It's Showtime!

Credits: Raluca Ciornea

Credits: Raluca Ciornea



A sneak-peak in the backstage, Friday before midnight.

You could find me behind the black curtains that separated the two worlds, with 5 beautiful girls waiting in a line. Glowing, prepared to face the spotlight.

With my slightly sweaty hands, I was carefully arranging the red feathers in one of the collars, that surrounded her long neck.

She smiled confidently. She seemed so pleased to be where she was, that she filled me up with her enthusiasm.

It brought me back to the days when somebody else would dress me up. Back then, I was about 5-6kg skinnier and around 50 months younger. I've changed in so many ways since then, that It's almost impossible for me to relate to who I was back then.

But something has remained unchanged - this feeling.

That emotion filled with so much chemistry, that just sparks a fire somewhere between your heart and your stomach. You know - that gap that grows up to your chest, next to your soul, and way beyond.

Don't ask me why I was so nervous because I swear I don't know.

It was probably a cocktail of anticipations and expectations, of pride of doing something I never dared to imagined I would be able to do, with the worries of how the world behind the thin, black wall would react to my dream.

Or maybe it was only the rush in the backstage that stirred me up..

Where the girls undressed in a blink and their smooth skin never got to delight your eyes, because they would be immediately covered with designer clothes, that would steal all your attention.

It's fascinating to see the vision of each artist, especially in fashion, and moreover when you get to know them personally and discover their nature. When you get to notice that each of them leaves a part of themselves in what they create.

But outside of my thoughts, that were becoming more and more satisfying, there was a lot going on.

Even though we were running around, to take another hanger, to see what's going on outside, to change something in the last minute, and so forth, you could still feel the bass beating in the floor. No matter how confident your heels would hit the floor, you couldn't hear their echo.

I bumped into Ioana, Lavi, Raul, Paul and everyone else from the Pop Academy that night. They were responsible for the hair styling. It was so nice to see them there, in a totally different situation than ever before.

In the past, I was either one of their models, sitting in a chair with a perfect geometric haircut that I couldn't wait to get my hands in or I was at the salon, gossiping while bleaching my hair, or caught in deep talks with Adi about his new collection.

Now it was my collection, and my heart grew another inch bigger.

Sweet old Gabi Popescu was the night's MUA and the event itself was organized by City 365.

The girls hit the catwalk in the outfits of four local designers, Concepto, Miniona, Isabella Teodor and Veronica Frisan, along with me.

I was so proud to get into their circle and to be invited to this event, that I couldn't say no, although the past weeks I where nothing but mad.

For now I'm still waiting for the pictures, but 'till then, I just want to thank you all for join me in this adventure.



Un sneak-peak in backstage vineri seara, inainte de miezul noptii.

In spatele cortinei negre care delimita cele doua lumi, eram eu si cele 5 fete insirate atent, pregatite sa dea fata in fata cu lumina reflectoarelor.

Cu mainile usor transpirate de emotii, ii aranjam uneia dintre ele penele rosii din gulerul care-i inconjura gatul lung.

Imi zambea increzatoare. Parea atat de incantata ca e acolo, incat ma umplea cu entuziasm.

Ma ducea cu gandul inapoi pe vremurile cand altcineva ma imbraca pe mine. Pe atunci eram cu vreo 5-6kg mai slaba si cu vreo 50 de luni mai tanara. De atunci m-am schimbat in atatea feluri incat mi-e aproape imposibil sa relationez cu cea de atunci.

Dar ceva a ramas neschimbat - emotia.

Emotia aceea care naste o scanteie undeva intre inima si stomac, si starneste un gol care se extinde pana-n piept, unde-mi place sa spun ca e sufletul, si dincolo de el.

Nu ma intrebati de ce eram agitata, fiindca nici eu nu stiu.

Probabil a fost un cocktail de anticipari si asteptari, de mandrie ca am ajuns sa fiu pusa intr-o situatie in care nu mi-am imaginat vreodata ca voi ajunge si de ingrijorare fata de reactia lumii dincolo de peretele din panza neagra.

Sau poate era doar atmosfera din backstage..

Unde fetele se dezbracau cat ai clipi, iar pielea lor neteda nu apuca sa-ti incante privirea, fiind imediat acoperita cu haine care mai de care mai atipice.

E fascinant sa vezi viziunea fiecarui artist in materie de moda, in special cand ajungi sa-i cunosti personal si sa le descoperi firea. Cand ajungi sa observi ca fiecare lasa cate o particica din el in ceea ce creeaza.

Dar inafara gandurilor mele care deveneau din ce in ce mai satisfacatoare, se petreceau multe.

Basul il simteai in podea chiar daca alergai de colo-coace, sa mai iei un umeras, sa mai vezi ce se intampla in fata, sa mai schimbi ceva pe ultima suta. Desi tocurile se loveau puternic de podea, nu le puteai auzi ecoul.

Tot acolo m-am intalnit cu Ioana, Lavi, Raul, Paul si toti ceilalti de la Pop Academy, care se ocupau de par. Mi-a fost atat de drag sa-i vad acolo, in total alta constelatie decat pana acum. In trecut eram fie cea pe scaunul modelelor, cu cate o frizura geometrica pe care abia asteptam sa o pot atinge, fie eram pe la salon, in povesti, in timp ce imi decoloram parul, fie discutam texte si concepte cu Adi, legate de noua lui colectie.

Acum era vorba de colectia mea si inima imi mai crescu un centimetru.

La machiaj a fost Gabi Popescu alaturi de noi, iar evenimentul in sine a fost organizat de City 365.

Fetele au defilat in tinutele a patru designeri locali, Concepto, Miniona, Isabella Teodor si Veronica Frisan alaturi de mine.

Am fost atat de mandra sa intru in cercul lor si sa fiu invitata la event, incat n-am putut spune nu, desi saptamanile trecute n-am dormit prea mult in toata nebunia ce se crease. 

Astept acum pozele de pe lumea cealalata si va multumesc ca sunteti alaturi de mine in toata aventura asta.