My high energy, no-sugar Truffle recipe




Today I want us to talk about a few things: Obviously, this delicious SUPER-ENERGY BOMB that you'll find in all pictures of this post, second, about why I want to give up sugar and third, what I want to add more of to my diet.


Buh-bye Sugar.

Let's start with the most controversial: Sugar. 

Many of you wonder what's the whole deal with my giving up sugar. I know, it sounds extreme and you probably think I'll have a strong case of FMO (= fear of missing out) when it comes to some of my favourite foods, like macarons or chocolate croissants. But, to be honest, I'm doing a real good job fighting this battle. Actually, it's been way easier than I thought. My secret weapon to fight my cravings is, pam-pam-pam, healthy fats! More about that in a minute.

Here's the deal, most recent studies all point the finger to the same criminal. People are having increasing rates in obesity, depression, diabetes, cancer and so on - guess what it's all linked to? The increasing intake of processed sugars. But you knew this, right? 

I wouldn't be so up tight about this if I wouldn't have had my experience in America, where things have literally gone way off tracks. Romania is still doing fine. We still have plenty of foods to buy from the super market without any added sugars, but as far as we've seen in pretty much all of life's chapters: Romanian's are amazing in copying western capitalistic models! Even if they're doing more harm than good. So yeah, I do want to get rid of this addiction before it hits me even harder. 

Sugar is keeping us hungry and obsessive. It's making us fat, needy, moody and.. stupid. Here's a guy that explains this nicely in a brief video. If you ever dare look into it, you'll find SO much information on the topic, you'll want to give it up yourself.

The truth is, I was aware of my soft spot for sugar for quite some time, but I had this idea glued in my mind about how sweet foods make me happy and how it all adds up to the gorgeous, romantic idea I had about life. To me, an ideal breakfast would be a plate of macarons dipped next to a cup of hot chocolate, Laduree style.

I knew it wasn't too good for my health, so the gap between what I wanted and what I allowed myself to have started growing. So was my irritability, my unhappiness and my cravings. I would trick myself in believing I'll just have a cheat meal once in a while, but exceptions have a weird way of multiplying. If I would indulge today, why wouldn't I do it tomorrow? - The guilt started piling up. 

Eventually, I had to confess: I was damn right addicted. 

This realisation meant a great deal to me. It made me understand it from a different angle. You see, I have this strong belief about smoking. To me, it makes absolutely no sense how someone could willingly destroy their health, other peoples health and the environment for a such a simple pleasure. I would try to talk all my friends out of smoking. I'm still doing it. I would play the scenario in my mind: if I were you, I'd give up right now - and I'd believe it.

So, when I framed sugar as being the cigarette and me being the addict, I HAD to put myself in the same scenario. I had to keep up to my word, to my own belief. It was either I keep myself consistent to what I think and speak, or I'm a fraud, a hypocrite. My identity was more important than any stupid ad I've seen about chocolate or macarons. I needed to prove myself I'm stronger than any influence trying to manipulate me into consuming their goods.

I'm not saying I'll say good bye for sugar forever ( or maybe I am ), but I do need to break the spell it has on me. I need to let it go for long enough to stop the cravings, to harden that soft spot. To prove myself, for myself. And - to collect all the healthy benefits!

In order to give myself a chance to break up with sugar, I understood it was necessary to let most sweets behind me as well. Artificial sweeteners aren't an alternative. They'll just constantly remind me of what I'm missing out. I don't need that. What I do accept though are fruit. They're a natural source of sugar, but they come with fibre, that make them metabolised differently, so the side effects of sugar aren't visible. No insulin resistance, no crappy mood, no low energy - they're safe. They're also my favourite food category, so yeah, I'm not missing out on my beloved cherries, watermelons of apples.

less sugar. more fats.

Coconut butter, my love

In order to keep my cravings at a minimum, I started adding more healthy fats to my diet. Nuts, seeds and healthy butters, that's the deal. I've been going crazy about coconut already, when it comes to beauty. I use it on my skin entire skin. It's incredible way of bringing skin PH levels to normal have amazing benefits, like fighting candida or other types of fungus. It has a gazillion more benefits, but I'll let a doctor tell you more about this.

I already love the smell and taste, so it wasn't really all that hard. I put a teaspoon of coconut butter to my morning coffee or a smoothie. Now I've made these treats with a coconut butter base.

So let's see, what is in this recipe anyway?






Just so you know, I made the recipe in my normal creative flow. I always cook in an instinctive manner. So I didn't quite weigh any of the ingredients while pouring them together. That means the recipe might need a bit of a tweak, but here's pretty much what I did to get the magic:


4 table spoons of coconut butter - unrefined

5 table spoons of shaved coconut

A handful of your favourite raw nuts, I used walnuts, almonds and kaju

1 banana

2 table spoons of raw coco powder

100g of oven-baked pumpkin with a sprinkle of cinnamon

What to do

Bake the pumpkin about 40 minutes on a baking sheet in the oven at a middle-high temperature. Melt the coconut, press the banana until you get a cream, chop the nuts as small as you like them and add them to a bowl. Add the shaved coconut and raw coco powder. Press the soft baked pumpkin in the mixture until you get a dark, tasy cream. Mix really well and add more nuts if you'd like. Put the bowl in the refrigerator for about an hour to let the coconut butter harden.

After it's chilled, quickly make small balls in your hands and drop them in a large bowl filled with raw coco powder, so they get a dry, dusty layer of bitter chocolate. Don't keep them too much in your hands or the coconut butter will melt and it will be almost impossible to make a consistent shape.

Put them back in the fridge or freezer before serving. 



Oh, and if you're not into keeping it less sweet, you can also drop a teaspoon of honey in there, it probably won't hurt.




Let me know if you liked the truffles or if you have any recipes without sugar you love. I would really enjoy learning something new from you too!

Also, let me know in a comment if you've been thinking of giving up sugar. Maybe we can make a little club of healthy hot ladies over here, haha.