HotSpot F.


Less than two weeks ago, I was arriving on to the terrace of a hotel that reigns over the city, moving with cat-like steps. At Grand Hotel Italia, on a day as sunny as today, an event brought us all together. Yes, us bloggers, whom I'm sure you already know of.

The event was called Hotspot Fashion - it mixed Fashion with Business in an online context, into one single, beautiful conference.

"Of course I'm in!" I reply promptly when receiving an invitation via phone call. I wanted to come and I would have come without a special invitation, anyway! It's something that interested me, after all, it is part the world I created for myself.

Arrived at the hotel, I'm surprised to find out, I'm the first one here.

"Really? Could it be true?" - And I'm off to double check.

I step so carefully, as if the ground is as fragile as porcelain, as if it would break, if I was nothing else than a ballerina in Swan Lake. Not because I want to draw attention, no one even arrived yet, but because my white trousers are long and wide, and the floor is threatening. My white heels show sometimes, baring my naked toes at the end of October.

I decide never to make this mistake again - to be punctual - "'s the first and last time!" I confess to my lover, laughing on the phone.

After another 15 minutes of sitting in the sun, on a floral white iron chair, the girls start showing up. We're going in and the show starts.


Cu mai putin de doua saptamani in urma, inaintam cu pasi de felina pe terasa hotelului, care troneaza deasupra orasul, intocmai in cartierul Buna Ziua. Grand Hotel Italia, intr-o zi la fel de insorita ca si astazi, gazduia un eveniment care ne-a chemat pe toate. Da, noi bloggeritele, pe care sunt sigura ca le cunosti.

Hotspot Fashion a fost numit, iar temele pendulau intre Fashion si Business in contextul online.

"Claaar - Cum sa nu! "Raspund promopt cand primesc invitatia printr-un apel telefonic. Voiam sa vin si as fi venit si fara invitatia speciala! E ceva ce ma intereseaza, pana la urma, asta e lumea pe care mi-am creat-o.

Ajunsa la hotel constant ca sunt prima.

" Serios? Poate fi adevarat? " - si ma duc sa verific.

Ating solul deparca ar fi fragil, de portelan, ca si cum s-ar sparge daca n-as calca mai atent ca o balerina din lacul lebedelor. Asta nu pentru ca vreau sa ma dau in spectacol, nici macar n-au ajuns fetele inca, ci pentru ca pantalonii mei albi sunt lungi si largi, iar podeaua ameninta sa-i corupa. Tocurile albe ies din cand in cand la vedere, dezgolindu-mi degetele la sfarsit de octombrie.

Hotarasc sa nu mai gresesc vreodata asa - sa fiu punctuala - "..e prima si ultima data!" Ii marturisesc lui Andrei razand, la telefon.

Peste inca 15 minute de stat in soare, pe un scaun inflorit de fier alb, vin fetele. Intram si incepe show-ul.

official event pictures by Laura Vlasa

There's a great crowd with interested faces. The topics are varied, designed to both help and inspire us. They challenges us to be more active, more conscious and even more ethical. Yes, that too, to take responsibility.

It's hard to understand the influence a blogger has, without wanting to make things sound differently than they are.. We talked about marketing strategies, content and it's quality, about branding and visual identity.

I concluded that there are two kinds of bloggers.

Those who think strategically, that get through a very wide range network, offering inspirational content. I follow them too! I love 'em. Actually, it's hard to not like them, when everything they do is designed in such a way .. to please.

But I think there's another kind of blogger out there. One less corporate. If the first is McDonald's, then the second is a hidden Italian restaurant, where only those loyal customers come, who understand delicate flavors. An exclusive crowd.

I like to think I belong to the 2nd category. Because, thanks to this conference, which really gave me perspective, I can truly say that I know who I am and what I have to give. And by that I mean my whole sincerity and loyalty, I'm handing out to you, through Dyrogue.

That's what I had to say about myself, now about you.

I found that you come here often and hurrying or not, you always read.

I think our relationship is different, special.

I don't want to write for everyone, rather for the one.

