Is this what YOU are really like? I think so.

this is about you

Tell me, why would I care about you if I didn't even know you?

Why would you care about me if I didn't care about you?

It's just like love. It has to run both ways.

You can't force it.



I got thinking.

Could it be possible that I might not be as sure of what I'm doing over here, on Dyrogue, not because I'm not sure of myself or my blog, but because I'm not sure who it is, that actually listens to this? 

Who it is, that cares?

This thought crossed my mind two nights ago. It struck me like an epic revelation.

So what else could I do, better then ask?

It seemed so simple, but I tried. 

I asked quietly. 

Who are you? What are you about? What are you like? I thought to myself, so I made a little questionnaire I subtly dropped in an instastory.

I knew only the right people will want to go ahead and do the work to answer it.

I knew it had to be their intent, their instinct to go for it. 

I knew it had to come from them. 

I wanted a select few to do this.

I was expecting about 15 to 20 ladies to really click on the thing, to want to do it.

I was blown away to see that 10 times more women than I expected felt it was a good idea to share their thoughts with me.

Yesterday morning, over 200 people had answered the questionnaire. 

I spent hour after hour reading every single answer.

One by one. I looked at the stats too, but really following how each and every one of the young women that answered through the personal questions gave me shivers.

I had goosebumps, because I felt like, for a second there, I was somehow in your mind, in your flow of thought, feeling the way you felt. 

It was so different for me. So special in a twisted way. 

For the first time ever, it wasn't only me that got vulnerable. 

And I loved it. I loved every single bit of it. 

It was the most honest interaction I've ever had with you, with my readers, because now, they were the one doing the writing. 

After a while, a profile started to take shape. There was a type of person that had that little instinct to go through all the questions. 

Something clicked inside me when I noticed. I didn't feel like I wanted to be different anymore. Quite the contrary, I was dying to see what unites us. What makes us alike.

What brought us here, right now, in the first place.

Noticing all the ways we are the same, took me to this trance like feeling.

It was a sense of deep connection to something so much bigger then myself, but also like it was the most intimate, little secret in the world, that only I knew. 

Then and there, I got the answer to my questions.

This is what I believe.

We live the same life, but with different nuances.

We fight the same battles, but with different memories,

We have the same thoughts, but with different conclusions,

We are very much the same, but very much our own versions.

We are a type of women, a very specific, very emotional kind. 

I think you are a very special type of woman, that I believe someone like you, like us, is very, very rare these days.

I wish I had more people like you in my life. And I mean it.



I may be wrong, or you may be in the wrong place, but this is what the questionnaire told me about you.

Let me know if you think this applies to you.

Is this you?

You are a curious, young woman, living more in her mind, than in her body.

Most days, you feel like you're racing time.

You want to feel like you use your life for your own growth, to establish your own way. You want to get more things done in less time, but you're often disappointed.. That's because you know it's up to you to shape your own days and that it's your fault if things don't go the way you want them.

You beat yourself up more then you should. Your smart enough to know this, but this only confuses you and all the responsibility makes it even harder to take the decisions that you need to take. So you overthink in circles. In crazy loops, that only honest affection or deep inspiration can get you out of.

You're riding fast, but you don't really know in what direction. The time you truly start to reconnect with yourself is in the second half of the day, when things start slowing down.

You take your life seriously, so you only want to take decisions you know for sure are right.

In your life, you've gotten mixed signals, mixed lessons. When you've been brave, it ended up hurting you. When you weren't, it hurt you too. Now you don't know what to do anymore and how to face life, so you think.. and think.. and think. But with every thought, you feel you're getting closer to something. At least, that's what you hope. You know action is what you need, but why doesn't it feel just right? Just now? Just this time? Why aren't you sure of it?

You believe something that feels right, is right. Isn't it true? But it's way more complicated.

Your mom may be a hero for you. She seems to have it all figured out. She gets everything done and never complains. She smiles, even if she bares the families weight on her shoulders. She's strong and you want to be just like her. Chances are, you already are, but you just can't see it. People around you can see it so much clearer than you can.

Your career path is important right now and you spend a lot of time thinking about it. You want to figure it out, in order to finally be able to focus on other, more important things in your life.

Your career isn't everything. You're not the type of person that will create a legacy because of her job, but rather because of the type of person they have become. You believe growing yourself will take you further than growing your portfolio. And it's true.

You care more about family than career. You would never abandon the people you love for a reputation. Your own mental reputation is more important to you then the ones others have of you.

You also take a lot of mental notes about how you want your own family to be like and what the things are that you want to copy or avoid from your parents. You wish you knew more about your parents and how they ended up the way they did. You wish you had the same amount of care and attention from both your parents. You understand that this is something that shaped your life greatly in the past.

