Nail Art Wonderland


Where are you now?

At school, hiding your phone underneath your bench; at the office, relaxing your mind with a light read, or at home, between the sheets that you know so well, beautiful, wearing no makeup, reading the blog of a dreamy girl, that has a story to tell once again.

I'm there. In my bed with six pillows holding my straight, not to fall asleep. The rain deceives me - drives away, so I came back here, on my blog, where it's still that afternoon, when I entered the first time the grand door on Avram Iancu street.


Tu unde esti acum?

La scoala cu telefonul sub banca, la birou, relaxandu-ti mintea cu o lectura usoara, sau acasa, intre asternuturile pe care le stii prea bine, nemachiata si frumoasa, citind un blog a unei tipe visatoare, care uite, ca are si azi ceva de zis?

Eu acolo sunt. La mine-n pat, cu 6 perne tinandu-ma dreapta, sa nu cumva sa adorm. Ploaia ma amageste, ma alunga, asa ca m-am intors aici, pe blog, unde e inca dupa masa aceea, cand am intrat prima oara dupa usa grandioasa de pe str. Avram Iancu.

Nail Art Studio by Lore

It's a gorgeous day, the sun sets slowly, and I just left Iulius Mall.

My discussion with Geta still resounds in my mind ..

I'm taking all curves carefully, not to overthrow the box of macarons I put on the backseat. That's where the home made chocolate, and the rest of the goodies I got from Sweet Days are, too.

I tell Andrei that I have a surprise for him back home, but that we'll only meet tonight, since I have an appointment.

"C'mon, really? And when will I see what you brought from the fair?"  he asks me, spoiled.

"After I'm done at Lore's ..- I'm nervous!" I slipped.

"Why, baby?" I don't know how to answer, so I rushed the end of the conversation, hoping not to upset him.

"I'm already in front of the door, dear, I'm going in now, okay? Catch you later, handsome!" I say in gentle voice, but not paying attention.

I let the phone fall back in my bag and feel the door knob between fingers.

I'm going in ..

E o zi superba, soarele apune incet, iar eu vin de la Iulius.

Discutia cu Geta inca imi rasuna in minte..

Iau curbele cu mare atentie, sa nu rastorn cutia de macarons, pe care am pus-o cu grija pe bancheta din spate. Acolo e si ciocolata de casa, si restul bunatatilor pe care le-am luat de la Sweet Days.

Il anunt pe Andrei ca-l asteapta o surpriza acasa, dar ca ne vedem abia diseara, pentru ca mai am o programare.

"Haii, serios? Si eu cand vad ce ai adus de la targ?" ma intreaba, razgaiat.

"Dupa ce vin de la Lore ..- am emotii!"  imi scapa.

"De ce, pui?" nu stiu cum sa-i raspund, asa ca-l repezesc, sperand sa nu-l supar.

"Am ajuns in fata usii, acum intru, ok? Vorbim mai incolo, frumosule!" ii spun cu vocea gingasa, dar neatenta.

Imi las telefonul sa alunce inapoi in geanta si simt clanta intre degete.



I'm in a fabulous room. Like Alice in Wonderland, I feel small and look dazed at everything around me.

The walls are painted in a breathtaking royal green, and I take a mental note, saying to myself I have to bring my best friend with me next time I come here, since this is her all time favorite color.

Dozens of framed mirrors cover the green on my right. On the left, there are two black chairs, oozing in elegance - rococo. I wonder if anyone ever dares to sit on them, watching them warm heartedly.

I stop hesitating and take the first door, glowing in light. It scatters a luxurious scented in air, in the most exorbitant salon in our city.

Just like Alice, I'm enchanted. The girls come to greet me now, speaking in a tone so friendly, like in no other place with such an environment.

For me, this is the biggest plus.

I've been in so many places, where I enjoyed the decor, but the staff was so utterly arrogant, ruining the whole experience of the visitors that came in, in a space dedicated to the public.

I'm sure you've entered fancy stores, too, smiling, looking forward to browse the shelves in search of that something you were looking for a life time, and the employee doesn't return your smile, nor your joyull greet.

It happens sometimes. - But not here.


Here, they make you feel like a lady. - Even royal, and the staff is made of young princesses, filled with talent from head to toe.

I go to the pedicure room first. I'm taking my sneak skin ballerinas off, the comfortable ones, that I've chosen for today, and let my feet sink into the foam.

The warm water relaxes me and I think of the one and only thing, that seems to matter at this very moment:

What style should I chose today for my mani?

Sunt intr-o incapere fabuloasa. Ca Alice in Wonderland, ma simt mica si ma uit la tot ce ma inconjoara.

Verdele roial al peretilor ma cucereste. E culoare preferata a prietenei mele cele mai bune. Fac o notita mentala, sa o iau si pe ea - neaparat - aici data viitoare.

