-l vad pe Maxim. Vine zambitor spre mine, trecand strada ca in propriul living. Ma pufneste rasul.

Aparatul foto i-se balanseaza pe umar.

Intram in salon si le fac cunostiinta fetelor cu el, fotograful care m-a insotit astazi.

Diana Rogo at Paris Estetique in Cluj 1.jpg

I have no idea what I'm up for next.

Viviana takes me on a tour of the salon. The purple decor of the rooms enchants me and we climb the stairs to the body remodeling room together.

I ask Maxim to wait outside until I take on the LPG costume.

I carefully close the door behind me and turn to Loredana, asking:

"Do I have to strip everything off?"

"No, you can keep your lingerie."

"Okay." and I begin to unravel the fabric she had given me.

Imagine a pair of lady stockings, on white, with a high waist up to the sholders. And yes, with sleeves too.

I pull it on and I look at myself in the mirror. "I actually like it, hah, it's so futuristic"

Ce urma sa se intample mai departe nici eu nu stiam.

Fac un tur al salonului cu Viviana. Ma las abosrbita de decorul violet al incaperilor si urcam scarile pana la sala de remodelare.

Il rog pe Maxim sa ma astepte afara pana iau costumul pe mine.

Inchid usa cu grija si ma indrept spre Loredana.

"Trebuie sa ma dezbrac de tot?"

"Nu, poti sa pastrezi lenjeria."

"Okay." si incep sa desfac bucatia de material pe care mi-o daduse.

Imagineaza-ti o pereche de ciorapi de dama, albi, cu talie inalta pana la umeri. Da, si cu maneci.

Il trag pe mine si ma privesc in oglinda. "Chiar imi place, hah, ce futurist e!"

Diana Rogo at Paris Estetique in Cluj

My thoughts jump straight to a facial gesture that Andrei makes when he's a witnessed to one of my reactions like this. I feel I'm cute somehow when I think about him looking at me ..

And then it hits me! I forgot about Maxim!

"You can come in now! Aaaam .. But I warn you .. it's a bit awkward. It's more transparent than I expected." and I feel like laughing again, embarrassed of the scene.


"Will it hurt?" I ask Loredana, searching for her gaze.

She's serious, but gentle. She has glassy blue eyes. "Well .. it does hurt a bit until you get used to it." and she continues " just for about the first two or three sessions, it depends."

I remember Viviana telling me about the pain, she said it hurts worse when you have more cellulite.

It was time for the truth, no going back now!

Gandul imi sare direct la un gest facial pe care il face Andrei cand e martorul unor astfel de reactii din partea mea. Ma simt mai dragalasa cand ma gandesc la el.. HIIii!

Ma loveste ce am uitat. Maxim!

"Poti sa vii! Aaaam.. Dar te avertizez.. nu te speria. E mai transparent decat ma asteptam." si-mi vine din noua sa rad, stanjenita. 


"Doare?" o intreb pe Loredana cautandu-i privirea.

E serioasa, dar blanda. Are ochii albastrii sticlosi. "Pai.. doare la inceput, pana te obisnuiesti." si continua "cam primele doua-trei sedinte."

Tineam minte ca mi-a povestit Viviana despre durere, spunea ca te doare doar daca ai multa celulita.

Urma momentul adevaratului, nu mai aveam incotro.

Diana Rogo at Paris Estetique in Cluj

Maxim takes out the camera and starts doing his job.

Likewise, Loredana, is approaching my abs with the device.

I sit still and try to tense my muscles, "I wonder if it helps.." and I try alternating, but it doesn't make much of a difference.

Arghhdadasa ... mmmhhmmmhm .. damn, it hurts!

Maxim a scos aparatul si a inceput sa-si faca treaba.

La fel si Loredana, se apropie cu aparatul de LPG spre abdomenul meu.

Stau nemiscata si incerc sa-mi incord muschii, "Oare ajuta?" ma intreb alternand, dar nu face mare diferenta.

Arghhdadasa... mmmhhmmmhm.. doare, la naiba!

I never had a muffin top. I swear! I was born with really developed abdominal muscles somehow. That means I can get the ripped abs look with ease. That's why I almost never do crunches at they gym. I don't want them to be even more visible.

But now, because of the bad food I've been indulging, I have a fluffy coat that covers my last two 'squares', so to speak. You know, the belly fat you can't get rid of!

And I've got it too!

So I got to talk to Viviana. To make a 10 sessions plan with the body shaping device and to let it rub the flabby parts until they gradually dissolve.

I see it as a more effective and homogeneous anti-cellulite massage.

