Maramures, here we come!


"Can you get undressed?"

"NO!" What's so hard to understand ...? "No, I can't!" I add upset, to look more convincing.

"Let me help you.." I heard and didn't smile.

She's coming towards me. She pulled the curtain.

"Let's add some force.." and I never got to say anything.


"Poti sa te dezbraci?"

"NU!" ...Oare nu intelege? "Nu, nu pot!" mai adaug imbufnata, ca sa par mai convingatoare.

"Hai ca te ajut eu.." imi spune fara sa schiteze un zambet.

Vine catre mine. Trage draperia.

"Incercam cu forta.." si n-am mai apucat sa spun nimic.

Romania Map Maramures

Maramures is painted in Fuchsia.

Home is Cluj - where my is.
Diana Rogo on DYROGUE

"Oh, how did you get it so stuck?" the sweating lady at Iulius Mall's tailor was wondering. "Believe me, if only I could undo it myself, I wouldn't have come all the way here." I said in a breath, with one eye on the clock. It's almost 11 and a half, and I haven't even started packing.

We're leaving at 12am. At about 2pm we'll be in Baia Mare, at Hotel Romanita where we'll meet all the girls. - That was the plan.

I woke up 7am, at 8am I was already done with my bath and makeup. ( I was more than impressed by the speed that I was getting ready this morning. I didn't even give up on the foam on my coffee nor in my tub. But what use? - I lost about an hour pulling at this damned zipper. Or watching  tutorials online, that suggested I brush the zipper with hand lotion or lip balm .. and still, no results. )

I frown, looking at it with my eyes spitting poison and say: ....

"Ah, you stupid thing!"

If my zipper had a sense of humor, it would have busted out laughing at my 'native' cursing talent.

"Damn .." and that was all I had to say.

Just Saturday night, after two, three, four glasses of white wine, was I laughing with Alina and Grama, about my failing swearing abilities .. but I'm strong on my position - I have clear principles and I don't want to hear myself talk that way. (amin!)

So what happened?

I took out a pair of pants from my wardrobe. virgin pair, with the label still hanging, the store's smell still strong and with that particular sleek unworn look upon them. It was a leopard animal print, that went so well with the rest of my all-black outfit and manly shoes, I just took out of the box.

Good - the leopard bit my blouse, and I was caught in the middle. - Neither did my shirt go up nor could I take my pants down.

"What the hell?" I murmur after 10 minutes of forced calm. I climb in the car and run to a tailor - I need help.

The lady managed to undress me somehow, I don't know how, but she got me out. She cut off my shirt and ripped of the material from the zipper with pliers. I could only see her biceps tensing up, from behind the curtain of the dressing room, where I was waiting, stressed out, almost naked.

After another few minutes, while the tailor was sewing my black shirt, hoping to bring it back to the initial shape, I got home and packed as quick as possible. At 12 I was ready and the phone rang.

It's Mada.

And she's late again. "We'll leave at 1pm. Is it okay? Alex and I are still in our PJ's and we didn't pack yet" she explained with a sweet tone, without knowing what I've been through this morning for hurrying so bad.

"Vai, dar cum ai reusit?" Ma intreaba transpirata, doamna de la croitoria din parcarea Iulius Mall. "Credeti-ma, daca puteam sa-l desfac singura, n-as fi venit la dumneavoastra." indrug intr-o rasuflare, cu un ochi la ceas. E imediat 11 jumatate, iar eu nici n-am inceput sa-mi fac bagajul.

La 12 plecam. Cam la 14 ajungem in Baia Mare, la Hotel Romanita unde se aduna toate fetele. - Acesta era planul.

La 7 m-am trezit, la 8 eram gata cu baia si machiajul. ( Am fost mai mult decat impresionata de viteza cu care ma pregateam dimineata asta. N-am renuntat la spuma, nici de pe cafea, nici din cada. Dar la ce folos? - Cam o ora intreaga am pierdut tragand de fermoarul asta nemernic! Sau uitandu-ma la tutoriale online, care-mi sugerau sa-l ung cu crema sau ir de buze.. fara rezultate. )

Ma incrunt, ma uit la el cu privirea otravita si spun din adancul sufletului: ....