I think of you as person with a spark. Someone who doesn't like to get lost in a crowd. Someone smart and respectful. Someone that's capable of contemplation and true feelings. Someone who isn't afraid to ask questions, to feel a thousand different emotions, whether good or bad. I think we're alike, that's why I'm saying this.

Because, why would anyone other than that love to read this blog. Right?

I think you have few good friends, but that those who you do have, are very well kept in your heart. I think you would do anything to stay away from monotony and negative people. I think you have a revelation each and every day and that the dialogue that you have it in your mind, is at least as complex as any of the articles you read. I think you're a good person, in the simplest sense of the word. And .. I think you're looking for people like you.

I'm glad we found each other.

Lumea e buna si interesata. Temele sunt variate, menite sa ne ajute si sa ne inspire. Sa ne provoace sa fim mai active, mai consitente si mai morale. Da, chiar asa, sa ne asumam raspunderea.

E greu sa intelegi ca blogger ce inseamna influente pe are o ai, si-ti spun asta fara sa ma ascund dupa deget. Am vorbit despre strategii de marketing, despre continuit si calitatea lui, despre branding si identitate vizuala.

Iar eu am conclus ca exista doua feluri de bloggeri.

Cei ce gandesc strategic, ce ajung sa fie descoperiti de o paleta larga de oameni oferind inspiratie pe banda. Urmaresc si eu! Si-mi place. Defapt, e greu sa nu-ti placa, cand tot ceea ce e produs e conceput in asa fel incat.. sa placa.

Dar cred ca mai este si un al 2-lea fel de blogger. Unul mai putin corporatist. Daca primul e McDonalds, al doilea e italienescul delicios de pe o strada ascunsa, unde vin doar acei clienti fideli, care inteleg delicatesele aromate. Un public exclusiv.

Eu ma plasez in a 2a categorie. Cel putin asa imi place sa cred. Pentru ca, multumita conferintei acesteia, care chiar mi-a dat aripi, pot sa spun ca eu stiu cine sunt si ce am sa dau. Iar prin asta eu inteleg sinceritatea si loialitatea pe care ti-o ofer prin Dyrogue.

Asta aveam de spus despre mine, acum despre tine.

Am descoperit ca vii des aici, ca, grabita sau nu, citesti mereu.

Cred ca relatia noastra e altfel, e speciala.

Nu vreau sa scriu pentu toti, ci pentru tine.

Te vad ca o persoana cu o sclipire. Cineva careia nu-i place sa se piarda in multime. Cineva inteligent si respectabil. Care e capabila de contemplari si de sentimente adevarate. Cineva careia nu-i e frica sa-si puna intrebari, sa simta o mie de emotii diferite, fie daca bune sau rele. Cred ca semanam, de aceea spun asta.

Pentru ca, nu vad de ce ar citit cineva care nu ar intelege. Nu?

Cred ca ai putini prieteni buni, dar ca cei pe care ii ai au un loc bine pastrat in inima ta. Cred ca te feresti de monotonitate si de oameni negativi. Cred ca ai cate o revelatie in fiecare zi si ca dialogul pe care-l ai in mintea ta, e cel putin la fel de amplu ca oricare dintre articolele pe care le citesti. Cred ca esti o persoana buna, in sensul cel mai simplu al cuvantului. Si.. cred, ca esti in cautare de oameni ca tine.

Ma bucur ca ne-am gasit.

Back to the conference!

There were other bloggers there too, who either I already knew, from Facebook or Instagram, or whom I've met along with my kickstart in the blogosphere or with whom I already made friends before blogging.

I imagine you're curious what the relationship between us is like.

Honestly, it's weird.

I can't say we're all best friends, because we're not. What's the point in lying? Although I made great friends with some of the girls..

But there's no rivalry either. At least not in my case. We're all doing our own thing, you know?

It's complicated. Here's why:

Because each of us is totally different as a blogger. We have different tastes, other principles and other values. We like to expose ourselves differently, define blogging in other terms and we even wear different clothes.

Now, when everyone is so well rooted in her own world, created by her own laws, it's hard to understand the other. Because - and here comes the skepsis - if you get to understand, you involuntarily start finding several similarities

And things begin to overlap, they start to resemble. And that's what I'm afraid of.