You've spent these last few year changing at a super fast rate. Most of the time, it's confusing. But you want to keep on changing, because you believe you haven't arrived yet at the best version of yourself. There are still a few things you're working on.

Your trust in yourself is what's holding you back - and you know it. 

You wish you were more ambitious and would speak up more about the things you want in your life to happen. You want to be able to believe that you'll have everything you wish for, but sometimes, it gets hard. You also want to be more confident about the things you do want.

Many times, you find yourself not even knowing what you like, love or crave. It's hard for you to trace the difference between what you need and what you want. Sometiems, you notice you want what others do, and hate yourself whenever you notice this. But you can't help it, you're too empathetic, you can feel more of what others are feeling than most people. And that's a superpower. Somehow, noticing what others value, makes you value those things more.

It's actually more about the way you connect to others, then the way you build your values. It's easier for you to resonate with the world around you if you try to step in their shoes. But your own shoes are polished and pretty - and very well worth living in. 

You would like to care a little bit less about others, in order to save yourself. But once you do, you feel guilty for not being more giving. You would like to know you're able to save yourself whenever you need to. You draw conclusions too fast and it's really hard for someone to convince you that you were wrong.

You're highly intuitive, that's why you let your emotions get the best of you. 

You notice you're generally a happy person, but you are more sensitive then others around you. You seem to let more things affect you and would like to not be stressed that easily. You're not comfortable talking about this with others, because you don't want to be a burden for anyone. 

You sometimes eat things that make you feel upset with yourself. You may even smoke a lot. You do many things to distract yourself from the things that bother you. But the only reason you do this, is because you use them to change your mood fast. You don't yet know what else to do instead, so you turn to the things that worked out in the past. Your running away from discomfort, not towards a particular goal. And you want to change this.

What you admire most in people, is courage.

The people that have the guts to push forward when everyone is holding back. This is what inspires you more than anything. You want to be stronger in order to have more courage, more resilience to face what life throws at you. You want to be ready. You also secretly wish you had been more courageous in the past, when it would have helped you so much more. 

In a relationship, you want the other person to be real.

You don't want an illusive love story, you want the real-deal, the real man. You value loyalty and trust, because you know this is what you are willing to offer in exchange for theirs.

You are able to love one single person very, very much, but that person needs to deserve it in your eyes. They have to prove themselves. You also wished you were more deeply understood and that your partner would spend more time talking about the issues that are affecting you. You want to talk about them enough, so he can help you solve everything. You want to face life in two, as a power couple, not an individual.

If you don't have a relationship right now, this is how you value one and this is what you wish for. A man who would be able to see you as an equal. Not a man who would protect you, but rather a man who would help you protect yourself by offering you the confidence and the support you need. You are strong enough by your own. You don't need him to protect you, what you need him to protect is the relationship. You need him to fight for it.

You also want to be close friends with your partner. This is more important to you, than his money or his looks. On the other hand, you want him to think you're beautiful. You want him to know he needs to treat you like a lady, not a trophy, toy or dude. You want him to understand that you have different needs than he does and that he should be curious about what they are. You're a paradox. You're fragile, yet strong - and it seduces him. 

You're very kind, loyal and just a great person, with great ethics.

You know what is right and what is wrong and you have very firm lines you know you will never cross. You have a good heart and you are scared other people will exploit it, so you doubt if you should keep being this way.

I encourage you to never, ever lose this trait. It is, I swear, what I value the most in people.

You suspect your beautiful, but you're not sure.

You think you have a very special charm, but you're not sure if others can see it. People don't usually point that out, because they think you already know, but you don't. You need them to remind you of how beautiful you are in your very unique way. You don't like thinking about this and you're not comfortable talking about all the ways that you are gorgeous. And you are. I know this by the way you talk and what you think and feel. 

You care about how other see you and you understand that the first impression matters. That's why you believe clothing is something you need to do right, but wish it was so much easier.

You value comfort more than aesthetics, but you usually go for a compromise.

You don't have a definite personal style and you change so often, so you probably never had. You think mastering your looks will help you master your emotions. It is a tool you can learn and use faster then train self control.

It's easier to think of ways to dress for confidence, than to let confidence dress you. But you're learning and you're doing an effort. You're always clean and tidy, it's your emotions that sometimes get messy.

You think you're a person I can trust and I'm sure you were right.

It's difficult to be the way you are, but both you and me, we are the people that will have the richest life experience there is. Because we have this one super power only we have to this extent.

We feel.

It's both a blessing and curse, I know, but it's what will have to work with, not against, to make our lives our little pieces of art.  

And you know what? Knowing this is the only way you can grow to be your hero.

There is no way to build strength without challenges, ethics without beliefs, confidence without practice, experience without failure.

Now, tell me, is this anything like you?

This is a whole lot like me.