Fermoarul meu plin de ir, daca ar avea simtul umorului, clar s-ar fi imprastiat de ras la dovada talentului meu 'nativ' la injuraturi.

"Puii meii.. " si mai mult n-am putut scoate.

Chiar sambata seara radeam cu Alina si Grama, dupa doua, trei, patru, pahare de vin alb, ca nu stiu injura.. dar eu o tin pe a mea - am principii clare si nu vreau sa ma aud spunand tampenii. (punct!)

Deci ce s-a intamplat?

Luasem pe mine o pereche de pantaloni din garderoba. Una virgina, cu eticheta inca agatata, cu mirosul de magazin si tinuta de rigoare. Animal print de leopard, care mergeau atat de bine cu restul tinutei all-black, si pantofii barbatesti abia scosi din cutie.

Bun - leopardul mi-a muscat bluza, si eu eram prinsa la mijloc. - Nici maieul de voal nu mergea in sus, nici pantalonii in jos.

"Ce naiba?" imi zic dupa 10 minute de calm fortat. Ma urc in masina si fug la croitor - aveam nevoie de ajutor.

Tanti m-a dezbracat, cumva, nu-mi dau seama cum. Mi-a taiat maieul si mi-a scos voalul din fermoar cu patentul. Ii vedem doar bicepsul incordat, de dupa draperia din cabina de proba, unde asteptam stresata, aproape in pielea goala.

Dupa inca cateva minute bune de cusut la maieul meu, sperand sa-l aduca inapoi in starea initiala, am ajuns acasa si am facut repede, repede bagajul. La 12 am fost gata si suna telefonul.

E Mada.

Si e intarziata, din nou. "Numai la 13 pornim, e okay? Am stat mult in pijamale cu Alex si inca nu ne-am facut bagaju." imi explica mandra, fara sa stie de patania mea si dimineata nebuna pe care am avut-o din cazua grabei.

Packing up for Maramures

We shoved our bags in Alex Don's car. He's Madalina Merca's, aka Miss IndieChase's, boyfriend. I'm with Andrei, she's with him, and we together filled the whole trunk, as if we were leaving for a whole week to the sea side, rather than just a weekend o the countryside. It surprised no one.

When arrived at Romanita Hotel, we went to greet everyone in the dashing lobby. I got to meet the bloggers I didn't know yet, like Silvia from, for example, or Mada from Cool girls, dressed casually, for a comfy travel. Don't think anyone was wearing sweats, though. No, no, it was obvious that we were at a Fashion Bloggers' meeting.

I went up to my room and jumped in the bed. I knew it would be a nice hotel, but none of us expected it to be so elegant and the rooms so chic. "I love how the space is parted." I tell Andrei, a future architect, thinking that he would appreciate my comment. - He nods to the shower cabin, that was basically in the bedroom. We both smiled broadly at the thought of a hot shower just three steps away from the white bedding, on our king size bed.

"But not now!"

I have to get ready! We're leaving shortly to the mall in Baia Mare, where each of us got to present our blogs to the public.

I'm not wasting anymore more time and I'm taking my golden make-up bag, I poured out on the table near to the mirror. Andrei is already asleep stretched across the bed sheets, and I give the girls an IM on Facebook "What are you wearing??"

Am urcat gentile in masina lui Don, iubitul Madalinei Merca, aka Miss IndieChase. Eu cu Andrei, ea cu el, am umplut tot portbagajul, de zici ca mergeam o saptamana la mare. Nu s-a mirat nimeni.

