Buh-Bye Cellulite & A Free LPG Session

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Let me take you to Paris Esthetique with me

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Yesterday evening. Me, my best friend and two glasses of red wine:

I showed her the video above, before telling her about the contest.

- Have you finished your sessions at Paris Esthetique? she asked suddenly.

- Yeah, I mean I've finished 10 of them, but I want to continue with the treatment. I confessed.

- Why? Didn't they work?

- Ah, no, just the opposite!

In a move, I turn my back to her and lifted my skirt to show her my legs. "What do you think?" I say smiling, hoping she'd help me realize how my hips actually looks like right now.

I've checked them out this morning in the mirror and I was really excited. Now that the light came from the chandelier above, the skin may show some more visible wrinkles.

But Diana still wasn't saying anything, until she spilled it out: "PFAA! This is insane! You don't have cellulite at all any more!" she yells sharply. If she wasn't my best friend, I would have said she was jealous right now, although I was pretty convinced that she was exaggerating.


But the look on her face convinced me she was honest. She seemed downright impressed.

We spent the rest of the evening talking about losing weight, getting toned and.. summer. Good weather is coming ahead and there will  be increasingly more bare legs walking down the streets, including mine.


Ieri seara, cu prietena mea cea mai buna si doua pahare de vin rosu:

Ii arat si ei video-ul de mai sus, inainte sa-i spun despre concurs.

- Ai terminat sedintele la Paris Esthetique? ma intreaba dintr-o data.

- Da. Adica.. le-am facut pe toate 10, dar vreau sa continui. ii marturisesc.

- De ce? Nu si-au facut efectul? devine circumspecta

- Ah, nu, tocmai din contra!

Ma intorc dintr-o miscare si imi ridic jucausa fusta pana sub fund. "Da-ti cu parerea!" ii spun zambind. Aveam si eu nevoie de parerea ei, sperand sa ma ajute sa estimez cum arata soldurile mele defapt.

M-am uitat in oglinda de dimineata si eram chiar incantata. Dar acum ca lumina era de sus, de la candelabru, putea sa bata altfel pe piele, asa incat sa fie cutele mai vizibile.

Diana nu spunea insa nimic, asta pana sa rabufneasca. "Pfaaa! Pai nu ai celulita deloc!" imi spune pe un ton ascutit. Daca nu mi-ar fi fost prietena as fi spus ca e geloasa, desi eram convinsa ca exagereaza.


Dar m-a convins expresia fetei ei. Parea de-a dreptul impresionata.

Restul serii l-am petrecut povestind despre slabit, tonifiat.. si vara. Vine vremea buna si vor fi din ce in ce mai multe picioruse dezgolite pe strada, printre care si ale mele.




Diana Rogo trying our LPG

 Okay. I already wrote an article about LPG as soon as I started. (Read it here. )

I talked to the girls from Paris Esthetique, about this post. I told them in advance that I would like to write about this treatment and that I have great expectations from it. But I also felt the need to mention that I wouldn't write anything but the truth and if the results fail to show, then I will be forced to say so.

The ladies actually seemed pleased by the condition I imposed. Their confidence was really reassuring, so I started being optimistic about the whole thing from the very beginning.

I usually went twice a week. With few unfortunate exceptions. I had to postponed some of my sessions due to spontaneous appointments, but it's advisable to keep a fixed schedule when going for LPG. I was also explained more than once that physical exercise is necessary for the best results, when combined with the treatment.

Me? Well I went to the gym here and there, and sometimes jogging in the park when I had enough time. So I wasn't very cooperative, but it will just have to do. Anyway, my biggest problem is water retention. I knew this before, but Loredana validated my suspicions when I she did my starting detailed analysis on my first day. Mine was well above average.


Buun. Am scris un articol despre LPG imediat ce am inceput abonamentul. ( Citeste-l aici. )

Vorbisem cu fetele de la Paris Esthetique, le-am spus din avans ca voi vrea sa scriu despre tratament si ca am asteptari mari de la el, insa am tinut sa mentionez faptul ca nu voi scrie nimic altceva decat adevarul, iar daca rezultatele intarzie sa apara, atunci asta voi fi nevoita sa notez asta in acest "jurnal".

Fetele pareau de-a dreptul fericite de conditia impusa de mine, iar acea incredere m-a facut sa fiu din ce in ce mai optimista.

Mergeam de regula de doua ori pe saptamana. Cu mici exceptii, din pacate. Am amanat unele dintre programari din cauza agendei incarcate. E indicat sa mentii un program fix. De asemenea, mi-a fost explicat mai mult de o data nevoia efortului fizic in combinatie cu tratamentul.

Eu? Pai eu am mers ici-colo la sala si la jogging in parc cand reuseam. Deci pe partea mea n-a fost tocmai cooperare, iar cea mai mare dintre problemele mele este defapt retentia de apa. Stiam asta si inainte, dar Loredana mi-a validat banuielile cand mi-a facut o analiza in amanunt la inceputul sedintelor. La mine e cu mult peste medie.

How it Helped

After finishing all 10 sessions, my water retention decreased. Not much, but it did. That considering I didn't drinking more water nor did I change my die. Taken this in count, I think it's great. I have not decreased at all in weight. Only half a kilogram, which fluctuates from several outside factors anyway. (Time of day, of the menstrual cycle, previous meals, etc.)

Dupa ce am terminat sedintele, retentia a scazut. Nu mult, dar o idee. Asta fara sa beau mai multa apa si fara sa imi schimb alimentatia. Eu zic ca e de bine. In kilograme nu s-a sesizat aproape deloc. Numai jumatate de kilogram am coborat de pe cantar, care fluctueaza oricum din mai multe cauze exterioare. ( Momentul zilei, a ciclului menstrual, mesele anterioare etc. )

5cm off my muffin top!

