Beauty cheat: New Looks


A change of look - a piece of cake for some, an anxiety for others.

  • Why is it a good thing?
  • When should we do it?
  • What inspires me?
  • What's hot in 2015.
  • How do we prepare for the change?


Schimbarile de look - pentru unii o floare la ureche, pentru altii o anxietate.

  • De ce e un lucru bun?
  • Cand sa o facem?
  • Cum ma inspir?
  • Ce se poarta in 2015.
  • Cum ne pregatim pentru o astfel de schimbare?
Diana Rogo Look Hair Color

I'm at the salon right now, at Pop's. - Sitting quietly on my chair, gazing in the mirror. I already have the product on my dark roots, grown for already 3-4 weeks. They're brunette. I'm a brunette. Yes, didn't you know?

All my friends say it's not true. - That I was meant to be blond. Why? Because I identify myself with this new image, because I took it on myself and owned it. This is me, now and for a long while. Time made it mine.

But why do I get the feeling that I'm bored with myself? Why am I waiting for my hair color to sink in and why am I so impatient to talk to Ioana about my new color.

Why, knowing that I strongly believe that nothing will never suit me better than my golden blonde, do I still want to get rid of it?

It's actually a really good question. And I'll really take my time to think it over.

I have time, believe me. I will stay here a few hours today. - I'll stay as long as it takes to feel new again.

Sunt la salon acum, la Pop. - Stau cumintica pe scaun uitandu-ma in oglinda. Am deja vopseaua pe radacinile mele crescute de 3-4 saptamani. Sunt brunete.. Sunt o bruneta. Da, nu stiai?

Toti prietenii imi spun ca nu e adevarat.. Ca blondul imi vine cel mai bine.  De ce? Pentru ca ma identific cu noua imagine, pentru ca mi-am asumat-o si pentru ca am facut-o a mea. Asta sunt eu, acum si deja de mult. Timpul l-a consacrat.

Dar atunci, de ce am senzatia de plictis.. adesea? De ce astept sa-si faca efectul vopseaua si o astept nerabdatoare pe Ioana sa discutam despre noua culoare.

De ce, crezand cu adevarat ca nimic, niciodata nu-mi va sta mai bine ca blondul auriu, vreau totusi sa-l nimicesc?

E chiar buna intrebarea. Si am stat pe bune sa ma gandesc. Am timp, crede-ma.

Voi sta cateva ore aici astazi. - Voi sta oricat va fi nevoie sa ma simt noua din nou.

hair illustration

I think your attractiveness hangs upon your own beliefs.

1. the Term of comparison

I for example, feel blonde suits me best. But after enough time passes, so as to forget how I looked differently, I lose the arguments that I rely on for my own conclusion .. Wait a minute, why was I saying that I look better this way? How would I know if I haven't tried anything else?

2. The attention

Then, when we take on a new look, we're  automatically noticed by the people around us. Wow, you cut your bangs? Hey, you look awesome as a redhead! And other feedback. Do we love the attention we're getting?- Certainly.

3. Facing your fears

When we take the decision to make such a change on ourselves, we're actually training. We learn to detach ourselves from the old, accustomed and comfortable, and prepare for the new and inexperienced. It is, after all a challenge. To search for a new identity, no matter how small the change is, help us get easier over life's problems - by getting used to adapting to new conditions.

It's not okay to hold on to changing things too tightly. Just like ever changing trends, our getting older and our lives being in constant motion, we must learn to keep up. To not be afraid of a little risk - because once practiced, it will create pleasure. It will keep you feeling alive.

Cred ca atractivitatea fiecaruia tine de propiile convingeri.

1. Termenul de comparatie

Eu de exemplu simt ca blondul ma pune mai bine in valoare. Insa dupa ce trece suficient timp, asa incat sa uit cum a fost altfel, imi pierd argumentele pe care se bazeaza propria concluzia.. Ia stai un pic, de ce spuneam ca-mi sta mai bine asa? Cum as putea stii daca nu am incercat si altceva? 

2. Atentia

Apoi, cand ne facem o schimbare de look, suntem automat observati de oamenii din jur. Wow, ti-ai facut breton? Hey, ce bine-ti sta roscata! Si alte aprecieri din partea celorlalti. Ne prinde bine atentia? - Cu siguranta.

3. Infruntarea nesigurantei

Cand luam decizia sa facem o astfel de schimbare vis-a-vis de noi insine, facem defapt un antrenament. Ne invatam sa ne detasam de vechi, de obisnuit si comfortabil si sa ne pregatim de nou si neexperimentat. Este, pana la urma o provocare. Cautarea unei noi identitati, oricat ar fi de mica schimbarea, ne ajuta sa trecem mai usor peste probleme, fiind pregatiti sa ne adaptam la conditii noi.

Nu e bine sa tinem prea strans de anumite lucruri trecatoare. Asa cum sunt se schimba modele, anii care ne imbatranesc si viata fiind in continua miscare, trebuie sa ne invatam sa tinem pasul. Sa nu ne fie frica de putin risc, pentru ca o data exersat, ne va crea placere. Ne va tine vii.

