2016s must-haves start here: Huawei Watch

You know that beautiful feeling when unwrapping a present?

The thrill of untangling the shell, without even touching what's inside.

It's those few second of excitement that I'm talking about, when you don't know yet what you're getting, but precisely that leaves enough space for all possibilities. It could be anything! Anything at all! Can you feel it?


That was exactly how I felt when I was holding that thick brown box in my soft hands.

Well, not quite, I knew what it was going to be inside, but I had no idea yet what it was going to be mean to me. So I started turning it around and studying the maroon leather of the box. It felt heavy, as all valuable objects are.

To be honest, I have a personal unwrapping ritual. Whenever I get something I'm excited for, I always make way in my day to have a few juicy moments alone with it in my bed. It's so intimate and quite, that I can just enjoy it. Play with it as I may wish and not hurry when deciding what it was going to be for me from now on.

I did the same that morning. I opened the lid and just stood back and marveled. I almost forgot how much I loved watches.

I'm the kind of girl that never reads any instructions. I never care to open the manual and study what's inside. I don't mean to be arrogant about it, especially since I don't always understand all things right away, but the idea simply never crosses my mind. So what do I do?

Remember DeeDee from Dexter's Lab?

Yeah! Her.

"Uuuuuh, what does this button do?"

I smile when it turns on. The watch puts up an opening show. - Of course it did.

The animation was pretty cool, I must confess, but then I didn't know what to do.

I've read a few mind blowing reviews before getting my hands on it and I knew it was going to come with a few different watch faces.

I pushed the buttons further and tried the screen.

"Bingo! Found it!" Then I got the hang of things and started switching from one face to another.

It had way more options to chose from then I expected. This is a huge + for me, because I always get bored of my watches after a while. And then there's always the matching outfit issue. This one was now officially solved and I was really getting hyped about the Huawei watch.

With the awesome wrapping, gorgeous changeable screens and stunning resolution, I was already melting.

By the way, did I tell you what the lit said?

"Timeless Design. Smart Within."

Oh yeah! Classy, huh?

Now, the only down side was the length of the strap. It was waay to large for my skinny wrists, so it was almost falling off when putting it on.

That's not a big problem though. Like any other watch, you can just tighten it up, but since mine was stainless steel I had to have some links taken down, but I was going to get that fixed later.

After thinking a bit about it, it actually seemed as an upside more than a downside, considering the random consumer. I'm guessing there are loads of men with big wrists out there, that need a looser band. So well, it's just great you can personalize it by choice.

It also comes in a variety of forms. You can have it with leather, a stainless steel link strap or a stainless steel mesh strap with different colors to it.

In the picture above, you can also get a taste of what displays you can play with. For example, I loved the display on black with the gold tone, but I own the silver one.

It just gives you great space to play around.


What I love about it, is the way it looks like a normal watch. I'm not a computer junkie and I don't want to feel like a geek, even though I do love technology.

The Huawei Watch is presented as a Timeless piece of fashionable technology. And this rang a bell deep inside me.

Huawei Watch Diana Rogo

It's so modern and fit for today's needs, when communication and information have to come fast and easy. When you wear it, it's like having all the power of the internet on the turn of your wrist.

It has a lot of features, as you may have already guessed. It keeps track of your exercise, measures you heartbeat, sends messages, gets highly discreet notifications ( my favorite ), gives you directions with maps and basically does anything you want it to. I don't know if there's something it can't do, but I'm pretty sure there's an app you can install that can.

A great bonus is that it is compatible with both Android and iOS.

The screen never completely goes to sleep, like other smart watches do. This one is always on in a very fashionably manner. It has a not-so-flashy screen that it turns to when you're not using it. The battery life is about 1 day, 1 day and a half.

As a blogger, my online life means a lot to me. I'm always getting and sending important emails and posting on social media. This gadget not only fits greatly in my overall image, but it's also very helpful in keeping track with everything going on online, when I'm supposed to focus on the real world.

Everyone hates those people that stare at their phone when they're in a coffee break at a café or when you meet them to dinner. I always try to ignore my phone, just to show respect to the people that keep me company. Now, it's way easier. I twist my wrist and get the info in a few seconds without anyone ever noticing. And that grabs a lot of compliments on my watch too, by the way.

Wrapping it all in one concluding sentence, I would say this watch brings two of my obsessions together: intelligence and beauty.

My advice? Go for it. Gift it. Try it. 'Cause my dears, this is how the future looks like.