What it did best though, was to reduce some inches of my belly! And yes, this really is something big. Minus 5cm from the abs is kind of miracle for us women.  You know, right above the jeans, where it's visible when you sit down. You also notice it a lot from the side.

Ce a facut LPGul insa a fost sa imi reduca din centimetri! Si da, asta chiar e ceva de notat. 5cm in minus din zona abdomenului e un fel de miracol, pe cuvant. A actionat cel mai bine in zona de peste linia blugiilor, stii tu, unde se aduna colaceii cand te asezi. Din profil se vede foarte tare.

aaand Smooth legs!

It's a bit more difficult to estimate when it comes to legs. I took down 2cm from each thigh. BUT it stretched my skin! It's smooth, it's delicate, it's like retouched in Photoshop. It's not perfect yet, I didn't expect so anyway, not without toning exercises, but it goes hand in hand with diet and cardio, and the effects are waaaay faster through this process, like years.

This reminds me of a friend I always bump into at the gym. She's the kind that works out every day for two or three hours, she goes to marathons, has like dozens of sport clothes and is incredibly neat all the time. She's the one who first told me about LPG: "Finally, after six years of fitness (..or did she say seven? I'm not sure. ) I actually like how my body looks." I was stunned, struggling to hide my amazement - I always envied her perfect shape. But she just began to see in herself what she saw in other that motivated her: tight hips and thighs . Her body, though terribly toned, wasn't as smooth as she would have wanted to, at least not until she got a  little outside help.

I'm not saying that LPG is the only means by which one can get that effect, nor should everyone necessarily want does results, but what I do mean to say is that it works if you do, and that it takes a lot less time and effort to get to that lean body type.

For me and my always full agenda it's much easier to maintain my body to my desired shape with this method. I can only dream about how great it would have been, if I had been more careful about hydration and exercise in the mean time, but I intend to do so in the future.

Although I'm already very excited about the result as it is, I can't wait to see how my body is going to change next. I want to continue with LPG and maybe try out something else along with it, me and the girls are still discussing what the best alternative would be for my progress.

In zona picioarelor e mai greu de estimat. Am scazut cate 2cm de la fiecare coapsa. DAR s-a intins pielea! E lina, e neteda, e ca retusata in photoshop. Nu e inca perfecta, nici nu aveam pretentia sa fie fara exercitii de tonifiere, dar merge mana in mana cu o dieta si cardio, iar efectele sunt muuult mai rapide prin acest proces.

Am o prietena cu care ma intalnesc mereu la sala. E genul care face in fiecare zi o ora-doua-trei de miscare, participa la maratoane, are zeci de tinute sport si e incredibil de ingrijita. Ea mi-a spus prima data despre tratament: "In sfarsit, dupa 6 ani de sala ( ..sau 7? Nu mai stiu cat a spus ) imi place si mie cum arat." imi soptea in vestiar, iar eu incercam sa-mi ascund mirarea, fiind mereu invidioasa pe corpul ei. Ea insa abia atunci a inceput sa se regaseasca in fotografiile de motivatie pe care le gasea online. Corpul ei, desi tonifiat, nu reusea sa netezeasca pielea, cel putin pana nu a adus putin ajutor din exterior.

Eu nu spun ca LPG-ul ar fi singurul mijloc prin care putem obtine acel efect, nici ca ar trebui toata lumea sa si-l doreasca, ci spun ca functioneaza si ca usureaza cu ani de zile munca celor care intradevar asta isi doresc.

Pentru mine si agenda mea mereu plina e mult mai usor sa-mi intretin corpul la forma dorita prin aceasta metoda. Pot doar sa visez cat de mare ar fi fost progresul daca aveam mai multa grija de hidratare si miscare, dar imi propun sa fac asta in viitor.

Desi sunt deja entuziasmata de rezultate si abia astept sa vad ce se va intampla in continuare. Vreau sa continui intretinerea cu LPG si inca discut cu fetele sa vedem in ce fel ar trebui continuat tratamentul cu rezultate optime, dar asta ramane de vazut. 


PROs & Cons

Let's do a quick recap:

  •      The massage is a bit painful at first
  •      During the treatment you should have regular sessions, then have them occasionally for maintenance.
  •      They do not target weight loss


  •      It does reduce weight if combined with sport and a healthy diet
  •      It fights water retention
  •      It's a safe and harmless way to remodel your body ( it does not involve surgery, drastic diets, chemicals, etc.)
  •      It smoothens skin
  •      It relaxes muscles
  •      It decreases body fat - it takes down centimeters!

Ca sa recapitulam:

  • Este usor dureros masajul la pirmele sedinte
  • Trebuie continuat regulat pe parcursul tratamentului, apoi mentinut ocazaional.
  • Nu se tinteste scaderea in greutate


  • Se scade greutatea daca se combina cu sport si o alimentatie sanatoasa
  • Se atenueaza retentia de apa
  • E un mijloc sigur si nedaunator pentru remodelarea corporala ( nu implica interventii, diete drastice, produee chimice, etc )
  • Se intinde si netezeste pielea
  • Se relaxeaza muschii
  • Se scade masa adipoasa - se slabeste in centrimetrii!

Find out more about LPG right here or go for a try yourself.


YOU too

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I would like to offer to you the chance to try LPG out for yourself.

The girls agreed to make a giveaway with a free LPG session with darling Loredana and I'm inviting you to try it, it's really worth it.

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As vrea sa iti ofer si tie sansa sa incercerci LPG-ul.

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