The FIRST shooting at my future Home

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nothing like italian tastes


Sometimes, I feel like I'm more Italian than Romanian, all though I can't speak any bit of their language. What I do understand, on the other hand, is their way of life. 

You see, beauty and pleasure is a big part of Italian culture and historical heritage, that's what one thing we noticed first in our month long trip down the peninsula. They value natural foods and pure, intense tastes like no one else, they're also keen to go a long way to create the perfect craft in order to build things to perfection. 

I drive an Italian car, not because it's reliable, God knows it isn't, but because it literally sweapt me away with it's beauty. The curvy lines, the dark honey leather, the sound of the engine and the mere image of myself riding that girl in the sunset made me make one of the biggest decisions of my life, happen in a flick of an eye. My Alfa Romeo isn't worth too much today, nor was it an expensive car to begin with, but I still very much believe it is by far the finest kitten on the road. 

Today, I actually don't want to talk about pesto lasagna or my passion for my vehicle, but rather about going that extra mile to make something from dull, to refined. 






These last few weeks have found me spending my time in the white dust of our new apartment. It's physically empty, but it's already energetically charged with all our expectations. Right after signing the papers, we busted away 2 massive walls and made room for the sunlight to flood in every corner. We love open spaces. About a week ago, we drew the shadow of our future bed on the floor with white chalk. Then we started drawing out the kitchen, where, just like Italians do, we plan to celebrate each and every meal together, or in a crowd, feasting in delight as if it were the last day on earth. 

My natural state is already in a deep, long daydream, but ever since we started planning our place, I'm so far away from reality. When I was sick and A. was still in Sweden, I came by our dusty place in a late afternoon. I spent a whole hour just breathing in the space, imagining conversations, playing a role as my future self, walking in and out of all the rooms. I got a good grasp of what I wanted and ever since, I'm taking so much care to make sure every little detail falls in the right place. 

I've read intensively about making my bedroom a sanctuary for peaceful sleep, I've studied my working habits to allow my home office to charge me with productivity, I've even taken notes on all angles one can get while using all seats we plan to add to our home. I believe this is a deep dive that's necessary to truly create something nothing else than amazing. 

A. is an architecture student and a strong creative soul, so this is a journey we're on together. 

The pictures you can see today were taken there. Me and Vlad, my photographer, ended up there almost by mistake. One of the men employed to fix the loose wires after our brutal demolition, just gave me a call. He needed the key.

I was out to take some shots of what I believe to be a nice twist you can add to an office outfit. I know many of my readers are working in a corporate field and are pretty tired of their daily fashion choices.

I wanted to illustrate how anyone can game up a suite, into a casually glam outfit.


Breaking fashion rules

Any woman should have a finely tailored black suite in her wardrobe, no exceptions.

Here's how I keep it interesting:

  • Changing a shirt with a neutral turtleneck will give you a somewhat intelligent sophistication, since it's been widely associated with creative masterminds and elaborate thinkers over time.
  • A striped trouser can also add a little flavour. Always go for vertical lines, because they create the impression of length and naturally drive attention towards the ends: either the top, or the shoes, but never themselves.
  • If you want to really add a little pop, tighten your waist line with a belt you were dying to wear. It's a pinch of unconventional fashion that will take you from common, to trendsetter. 

Now, must I say that my entire outfit ( except for my brother's turtleneck ) is handmade Italian fashion?

We have access to tailored pieces in Romania's biggest cities, at Motivi, a brand that embraces it's Italian origins and has a selection of timeless, ready to wear items all of us can put to good use.

After waiting for the men to finish their job, me and Vlad already finished ours. These are the first pictures we took in my future office. 

I just can't wait for you too see what I can already imagine in my mind. 





Do you find these tips inspiring? 

Do you have any other habits to glam up your smart casual outfit? - I'd love to know!

Also, let me know in the comments below, if you've also had an encounter with Italian culture that left a little mark on your heart.

.. As you know, Italy is where I said yes to my man, so there is no explaining how much romance I have tied to those narrow streets and humbling beauty.



Jacket, trousers, belt: Motivi

Bag: Prada; Shoes: Zara

Turtleneck - ask my brother, haha.