Cand am ajuns la Romanita am salutat intai pe toata lumea. Am facut cunostiinta cu Bloggeritele pe care inca nu le cunosteam, Silvia de la de exemplu sau Mada de la . Tipe faine, imbracate lejer, ca dupa drum. Nu va imaginati ca ar fi fost cineva in trening. Nu, nu, se vedea clar ca suntem la o intrunire a Fashion Bloggerilor.

Am urcat in camere si am sarit in pat. Stiam ca va fi dragut hotelul, dar nici unul dintre noi nu ne asteptam ca decorul sa fie atat de elegant, si camerele atat de cochete. "Ce-mi place cum e impartit." ii spun lui Andrei, viitorul arhitect, gandindu-ma ca mi-ar aprecia comentariul. - El da din cap catre cabina de dush, care practic nu era separata de dormitor. Zambim amandoi larg, la gandul unui dush fierbinte, nici la trei pasi departare de paturile albe si usoare din patul matrimonial.

"Dar nu acum!"

Trebuia sa ma pregatesc de iesit, in scurt timp trebuia sa ne pornim toate catre mall-ul din Baia Mare, unde ne prezentam fiecare blogurile publicului.

Tac-pac, nu stau pe ganduri si-mi scot gentuta aurie, plina de produse de make-up, pe care o imprastiu pe masa de langa oglinda. Andrei adoarme intins peste paturi, iar eu le dau mesaj fetelor pe facebook: "Cu ce te imbraci??"

At the Mall:

Laura Maxim, the lovely blonde behind, - Blogger from Baia Mare, told me the order in which we're going to enter.

I'm up second.

I have the mike in my hand.

I'm takeing a deep breath, and I'm saying a word of liveliness in my mind. I can't remember what exactly, but it was meant to give me confidence, positive mojo and great jokes. But waiiitt a minutee..

"Please excuse me, it seems we're facing some technical problems!"  I tell the girls in the public, panicking. "It looks like my presentation doesn't want to open."

Of course! When something goes wrong, everything goes along, that zipper already cursed me early in the morning!

I begin to improvise.

I tell the girls whatever comes in my mind. About me, about Dyrogue and its audience. It dosen't take long and I go back to my seat. It's a wrap!

Andrei comes to congratulate me, and sends me his support through a sugary kiss and a bear hug. Oh, why is he congratulateing me? I haven't even held my presentation.. almost at all. But that's that and it's already behind me. Next time I'll know not to work in Prezi anymore.

The evening ends at a restaurant named Lumiere, where we were greeted with refined ham and cheese platters, scattered between grapes and nuts. We were hungry and thirsty, and loud. So we took our time and enjoyed our stay in Baia Mare's venues, that seemd as lovely as the ones back home in Cluj.

La Mall:

Laura Maxim, blondina organizatoare din spatele, blogarita din Baia Mare, ma anunta ordinea in care intram.

Prezint a2a.

Am micorfonul in mana.

Respir adanc, imi spun un cuvant de insufletire in gand. Nu mai tin minte ce, dar era ceva menit sa-mi dea incredere, mojo pozitiv si glume bune. Dar staaaaaiii..

"Va rog sa ma scuzati, dar avem probleme tehnice!" spun panicata fetelor din public. "Se pare ca prezentarea mea nu vrea sa se deschida."

Normal! Cand ceva merge prost, merg toate in lant, fermoarul ala m-a blestemat inca de dimineata!

Incep sa improvizez.

Le spun tipelor din fata mea tot ce-mi vine in gand. Despre mine, despre Dyrogue si publicul lui. Nu-mi ia mult si ma ased. Am scapat!

Andrei vine sa ma felicite, si-mi transmite sustinerea lui printr-un pupic si-o imbratisare. Dragul de el, de ce ma felicita? N-am prezentat nimic. Dar asta e, data viitoare, nu mai lucrez in Prezi.