Not because I don't like what the others are doing. No way, they're gorgeous, extremely creative, they even have more experience than I do (several years) and are nice overall, just by the way they are - that's why they got so far in the first place.

But I want my world to remain intact. To adapt only with time and with you, the reader, but not with a context consisting of others in this field of blogging. I want Dyrogue to remain mine and yours .. and to be unique and original.

I stopped visiting blogs like I used to.

Now I visit them as friends, buddies, but not for inspiration. That's my job.

Inapoi la conferinta!

Au fost si alte bloggerite, pe care fie le stiam de dinainte, de pe Facebook sau Instagram, fie le-am cunoscut o data cu debutul meu in aceasta lume, fie eram prietena deja.

Imi imaginez ca esti curioasa cum e relatia dintre noi.

Sincer, e ciudata.

N-am sa-ti spun ca suntem toate cele mai bune prietene, pentru ca nu e asa. Ti-am spus mai spus, ce rost are sa te mint? Desi am legat relatii stranse cu cateva dintre fete..

Dar nici nu e concurenta. Cel putin nu din punctul meu de vedere. Fiecare isi vede de treaba ei, stii?

E complicat. Uite de ce:

Pentru ca noi, fiecare, suntem intru totul diferite ca bloggeri. Avem alte gusturi, alte principii si alte valori. Ne place sa ne expunem in mod diferit, definim bloggingul in alti termeni si ne imbracam cu alte haine.

Acum, cand fiecare e asa de bine ancorata in lumea ei, creeata dupa propiile legi, e foarte greu sa o intelegi pe cealalta. Pentru ca - si aici vine skepsisul - daca ajungi sa o intelegi, involuntar vei ajunge sa gasesti mai multi numitori comuni.

Iar in momentul in care lucurile incep sa se suprapuna, incep se semene. Si eu de asta ma feresc.

Nu pentru ca nu mi-ar placea ce fac celalalte fete. Nici gand, sunt superbe, deosebit de creative, au mai multe experienta ca mine ( chiar de ani de zile ) si sunt simpatice per total, prin felul lor de a fi - motiv pentru care au si ajuns unde sunt.

Insa eu vreau ca lumea mea sa ramana intacta. Sa se adapteze o data cu timpul si cu tine, cititoarea, dar nu cu un context format din altii sau altele din sfera bloggingului. Vreau sa ramana Dyrogue al meu si al tau .. si sa fie unic si original.

Nu mai urmaresc bloguri cum urmaream pana acum.

Acum intru pe ele, ca prietena, amica, dar nu mai intru pentru inspiratie. Asta mi-o concep singura.

I was telling you about the girls. They're such a bunch! You've seen above Gabi Popescu, Mada Merca, Carmen and Alina, but there were many more..

Truly a hotspot for fashion, the conference brought together both fashion designers, fashion bloggers, and representatives of Romania clothing brands.

Va spuneam de fete. Si ce personaje sunt toate! Le-ai vazut mai sus pe Gabi Popescu, Mada Merca, Carmen sau Alina, dar ele nu sunt toate..

Cu adevarat un hotspot pentru fashion, conferinta a adus impreuna atat designeri vestimentari, fashion bloggeri, cat si reprezentanti ai brandurilor din bransa vestimentara din Romania.

Think it was cool? No - it was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

A breath of fresh air for me as a blogger.

Basically, it was like a kind of legitimacy. Someone to tell me that - yes, your world is real and what you're doing here is the future of social media.

And so a new level of confidence was born.


I'm glad they invited me and I'm glad I got to see all these shining start again.

Crezi ca a fost fain ( - ca la noi in Cluj )? Nu - a fost GENIAL. Absolut genial.

O gura de aer proaspat pentru mine ca blogger.

Practic, a fost ca un fel de legitimare. Cineva care mi-a spus ca - da, exista lumea ta si asta e directia in care ne indreptam cu totii!

Si-asa s-a nascut un nou nivel de incredere.


Ma bucur ca m-au invitat si ma bucur ca le-am revazut pe toate fetele sclipitoare in felul lor.