How to never make a mistake with faux fur


Fire up a fierce furry outfit!


Hello ladies, welcome back!

Toady I'd like to talk to you about the little rules I have for wearing faux fur. I do believe everyone has their own sense of what looks nice and what doesn't, but this is how I make sure I don't look like I'm trying too hard, but keeping it interesting in the mean time. 

Faux fur has been an old love of mine. I just feel attracted to literally anything that has a pleasant texture. I'm seriously touching everything that looks like it's fascinating to my fingers, whenever I'm clothing shopping (or not).

Sometimes I feel compelled to just run my fingers on somebody else's fluffy sweater just to get a better grasp of it.

I'm weird like that, I know.

But look, let's be frank about this, when it comes to faux furs, it's sooo easy to look either cheap, slutty or just plain too much. But how do you wear a fur coat without overdoing it in  the middle of the day, yet still going all in fashion queen?

Here's what I think.


Credits: Vlad Petrut

Credits: Vlad Petrut


Keep it black or White

This is the safest method and probably the cleanest look you can go for. There's nothing like an all black look with a turtle neck and a short fuzzy black coat on your shoulders. Mmmm! 


or Commit to one splash of color

If you have a bold colored faux fur you'd love to wear, go for really basics for the rest of your outfit. Either take on a pair of black jeans, like I did yesterday, or some washed, high waist denims with a clean white shirt or tee. This is brilliant if you're more into urban colors like deep yellow, orange or a wishy-washy millennial pink. 

Feel free to match your fur with the same color trousers, top or both. I just adore all red, pink or white outfits, as long as the shades have the same hue. That means they're not falling in a different color spectrum. In my case, I was lucky enough to have the same red tone in all the pieces I put together. 


Loosen up & relax

Faux fur is really not a symbol of ultimate elgance these days anymore, so don't make such a big fuss about wearing it. You can easily keep it casual with a pair of sweats and trainers and look just as fresh.

Actually, there's more chances for you too feel more secure about your outfit if you're actually comfortable in your clothes, than if you're trying to glam up with extra edgy skirts or dresses. I would never compromise my comfort that way.

I always adjust to the weather.  

You really can't look hot if you're body temperature is close to freezing. Right?


Own it!

There's nothing that makes an outfit pop like a confidence. Learn to know yourself well enough to know if a bold outfit makes you insecure or outgoing and use this tool to your advantage.

If you don't feel comfortable wearing edgy clothing, than keep these outfits for the days when you're already feeling extra confident, it might just give you an extra kick and you'll start loving the flashlights!

On the other hand, if you already know you draw energy from vibrant colors or extra attention, then go for it when you're feeling down! Let your clothes lift you up a bit, just to remind yourself that no matter what is going on, nothing will beat your style!




If you want to have a little fashionista moment, go ahead and add accessories. I honestly never invest too much in the actual clothing, because it wears out so easily, not to mention that I get bored so fast.

But when it comes to accessories, you can literally use the same bag or sunnies for years and years. Actually, after a decade or so, they become even more fashionable just by being somewhat vintage. Not to mention that they'll bring back good ol' memories.

Know, I'd love to know what you think of the overall look I went for and what rules you have for wearing fur. 



Diana Rogo Dyrogue -1a.jpg



Bershka fur coat 

Stradivarius Sweater

Zara black jeans & Boots

Miu Miu Sun Glasses

Gucci bag