Seara se sfarseste la un restaurant pe nume Lumiere, care ne astepta cu platouri de mezeluri si branzeturi rafinate, rasfirate intre struguri si nuci. Ne era foame, si sete, si aveam pofta de vorba. Asa ca am stat mult, si ne-am minunat din nou de localurile din Baia Mare, la fel de selecte ca cele din Cluj.

Lumiere Baia Mare

The 2nd day we got back in Don's car. I was sorry I didn't drive my own Alfa, this time. - The view was more than marvelous, buuutt .. There were serpentines and serpentines - and road sick.

Flashback to the age of 6-7, when I opened the window behind my dad. My mother showed me how to breathe deeply and Flaviu, my brother, kept his respectful distance. We stopped our play fighting and being silly now. I was sitting quietly until my tummy was okay. - Pretty much the same story like the way to Viseu.

Andrei held my head in his lap and stroked my hair, and I took very deep breaths. Darth Wader style, breathing loud. It was not until we made a stop at an inn close to a waterfall, somewhere near to Viseu, that I startind feeling better.

I got out of the car and filled my lungs with clear mountain air. So fresh that it was practicly delicious.

I was already feeling fine.

A 2-a zi ne-am urcat din nou in masina lui Don. Doar ca acum imi parea rau ca nu venisem eu cu Alfa mea. - Peisaj superb daar.. Serpentine peste serpentine si rau de drum.

Flashback la varsta de 6-7 ani, cand deschideam geamul din spatele lui tata. Mama imi arata cum sa respir adanc si Flaviu, fratele meu, isi tinea distanta respectuos. Nu ne mai bateam si prosteam acum, stateam cuminti pana-mi trece greata. - Cam asa si pe drumul catre Viseu.

Andrei imi tinea capul in poala si-mi mangaia parul, iar eu respiram adanc, adanc. Darth Wader style, cu gura cascata. Abia mi-am revenit cand am poposit la un han langa o cascada, undeva catre Viseu.

Am coborat din masina si am inspirat aerul de munte. Atat de proaspat ca mi-se parea delicios.

Deja eram mai bine.

My mood was blooming and the car's atmosphere changed completely. We were making fun and making bets.

Which, by the way, I won.

"Andrei, you owe me a lot, and I mean a lot, of flowers, don't forget!"

I wanted to say something about the stacks of hay with the little roofs on top, we all saw on the road, but my words scrabbled and something else got out: "Look, boxes of wool!" - "Bahahaha, what did you say, dear?" Andrei was already having a blast before I realized I just gave birth to our next inside joke.

This is pretty much how we traveled to Viseu. The final destination was a hotel in a train, kept as formerly. - Beautiful.

We were about to rest, have dinner and stay up all night in the patio with our stories that started and ended always with blogs. - We kinda pissed off the guys, but we had so much fun doing so.

M-am bine dispus apoi si atmosfera din masina s-a schimbat cu totul. Faceam misto. Faceam pariuri.

Pe care, apropo, l-am castigat.

"Andrei, imi datorezi multe, multe flori, sper ca n-ai uitat!"

Voiam sa spun ceva legat de capitele de fan cu acoperis, pe care le tot vedeam pe marginea drumului, dar mi-a iesit in loc de fân: "Uite, casutele de lân!" - "Bahahaha, ce-ai zis, draga?"  se prapadeste Andrei inainte sa-mi dau seama ce prostie am zis.

Cam asa am ajuns la Viseu. Destinatia finala a fost un hotel in tren, pastrat ca de pe vremuri. - Frumos foc.

In el aveam sa dormim, sa cinam si sa stam seara in foisor, cu povestile noastre care porneau si se sfarseau mereu cu bloguri. - I-am scos pe baieti din sarite, dar ne-am distrat copios.

At midnight all the men went to town to buy more wine - we finished the whole stock in the fairytale-train.

La 12 noaptea au mers toti barbatii in oras sa mai cumpere vin - il terminasem pe tot din trenul-poveste.

The green ticket we needed to travel with Mocanita.