Eu nu am avut niciodata burtica. Chiar nu am avut! M-am nascut cu muschii abdominali mult mai dezvoltati decat restul corpului, asa incat incep sa-mi fie vizibile increstaturile muschilor cu mare usurinta. La sala nu fac aproape niciodata abdomene, tocmai ca sa nu se defineasca mai tare.

Dar acum, din cauza alimentatiei (sunt sigura), am un strat pufos care-mi acopera 'ultimele doua patratele', ca sa spunem asa. Stii tu, colacelul care nu mai pleaca o data ce vine!

Si a venit.

Asa ca am ajuns sa discut cu Viviana. Sa imi fac un abonament de 10 sedinte la remodelare corporala si sa las aparatul sa-mi maseze stratul adipos asa incat sa se dizolve treptat.

Eu il vad ca un masaj anticelulitic mult mai eficient si mai omogen.

At the end I stayed for a talk with the ladies.

"You can't expect the device to do everything for you" one of them told me

"Many customers come in with the impression that the machine does everything, but they're wrong!" - she really seems disturbed by this misunderstanding.

"I tell everyone that the food and the amount of water you drink should reflect a healthy lifestyle. Especially in terms of hydration! When you do this treatment you should give your body more water.

A lot more."

"And exercise matters too." her associated completes.

"After a session of remodeling you should be active for at leas a half an hour. You can park further away and walk on to the car, just to stimulate your blood circulation."

Now I'm proud. "I've got my gym gear wit me! I'll just go for some exercise right away."

La sfarsit am mai discutat cu fetele.

"Nu poti lasa toata povara pe aparat" imi spune una dintre ele

"Multi clienti vin si au impresia ca el va face tot, dar se inseala!" o vad cu adevarat macinata din cauza acestei neintelegeri.

"Le spun la toti ca alimentatia si cantitatea de apa pe care o beau pe zi trebuie sa reflecte un stil de viata sanatos. Insist in special in privinta hidratarii! Cand faci acest tratament trebuie sa-i dai corpului apa.


"Si miscarea conteaza." o completeaza asociata ei.

"Dupa o sedinta de remodelare trebuie sa fi activa vreo jumatate de ora. Poti parca mai departe si sa te plimbi pana la masina, orice numai sa iti stimuleze circulatia sanguina."

Acum sunt mandra. "Am geanta de sala la mine! De aici acolo merg!"

Diana Rogo at Paris Estetique in Cluj

I schedule my appointments for the next week, I thank Loredana for her delicacy and I walk out, heading to World Class.

In a few hours I arrive back home. I sit down at my laptop and begin to write, touching my hips and abs with my fingertips in the meantime. It still feels funny..


I'll tell you more about the results later. First I want to see what happens. If something changes, in what way it does and how it feels like.

I think this is about the only body reshaping 'cheat' method there is, without causing damage to your health, of course. It helps a lot for the overall appearance of the body, the motivation to keep yourself fit and keep to a healthy life style, simply thanks to your moral engagement. (Otherwise, the treatment would be futile.)

I don't know yet how it will affect me, but I have a bunch of acquaintances that I almost didn't recognize after a treatment of this kind.

So I'm very excited about all of this and can't wait to keep you posted on my progress.

P.S. If you want to know more about this and you're too excited to wait until I talk about this again, you can visit the salon's site with all the info right HERE.

Ma programez pentru urmatoarea saptamana, ii multumesc frumos Loredanei pentru delicatetea ei si plec cartre World Class.

In cateva ore ajung acasa. Ma asez la laptop si incep sa-ti scriu. Imi ating intre timp soldurile si abdomenul cu varful degetelor. E inca stranie senzatia..


Despre rezultate am sa-ti povestesc mai tarziu. Vreau intai sa vad ce se intampla. Daca se schimba ceva, in ce fel se schimba si cum se simte.

Cred ca remodelarea corporala e cam singurul mod de a "trisa", fara sa-ti dauneze sanatatii. Ajuta mult la aspectul per ansamblu al corpului, la motivatia de a te mentine si la reglarea unui ritm de viata mai sanatos, prin simplul fapt ca te forteaza moral. ( altfel fiind un tratament zadarnic )

Nu stiu inca cum ma va afecta pe mine, dar am cunostiinte pe care aproape nu le mai recunosc dupa un abonament la un astfel de salon.

Asa ca sunt foarte entuziasmata si abia astept sa mai vin cu vesti.

P.S. Daca nu ai rabdare pana atunci, poti sa citesti mai multe detalii pe pagina salonului AICI. Clarifica tot procesul foarte frumos totul.