A Hot & Cold look for Winter's wonder

Diana Rogojan warm.jpg


first day of Snow

It was the very first day of snow and we were damn right excited. 

The backdrop was set with flickering snowflakes and crystallised branches. The tips of or fingers were almost numb as we tried to touch the snow still floating in the air. The air had a smell to it, that reminded me of my childhood.

The days when we'd go to school wrapped in fluffy sweaters and big knitted scarfs. I would always take a deep breath the very moment I would step outside. I'd tell myself I'm brining in the winter. And, I guess I was. 

I was letting in the feeling. That cold, mystic freshness that it had. That smell. I loved it. I really, really did and still do. 


Diana Rogo winter.jpg


Nowadays I'm doing my best not to hide away, like a bear ready for hibernation. I'm not sleeping though. Far from it.

Lately, my days start at 5am. Honestly. And I'm SO pleased about it. I get to set the tone for the day and do things for myself I normally wouldn't have time to do, you know? Having a whole half an hour of quiet to meditate and think of my true mission is quite a luxury and I appreciate it more and more every day. 

Does this sound weird to you? I hope it doesn't. It shouldn't, 'cause it makes me so balanced. You should try it sometime.

The rest of the morning I spend reading or writing, doing some research on a few subjects I want to grow in, then having a long and chatty breakfast with Andrei. We get to really, really connect in the morning. We talk about everything. From our plans for the day, to our plans for the next 50 years.

We just love talking about the things we'd want to do and see and, you know, live. We take little notes of all these things and work on making them all happen. 

Right now though, our biggest task is to find a home for us. We want to find the perfect apartment for our needs - and our wishes. I've been searching for over a year now, but I feel I'm getting closer and closer to spotting the one. 

Most of the time I'm not online I'm probably visiting chilly buildings that haven't yet started looking like homes. I try to imagine myself in them. Try to see into them, to create an imaginary little table where we'd have breakfast and ask myself how I think I'd feel while being there. 

Some fit, some don't. I'm relying on my intuition when it comes to this choice.

You can't decide where your next home will be only by rational decision. - You need to let your heart speak up. Tell you what's really going on. 

So that's what I'm doing. Now you know. 

Then again, I still take some time to just jump in the car and head for the woods. Every season has it's own glory, but when it comes to the forest, there's really nothing like seeing it all turn white.

Did you take some time to go do some walking in nature lately? I totally recommend it. 

Well, maybe not with bare shoulders though. That wasn't my smartes choice, I know, but you gotta say, it did compliment the outfit quite a lot!



Okay, okay, I know what you're thinking. What is up with those bangs? Did she cut her hair or what? 

Neah, I didn't. I played safe.

I wanted to get that artsy look with short bangs. It just felt really edgy and I love it whenever I saw it on other women, but I didn't want to put myself through another long period of growing out my hair in case I didn't like it. 

So what did I do? I got some fake bangs and tried them on. 

Boy, I did love 'em all right, but I didn't feel I'd like wearing them all the time. So, I just sticked to the fake ones for a while. 

How do you like the look?

P.S. I'm wearing Andrei's extra-low sweat pants he bought a few years ago from Zara, on my behalf, of course. I think he only wore them twice. He never really liked them that much. They're too clowny for him, I guess. But, they're just great for me. I love how cozy they are, no matter how silly they feel. And wearing them with long skinny boots make the pants look a lot like a skirt, right? Like a skirt, just without letting the winter air flow underneath, haha. Now that's a good fashion solution, isn't it?


Andrei's pants from Zara Men

Romeo & Juliet faux leather jacket

Zara skinny boots

Orsay fur