All girls with a pesudonim starting with 'www.', looking like magazine covers, walked to the train. We filled two vagons and soaked in the mood. The train ran slowly, shook us hard and smoked us up. But it was warm and it was fun and it was as it should be. - The simple life.

Cu biletul verde ne-am urcat in Mocanita.

Toate fetele cu un pesudonim incepand cu www., aratand ca de revista, ne-am plimbat cu trenuletul. Am umplut doua vagoane si am surprins sentimentul de-altadata. Mergea incet, ne scutura si ne afuma. Dar era cald si era amuzant si era cum trebuie sa fie. - Viata simpla.

Mocanita Ticket Maramures

Eventually I realized that it's the coolest thing, to do something so different. For me at least it's something new. And this visit made me take on my boots, the real ones, the ones that keep warm - not just look nice, and pick up Andrei's hand to travel together in this little part of Maramures, that somehow managed to stay unchanged, up to today.

Women in traditional outfits gave hands and started dancing. We gathered at our tables to eat in the sun and learn more about one another. Gabi, from told us about her upcoming wedding and her Moldovian origins .. and so I felt like I was back in Berlin all over again. - Surrounded by strangers, different people with different opinions, values and unique impression and.. strong personalities.

Neither one of us resembled the other, and this is reflected most obviously in our blogs.

They're all different. Hosting unique stories and opening new worlds.

In cele din urma am realizat ca e cea mai tare chestie, sa faci ceva atat de diferit. Pentru mine cel putin e ceva cu totul nou. Iar vizita asta m-a pus sa-mi scot bocancii, aia adevarati, de tinut cald - nu de aratat frumos, din dulap si sa-l iau pe Andrei de mana sa vedem cum s-a pastrat partea asta mica din Maramures pana-n ziua de azi.

Femeile in tinute populare au facut o hora, noi ne-am strans la mese sa mancam si sa mai aflam una alta despre fiecare. Gabi, de la ne-a povestit de viitoarea ei nunta si de orginile ei moldovenesti.. si tot asa aveam senzatia ca sunt din nou ca in Berlin. - Inconjurata de straini, de oameni diferiti cu pareri diferite, valori si impresii unice si personalitati puternice.

Nici una nu eram ca cealalta, iar acest lucru se oglindeste cel mai evident, in blogurile noastre.

Toate sunt cu totul altceva. Alta poveste, alta lume.


In ton cu atmosfera de octombrie, practic o cumpana intre vara tarzie si toamna proaspat rasfranta, ne indreptam catre folclor, dar o facem in stilul nostru: Cu muzica minimala, nopti nedormite si rasaritul care te intampina cand iesi din cortul inca viu. Pleci acasa buimac, cu zambetul pe buze, rujul pe buzele lui si te culci doar ca sa te poti trezi pentru seara urmatoare, cand o luam de la capat.

Ne vedem la Mioritmic, un festival care-si face deja traditie in Cluj, semnat ClubMidi.

Deja imi vine sa-mi pun un mix de la Tale of Us ca sa-mi intru in ritm, pentru ca dragilor..

trebuie sa facem ceva sa impriedicam rutina!

Firul povestii l-am reluat
Ca sa fie continuat
Basmul dulce ce-am legat.
Vise multe colorate
Din sertare adunate
Doar pe buze rasfirate
Toate un zambet si pastrate.

Ritmic pasul il grabim
Impreuna sa fugim
In padurea Baciului
Ca sa ne-ntalnim
Muzica sa-o iubim…
Ne adunam cu mic, cu mare
Presaram si un pic de soare,
Bucurandu-ne mai tare
Ca un an a mai trecut
De cand nu ne-am mai vazut.
E prilej de sarbatoare
Cat e Ardealul de mare,
Sa strigam pe la portite
Dans modern feciori, domnite!

Vineri de la ora zece,
Lumea incepe a petrece,
Pana cand luna va trece,
Ca sambata sa revenim,
Mare hora sa pornim.