Zeci de oglinzi inramate impodobesc suprafata verde din dreapta mea. In stanga sunt doua fotolii negre, emanand eleganta, rococo. Ma intreb daca se incumeta cineva sa se aseze pe ele, privindu-le indragostita.

Nu mai ezit si o iau pe usa luminoasa, care imprastia in aer luxul parfumat, a celui mai exorbitant salon din Cluj.

Exact ca Alice, sunt fermecata. Acum vin fetele sa ma primeasca, vorbindu-mi cu un ton atat de prietenos, ca in nici o alta incapere de o asemenea ambianta.

In sinea mea, acesta e cel mai mare plus.

Am mai fost in locuri care mi-au delectat privirea, dar personalul parea sa-si fa asumat prea multa importanta, stricand experienta intr-un spatiu dedicat publicului.

Sunt convinsa ca ai intrat si tu in magazine cochete, zambind de nerabdare sa rasfoiesti rafturile in cautarea acelui ceva care-l cautai de o viata, iar angajatul sa nu-ti intoarca nici zambetul, nici salutul plin de viata.

Se mai intampla. - Dar nu aici.


Aici vii, si te simti doamna. - Te simti regeste, iar personalul e compus din tinere printese, talentate pana-n panzele albe.

Ma duc la pedi intai. Imi descalt balerinii moi, din piele de sarpe, cei comfortabili, care i-am ales pentru azi, si imi afund piciorusele in spuma.

Apa calda ma linisteste si ma gandesc la unul si singurul lucru care parea sa mai conteze in acest moment:

Ce model ii voi spune sa-mi faca?

Nail Art Studio by Lore

I went for my pedicure in black. Wanting to hide my broken nail that I came in with at the salon.

And once again .. it happens. - Right?

I don't know if it's common to break as bad as mine did, from those damned heels I wore a hole night without noticing how they hurt me , are to blame - but they just looked so awfully sexy with that pointy toe ..

Women suffer for beauty, and that does not exclude me. But now, as if  magic, my unlucky nail is back in place, and, if I'm careful, I can see my own reflection in the shiny layer that coated it.


I go back to the main room and take a seat at Loredana's manicure table. Time passes unnoticed, and I feel safe in her warm hands, which take care of a finger at a time.

It's hard not to want to know more about someone that's touching you for so long. So I started asking questions. I wanted to know everything about the salon.

But first, we decided together, how she'll make my manicure, after browsing hundreds of pages of inspiration, and choosing from dozens of colors, I finally made a decision.

Black, nude and gold. - Basically, me in color.

Am optat pentru un negru intens la pedichiura. Voind sa fac nevazuta unghia rupta cu care intrasem in salon.

Din nou.. se mai intampla. - Nu?

Nu stiu daca chiar atat de urat cum mi s-a rupt mie de la tocurile alea afurisite, mult prea ascutite - dar atat de sexi incat nu le-am dat jos o noapte intreaga.. Atunci s-a intamplat, fara sa-mi dau seama, am ranit-o.

Femeile mai sufera la frumusete, iar asta nu ma exclude. Dar acum, ca prin magie, unghia nenorocoasa e inapoi la locul ei, iar eu, daca sunt atenta, imi pot vedea reflexia in luciul care a invaluit-o.


Intru inapoi in sala de manichiura si ma asez la masa Loredanei. Timpul trece in nestiire, iar eu ma simt in siguranta in mainile ei calde, care imi ating tot cate un deget cu finete.

E greu sa nu vrei sa afli mai multe despre persoana care te atinge indelungat. Asa ca am inceput cu intrebarile. Voiam sa stiu TOT despre salon.

Dar intai am ales modelul. Am hotarat impreuna ce va realiza, rasfoind sute de pagini de inspiratie, si alegand din zeci de nuante.

Negru, nud si auriu. - practic, sunt eu in culori.

Then, Andrei made me a lovely surprise, while Lore was telling me her story. He came in through the marvelous door, with a playful bouquet of baby roses in his arms and two glasses of white Belgian chocolate with berries. ( Our favorite drink from Klausenburg Café ). One for me and one for Lore.

The real reason he came, was because he knew that I would like to write an article about this experience. And knowing that I have my hands occupied, he meant to lend me his. Seriously, isn't he the most caring lover of them all? - he absolutely deserves all the sweets I got him from the fair.

Andrei mi-a facut o surpriza in timp ce povesteam cu Lore, a venit la salon cu un buchet jucaus de baby roses in brate si doua pahare de ciocolata belgiana alba, cu fructe de padure. ( Bautura noastra preferata de la Klausenburg Café ). Unul pentru mine, unul pentru Lore.

Venise, dragul de el, pentru ca stia ca-mi voi dori sa scriu un articol despre asta. Si stiind ca am manutele ocupate, a zis sa mi-le imprumuta pe ale lui. Zi si tu, nu e cel mai atent? - A meritat sa-i iau atatea dulciuri de la targ.