When should we change our look?

Whenever we feel like..

"I used to look a lot better before"

It's a clear sign that you should stop what you're doing and try a different approach. Change something, no matter how small.

At decisive moments.

You've had a breakup? You just had a baby? You moved to another city? Be prepared to leave your old life behind, adopting an entirely new look. It will help you focus on what's ahead and identify more easily with the new world you just entered. + It will give you a sense of control.

Before special occasions.

New Year's coming, your birthday, your wedding? Do something to get you out of routine. A little change for a short while, just so you put on your smile. This way you'll start to associate the new look with the pleasant memories. You will make more changes and you'll have even more memories - it's a sweet vicious circle.

When an idea won't leave you alone.

You're in love with a picture you saw? Redheads are in, but you lack the courage to go red? You just adore how short hair looks like, but you're afraid to cut it? - Say no more! You're not at the salon yet?! What are you waiting for!? If something sticks to your mind more than a month, then you have no excuse. You have to try it! Hair grows and regenerates more quickly than you think.

The only reason why you wouldn't like it, is if you convince yourself you've made a mistake. - But why would you do that? You've only got one's life, if you want to go blonde, go ahead!

Cand sa ne Schimbam lookul?

Oricand avem senzatia ..

"parca mai de mult aratam mai bine".

E un semn clar ca nu e bine sa continui la fel, fa ceva, oricat de marunt.        

La momente decisive.

Ai suferit o despartire? Ai nascut un copil? Te-ai mutat in alt oras? Pregateste-te sa-ti lasi vechea viata in urma, adoptand cu totul o noua infatisare. Te va ajuta sa te focusezi la nou si sa te identifici mai usor cu noua lume in care tocmai ai intrat. + Ca iti va da senzatia de control.

Inainte de ocazii speciale.

Vine revelionul, ziua ta, nunta? Fa ceva sa te scoata in evidenta, de scurta durata, asa incat sa-ti puna zambetul pe buze. Asa vei incepe sa asociezi schimbarile de look cu aminitirile placute. Vei face mai multe schimbari si vei avea mai multe aminitiri - e un dulce cerc vicios.                                   

Cand o idee nu te lasa in pace.

Ti-a placut la nebunie o fotografie cu noua tendinta? Se poarta rosul aprins, dar nu ai curajul sa te vopsesti? Adori cum arata parul scurt, insa ti-e frica sa-l tunzi? - Sa nici nu te aud! Inca nu ai fost la salon?! Ce mai astepti!? Daca ceva iti persista in gand mai mult de o luna de zile, atunci nu ai scuza. Trebuie sa incerci! Parul creste si se regenereaza mult mai repede decat ai crede.

Singurul motiv pentru care nu ti-ar placea, este daca te-ai autoconvinge ca ai facut o greseala. - Dar de ce ai face asta? O singura viata ai, daca vrei sa te vopsesti blonda, nu mai astepta!

What inspires me?

I usually ask myself: What would be really new for me?

Then I look for a concept, something to guide me. Often the opposite happens. I see a picture of a mermaid or discover a new shade of rosé gold, I buy a sweater I feel would look better with a platinum blonde or get the need to wear my hair more romanticly in curles. Ooor I chit-chat with Adi Pop, at the salon, and he tells me ever so secretly what's treniding next year.

Ask yourself what you like now? Here and now?

The important thing is to stick to the prezent. Right now what would make you happy, not later - don't care about how long it will take you to grow it back or if your grandmother would like it.

Cum ma inspir?

Deobicei imi pun intrebarea: Ce ar fi cu adevarat nou pentru mine?

Apoi imi caut un concept, ceva sa ma ghideze. De multe ori se intampla invers. Vad o poza cu o sirena sau descopar o nuanta noua de rosé, imi cumpar un pulover care mi-se pare ca ar arata mai bine cu un blond platinat sau simt nevoia sa-l port mai romantic, mai buclat. Saau stau de povesti cu Adi Pop, la salon, si-mi spune in secret tot ce se va purta anul viitor.

Pune-ti intrebarea ce iti place acum? Aici si acum?

Important e sa gandesti in prezent. Chiar acum ce te-ar face fericita, nu mai tarziu, nu cat dureaza sa-l cresti inapoi si nu ce parere ar avea bunica ta.

HOT in




This season's trends have already went cold. Platinum blondes take over with bright silver accents. Ombre ending in a pale purple, white highlights and blue shades.

2015's spring-summer trend will take this direction to the extreme. There will be either very, very bright hair shades with discreet colors playfully making they're way in, combined with other cool colors and silver stripes. Or it will go really warm, in bronze, gold, or rose gold tones of blond.

Undone looks, light curls and unfinished braids. Scattered buns and loads of movement in the hair. That means today's romantic idyll. We won't have anymore clear geometries, no straight lines and thick cuts. No more well defined shiny curls, looking like mac and cheese. - Now it's all about loose hair and way more freedom. Bright colors and angelic females.. and rebel facial hair for men.

