Trend Alert: The Inside&Out Bra

Shot by Vlad Petrut.

Shot by Vlad Petrut.


the inside and out bra

Oh gosh, has it been that long?

My latest post seems to be ages ago and well, it kinda is. 

I'm sorry. 

I know this isn't your normal blogger bee, buzzin' around all day long on your feed, but I'm an actual human being with human needs and lately, with a way too human job. 

You see, we're still working on our new home and my hands are dusty white whenever I'm not sleeping or showering, literally. It's mind blowing how many things can go wrong, or late, when you're trying to move in, FAST. 

To keep you up to date, our place is very, very, veery white right now. We went for a minimal floor in most rooms, but with a mosaic tile in the hallway as you enter the apartment. I still haven't decided on the bedroom, but the bathroom is white marble and the walk-in closet gets a soft, fuzzy rug flooring. All walls are a brilliant white for now, but I'm pretty sure we'll keep them that way. 

The kitchen is gonna be really white too. And shiny. Oh yay.

The furniture is getting ready as we speak. Boy, I just can not wait to start cooking in that new place.

I think there hasn't been one single day in the last month without me daydreaming about how I'll cook extra-healthy meals over there and post them for you guys to see. Haha, I kinda expect myself to be a 'better person' after I move in. You know, be more disciplined, post more often, meditate daily, those kind of things. 





But now, we're not in my penthouse, but rather on the streets, on a really hot day. With a camera man in my face. Don't worry, he's a sweetheart. 

Are you ready? I have some more good news from my side! It's about Intimissimi, the Italian lingerie brand. Guess who's the new brand ambassador in Romania?

Yours truly. 

Sorry if I'm too proud about this, but you know what? I really am. 

I just absolutely love lingerie and you know I'm a total sucker for anything Italian. And what's even cooler is that they only select 2 influencers in each country to spread their message. 

In Italy, it's Chiara Ferragni and Giselle. In Romania it's me and Ioana Chisiu (she's a totally hot mom, if you haven't met her yet).

Me and Chiara share the same pink bra. Oh, shoot, I think I'm fangirling another blogger. Is that allowed? 

Just kidding. Of course it is!

These ladies are as much an inspiration for me, as they are for anyone else. And who the heck wouldn't love to spend a day in Chiara's shoes?  





Did you notice what I did there? 

I am wearing Chiara's shoes. Ha!

Not literally, but her collection. They sparkle big time, don't they?

Alright, now coming back to Intimissimi and what this whole campaign is about. 

Let's put it this way: do you love lingerie? Yes?

Then isn't it true, that you secretly wished other people could see it? Especially when it just looks so delicious on you? 

And by other people I don't mean your salivating boyfriend, okay? 

No, really! I know I always felt the prettiest of bras are just such a damn pity to be totally covered underneath my shirt. Then again, I didn't want to come off slutty to anyone seeing me.

So what do you know? The fashion world must have heard my thoughts, 'cause here comes this massive Italian brand, launching the inside and out bra. 

And not only is it meant to be worn as a statement accessory, but it's also fantastically comfortable. Like, you can barely feel it.

Which is awesome, especially if you're handling tiles, heavy fabrics and buckets of paint every day.

It also gives a nice, subtle lift to add a touch of sex appeal. 

So yeah, this my news, dearest. Oh, and did I mention I got a prize this year at the Digital Divas Awards? You wouldn't believe what category, I swear, but who cares? Number one is no.1! 

Okay, I need to calm down. 

- But I'm happy!

Calm down.

Okay ladies, I'm out. See you next time!



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Intimissimi Bra

Guess high waisted jeans

Chiara Ferragni flats

Stradivarius top

Prada bag