I want to tell you what I found out from Lore before I end this article.

She's the head behind the salon, and not only this one! - Yes! - She opened a studio exclusively for manicure and pedicure in Targu-Mures. - Actually, that one came first.

In Cluj, she opened the first gem on the 9th April 2012. And now it relocated on Avram Iancu Street,  in a even more refined space as the former.

The salon offers the latest products and services existing in manicure and pedicure. The technicians always use the best products, among them, the well known brands like OPI, Essie, CND, Harmony, Pronails, Cuccio, SNB, Peggy Sage, Elizabeth Arden, Jessica. I'm sure you've heard about at least a few of them, even if you do your manicure by yourself at home.

What impressed me foremost, was that the services aren't only for ladies. There is a "For Him" special treatment, that I would suggest you recommend to your lovers. ( I, for one, can't stand being caressed by untidy hands. ) And there's the option for little girls too, the " Little Princess Manicure "- aaawww, isn't that cute?

What I also insist to say, is that they own a record for high speed color services on natural nails. Using a new formula with colored gel called "soak-off".

Meaning: You no longer have to wait for your nails to dry out and accidentally ruin them on your way back home.

The MINX foils also don't require any drying time, since they're applied with another unique method, using heat. The end effect, I'm sure you've seen in fashion magazines or on pictures found online. - You can get that look of liquid gold or silver or a lot of other creative designs.

Ah, and many more! But I'll tell you more in other articles, because I'm sure I'll keep coming back to this wonderland.. or you can find everything out live at the salon. ( I left you the contact details at the end.)


To prove that this isn't fiction, I attached some photos of the salon, taken by Laura Balc ( I know, she's good! ) In a slideshow.


Nu vreau sa inchiei articolul fara sa va spun ce am aflat de la Lore.

Ea e capul din spatele salonului, si nu numai al acestuia! - Da! - a deschis un studio exclusiv pentru manichiura pedichura si in Targu-Mures. - defapt, acesta a fost primul.

In Cluj a deschis prima bijuterie de loc, in 9 aprilie 2012. Iar acum, s-a relocat pe strada Avram Iancu, intr-un cadru si mai rafinat ca cel dintai.

Salonul ofera cele mai noi produse si servicii existente in materie de manichiura si pedichiura, tehnicienii folosind intodeauna cele mai bune produse. Printe ele, marcile bine cunoscute ca OPI, Essie, CND, Harmony, Pronails, Cuccio, SNB, Peggy Sage, Elizabeth Arden, Jessica. Sunt convinsa ca ai auzit macar de cateva dintre ele, si daca iti faci manichiura acasa.

Ce m-a impresionat, a fost faptul ca nu au servicii numai pentru doamne si domnisoare. Ci este si varianta "For Him" care v-as sugera sa le-o recomandati iubitilor vostri. ( Eu una, nu suport sa ma mangaie un barbat cu mainile neingrijite. ) si optiunea pentru fetite "Little Princess Manicure"- aaawww, nu-i dragut?

Ce mai insist sa va spun, e ca serviciile de culoare bat recordul vitezei pe unghiile naturale, ei folosind o formula noua de gel colorat "soak-off".

Adica: Nu mai trebuie sa astepti pana se usuca unghiile, si sa le strici din greseala, ("la naiba!") crezand ca s-au uscat.

Folile MINX nu necesita nici ele timp de uscare, fiind aplicate prin metoda termocolajului. Efectul il stiti sigur din reviste si poze gasite online, pe siteuri de inspiratie. - Poti obtine look-ul acela de aur sau argint lichid sau o gramada de alte modele creative.

Ah, si multe altele! Dar iti mai povestesc si in alte articole, pentru ca sunt sigura, ca nu e ultima data cand vin aici.. sau poti sa le afli live, chiar la salon. ( Ti-am lasat datele de contact chiar la sfarsit. )


Ca sa vezi ca n-am mintit, am atasat pozele salonului, realizate de Laura Balc ( stiu, se pricepe!) intr-un slideshow.



Studio exclusiv de manichiura & pedichiura 


Cluj-Napoca, pe str. Avram Iancu nr.9, Tel : 0757-671.144 / 0264 410 333

Târgu-Mureş, pe str.Călăraşilor, nr. 77, Tel : 0744-854.728 / 0365 424 252


Ai aflat de Noaptea alba a creatorilor si designerilor de produs ?

Este un eveniment cu intrare libera, la Casino, maine seara, incepand cu ora 19.

.. unde, sper ca ne intalnim.

Conceptul din spatele acestei nopti albe, consta in promovarea creatorilor si designerilor de produs din Romania, oferindu-le un status bine meritat.

Sesizand amploare pe care o ia industria creativa in tara, consider ca ar fi misto sa fim cu totii la curent cu ce se intampla, si sa-i sprijinim pe romanasii nostrii cu idei sclipitoare.