Want to be toned, fit and sexy, but hate exercise? Try this!

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Hacking your Vitality

I’ve been trying to start a consistent exercise routine for almost a decade. And I failed every time.. until now.

Asking myself what I would love to do, rather than what would be the least painful exercise to push through this time, made a huge difference.

First, I got clear on what I wanted:

  • A type of exercise that was simple, unsophisticated, in order to stop questioning myself if I’m doing it right.

  • A type of exercise that didn’t require expensive gadgets, a whole lot of tools or a gym membership.

  • A type of exercise that I can do fast and comfortably at any time of the day.

  • A type of exercise that I know for sure is healthy for my body and gives me the energy I want throughout the day.

  • A type of exercise that would help me keep my ideal weight.

It might sound ridiculous, but what I came up with, was a mini trampoline.

I learned about rebounding ( = jumping on a trampoline ) as being an actual sport adults do, at a Tony Robbins seminar. The guy is massive and he’s 59 years old, yet he has more energy running through his body than my entire city. Not only was I starstruck by the guy, but it truly sounded like he had the answer to my problem.

A mini trampoline? Hmm. Could it be that easy?

I got myself a rebounder and my very first jump took me straight back to my childhood. Gosh, I loved the feeling of doing something so silly, so playful.

Even after a few months went by, I noticed I was still excited to get up and in the air any time I had a chance. My body also looked tighter, leaner. Oh, I was on to something!

Rebounding took of all performance pressure of having high goals about my fitness routine, of looking cool while in the gym, of doing things right.

Rebounding became my time of freedom.. Joy. Fun!

Buying that mini trampoline was by far last year’s best investment and I strongly invite you to try one!

It became part of my routine and one of my most efficient go-to strategies whenever I’m feeling sad.

So, let’s recap the benefits, then I’ll tell you my exact routine.

Why rebound?

1. It's undeniably fun

Taking ourselves too seriously makes everything in our life so predictable. Letting yourself play for only a few minutes a day allows your creativity to rejoice and improves your overall enjoyment of daily life.

Rebounding doesn’t feel like a work-out, but more of a play-out if you ask me. It’s a great way to reconnect with your silly side and feel like a kid again. Plug in the music and set yourself free.

There is no way to fail and there is no one watching you. There is no goal, just enjoying the process. Fun and consistency is the only thing to focus on.

2. It keeps your entire body healthy

It stimulates the entire body, especially the lymph system. The lymph is a fluid that helps our body clean us up inside, yet, unlike the cardiovascular system who has the heart acting as a pump for all of our blood, the lymph needs physical stimulation to start moving. A healthy lymph also means less cellulite and beautiful, glowing skin!

The endocrine system that regulates our hormones is also stimulated and supported. So are our lungs and eye sight, not to mention the fact that it activates all bodily muscles in order to keep your balance.

Like any type of cardio, rebounding is fantastic for your metabolism and for your brain! The increase in oxygen intake makes you think clearer, lowers stress and promotes good gut health, that in turn, creates feel-good hormones!

Don’t be too impressed if you come up with your best ideas while rebounding, it happens to me all the time!

3. It gives you MORE energy & Momentum

The mitochondria is the cell power generator. It’s basically where life energy is stored. It turns out, rebounding is great for mitochondrial biogenesis, a fancy way of saying it increases your liveliness and stamina throughout the day.

Even if I exhaust myself in an intense rebounding training, I find I always have more energy when I finish, then before I started.

Having so much more energy in the morning creates great momentum for the entire day, that ripples in my relationships, my hobbies and my career.

4. It's simple & Easy

Basically, all the goodness you get out of jogging or other types of cardio is present, but without the pressure on your joints, the long distances or the equipment.

I like to think of it as an alternative to swimming, but without the hustle of drying my hair and changing twice. Then again, not everyone knows how to swim, yet anyone can jump.

There is no way of doing this right. That means there is no way to fail. Say goodbye to frustration, guilt or confusion. Just jump any way you feel like.

5. It makes you sexier

Skinny, fit and no bulkiness!

Losing weight feels almost effortless on the rebounder, but that’s not everything! Your posture also improves while keeping your balance with every jump.

It’s a functional work out! It allows you to be more fast and agile, than heavy and structured.

You also might put off using glasses, not that glasses aren’t sexy, but getting to see clearly is! The up and down movement while rebounding makes the eyes work hard to keep their focus. It’s a hardcore workout for the eye muscles, that ends up with improved sight. Mainly because it’s only comfortable to rebound while staring in the distance, so you compensate for the many hours you spend with your eyes locked on a screen.

Then again, what’s sexier than a playful woman filled with energy?

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While the benefits are plenty, there are also a few things to keep in mind:

  • You need to buy a mini trampoline. Although the investement lasts a lot longer than a gym membership and is probably as cheap as a months worth at the gym, it’s still a cost.

  • Mini rebounders have a weight limit for it’s users. Mine has a 100kg limit. Make sure you’re in range before buying one.

  • Make sure you have enough space to jump on it without falling onto edgy furniture or off the balcony. Be smart about it. Mine has a diameter of 100cm and I jump inside during the cold season.

  • There are two types of trampolines: with metal hinges or bungy rope. Metal can bend, so it might last less. Mine wore down pretty fast, so I invested in the latter. I found the bungy ropes to be more resilient and provide a higher jump.

  • While I only do a 15-30min work out, you do want to do it daily in order to see the benefits. Start by making a commitment to rebound at the same time every day to make it into a routine faster.

  • Don’t do anything else while rebounding, except for listening to music or audiobooks. You need to be mindful about what it is your doing, even if it’s easy. You might hurt yourself if you fall off it, so focus on your jumps and landings, feel your body!


Diana Rogo Mini Trambulina

My rebounding routine

No excuse rule: 15’ every day.

That's basically jumping on 3-4 of my favorite songs.

Other details include:

  • I exercise before breakfast. Cardio in a fasted state is more effective for weight loss!

  • I jump outside in the warm season. The sunshine fills me up with vitamin D early in the morning and it gives me such a feeling of aliveness!

  • I make sure I have my balance and a good feel of the trampoline before I speed up.

  • I focus my eyes in the far distance as I jump and unwind my mind.

  • I listen to uplifting tracks that I can sing along to. I like to start with Robbie Williams - I love my life, but my favorite go-to artist for rebounding is Scooter.

  • I mix up the movement. I jump with my legs up to my abs, sideways, jumping jacks and forward scissors, I bounce my hands up and down on the beat, I do whatever feels right in the moment, just like dancing. There is no right or wrong to do this.

So, tell me, are you up for a new version of you?

One that loves to play and enjoys herself while taking care of her body and mind?

Let me know if you ever tried rebounding or if you’ve had a similar experience with a different type of exercise!