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It was a long day. I had so much to do and so little time do it. Feeling overwhelmed, I ended up sinking my feel in hot water, with bubbly foam, deciding to leaving everything for tomorrow, . "Oohh...", that felt nice. Stirring in my coffee, while the sugar was melting, I realized half a day had past without a drop of caffeine. It's perfume was slowly waking me up.

Just a few hours earlier, me and the models from UAD's ( University of Arts and Design )  Bal were still enjoying our endless gossip at the show's after party, in Midi. - That's why I needed this cup of coffee so bad. Right after I picked out the Minx pedicure design I wanted, I started browsing a few manicure catalogs, for some inspiration. I felt summer was calling for a bit of creativity, so I decided to add some details, without matching my fingers to my toes. The girls at Nail Boutique got under my skin instantly, understanding my needs right away.

With my feet in safe hands, I was feeling perfectly relaxed in no time. I went straight home when my nails were done, postponing my workout at the gym. When I got there, a box of black cherries was awaiting me. "Gosh, they're huge!"

Writing on my blog, with a hand in the cherry bowl, while Andrei was pressing a kiss on my shoulder, It struck me, just how lucky I am.

..and my nails were to beautiful to stop looking at. About every 5minutes I would stop and stare at them. "It's their shape I love most." I told my lover. Stroking his back with their tips, I noticed he liked them even more than I did..



A fost o zi lunga. Aveam multe de facut si prea putin timp la dispozitie. Iar cum se intampla mereu, cand te simti coplesit, ajungi "sa-ti bagi picioarele".. in cazul meu, intr-un vas plin cu spuma si apa fierbinte. "Mhmmm.." Amestecand zaharul brun in cafea, am realizat ca trecuse jumatate de zi fara pic de cofeina.  O gustam indelungat, trezindu-ma incet de la aroma.

Cu numai cateva ore inainte, stateam inca de povesti cu modelele de la Gala UAD, in Midi, la afterparty. - De cafeaua asta chiar aveam nevoie! Am primit cateva cataloage cu modele de manichiura, imediat dupa ce mi-am ales Minx-ul pentru pedi. Nu mai voiam sa le asortez. Simeam ca vara cere putina creativitare, iar eu voiam detalii. Fetele de la Nail Boutique m-au inteles imediat, fara prea multe indicatii.

In scurt timp eram perfect relaxata, cu piciorusele sus, in maini bune. Am hotarat sa las restul programului pe maine. In loc de sala am mers direct acasa, unde m-a intampinat o lada de cirese negre, carnoase. V-am spus ca ciresele sunt fructul meu cel mai preferat? "Doamne fereste! Cum sa fie asa de mari?!",

Scriam pe blog, cu o mana in bol, in timp ce Andrei ma pupa pe umar si ma simteam al naibii de norocoasa.

..usor obsedata, imi priveam unghiile o data la 5minute. Ma fascinau.. "Ador forma asta!" i-am spus iubitului meu. Plimbandu-le jucaus pe spatele lui, mi-am dat seama ca lui ii plac si mai mult..