Wrapping up LPG for the 2nd time

Hi guys! As promised, I said I'd come back with further information on my progress with the LPG machine.

So here I am! Hah!

Okay, now let me get you in the right context first and foremost. Why did I come back to LPG in the first place after finishing 10 sessions already?

It's true, I did start going to Paris Esthetique last spring. Like everyone else, I wanted to be in my best shape for bikini season. Summer was coming REALLY fast and I knew my gym habits weren't going to save me this time. So I started out this treatment, called LPG, to get my legs in a sleeker shape.

I also wrote an article back then regarding the results, you can find everything related at the end of this post.

Did it work? HELL YEAH!

- see for yourself, click here -

I was, to say the least, showing off my legs with every chance I got. They looked way better than ever before ( except when I was still a kid, but you get me ).

Then, what happened?

America! That's what!

In the US, as I've told you in my HUGGEEEE article about our experience, I've gained a lot of weight. I've been munching on donuts and having marshmallow ice cream after eating a burger. I know, I still feel guilty about it, but that's life. Sometimes you just want to try things out, especially if they're so freaking tasty!

So after adding 5kg with JUST fat on my body, I was in quite a struggle when I came back to Cluj.

I was not happy AT ALL with the way I've lost my slim figure.

So what do we do when need fast results? We think back on what has worked for us in the past and we do the same thing again!

It wasn't too long till I ended up knocking on Paris Esthetique's door.

"Another 10 sessions, please." was my obvious stress release. I didn't have the patience to take the hard way, just working out. Nooo, not me, my life is moving to fast to have time to look good in another a few months. Greedy as I am, I came in every week, two times, for my LPG treatment.

The first session hurt like hell, I swear.

(Just like the very first time I tried this.)

Then, the second hurt even worse. Gosh!

After the third session, they became my most cherished hours in the week. They were my relaxation. A total massage.

After the first 2 session, I already noticed my fat layer smoothing out. It began changing shape and the little bumps on my skin were slowly melting.

Another 3 sessions and I was stunned. I had lost 5cm on my belly and another 5 on my booty. Yup! Diana was a happy lady!


The next 5 sessions didn't do so much in size, but in texture. It helped get everything equalized, smoothed, toned.

By the end I didn't lose weight to be honest, but I lost centimeters and I gained a healthy, quite sexy look.

Now, of course, I did go to the gym about 3 to 4 times a week this whole time. I've been doing weight training and that has also increased my muscle mass. Thus, resulting in me gaining weight from the muscles, even though I was losing fat.

That's why you can't ever trust the scale. It's the biggest liar of all!

So, all in all, it was a success once again.


I've grow quite fond of these people working at the salon. They are very sweet, hardworking ladies that really get me and my needs. I've also celebrated their 7th anniversary with them and we made a video together! I thought I'd make you more familiar with the surroundings if you're planning on trying this out for yourself. It's always nice to know what to expect, isn't it?

( I only added pictures with the Body Remodeling room, but they also do manicures and pedicures, massages, hair and cosmetics. )

Find them here:

Paris Esthetique