You already noticed, haven't you?

Sezonul acesta au inceput deja tendintele reci. Blonduri foarte platinate cu accente argintii. Ombre cu un violet pal, suvite albe si nuante de albastru.

Anul viitor in primavara-vara, va fi aceeasi tendinta dusa la extrem. Fie foarte deschis cu un joc de culori discret, combinatii de suvite argintii cu alte culori reci, fie foarte cald prin jocuri de blond auriu, bronz si rosé.

Look-ul nearanjat, bucle usoare si impletituri neterminate. Cocuri rasfirate si multa multa miscare in par. Asta inseamna idila romantica din ziua de azi. Nu mai vedem geometrii clare, nici linii drepte sau grosime in par. Nu ne mai intereseaza buclele bine definite, lucioase, ca macaroanele. - Acum purtam parul liber, aflandu-ne intr-o era mai libertina. Culorile deschise si angelice pentru femei.. si parul facial razvratit pentru barbati.

Ai observat, nu-i asa?

greedy me went for a bit of both..

A awesome mixture of silver with an icy rose blond.

Color id by Wella Profesionals hair color and Pop Academy's expertise.

Diana Rogo @ Pop Academy

How to prepare for a change?

  1. Think about all your traits. What makes you who you are? Are you a curagious chick? Uptight? Playful? Romantic or realistic? Boheme or a bussiness woman in the true sense? Make a list with a brief description of yourself. Write down everything you find is relevant for you - no one else will read it.
  2. Draw a line and write all the features that you'd like to have. Would you like to be more pampered? More rebellious? More feminine? Dreamy? To inspires confidence? To be seductive? - Write all that down, then encircles in the first list of features, every trait you want to keep untouched.
  3. Create a mood board. Search online or in magazines for pictures of what you like. You have to ask yourself if they resemble what you are looking for from the lists above. It dosen't matter whether the haircuts are different - because you will never have exactly what you see in those pictures - you don't want that anyway - at the end, you want something to related to your physiognomy traits and your personality.
  4. Make an appointment. You don't know exactly what you want, but it's no problem, you'll figure it out there.
  5. Talk to your stylist. Show him/her your mood board and share the feeling you tie with this change. He / she must know exactly how you want to feel when you get up from that chair.
  6. Ask him / her to tell you what suits you better and why. (Example: You have a wider jaw? Then you would look better with long hair and extra volume at your temples. Is your face heart-shaped? Then you need volume at the jaw line and you would look wonderful with short hair.) Speak about skin and eye color, your hair styling habits, clothing preferences, etc.
  7. Clarify everything you do NOT want. - I would love not have to mention this point, yet it's necessary. Give your stylist a free hand, but help him/her understand what would make you unhappy.
  8. Observe how he/she styles your hair and do the same at home.
  9. Find out what are your most suitable products. They make a difference from heaven to earth.
  10. Oops, this I should have told you from the beginning. Take before & after pictures.

 I get constant private messages related to my hair, about it's color and how it is trimmed or arranged. I always respond with the same link. EVERYTHING that ever changes in my hair, was the result of the teamwork of the best stylists in Cluj - by Pop Academy. Below I attached a button that will take you on their site and at the end of this article you can take a tour of the salon.

Cum sa te pregatesti pentru o schimbare?

  1. Gandeste-te intai la toate trasaturile tale. Cine esti tu? O tipa curajoasa? Serioasa? Jucausa? Romantica sau realista? Boema sau o bussiness woman in adevaratul sens al cuvantului? Fa o lista cu o scurta autocaracterizare. Trece tot ce ti-se pare relevant pentru tine - nu o va citi nimeni altcineva.
  2. Trage linie si noteaza toate trasaturile pe care ti le-ai dori. Ti-ar placea sa fi mai aranjata? Mai rebela? Mai feminina? Mai visatoare? Sa inspiri incredere? Sa fi seducatoare? - Noteaza asta, apoi incercuieste trasaturile din prima lista pe care ai vrea sa le pastrezi intacte.
  3. Creaza un mood bord. Cauta poze online sau in reviste cu ceea ce-ti place. Cauta in ele trasaturile pe care le-ai enumerat in lista de mai sus. Te inspira? Nu conteaza daca frizurile sunt diferite - oricum nu vei avea niciodata exact ceea ce vezi in poze - nu asta iti doresti - vrei ceva raportat la trasaturile fizionomiei tale si la personalitatea ta.
  4. Fa-ti o programare. Nu stii exact ce vrei, dar nu e problema, vei afla acolo.
  5. Discuta cu stilistul. Arata-i mood bordul si impartaseste-i sentimentul pe care il asociezi cu aceasta schimbare. El/ea trebuie sa stie exact cum vrei sa te simti cand te ridici de pe scaun.
  6. Roaga-l/o sa-ti spuna ce ti-ar sta mai bine si de ce. ( Exemplu: Ai maxilarul mai lat? Atunci iti sta mai bine cu parul lung si volum in zona tamplelor. Fata ta e in forma de inima? Ai nevoie de volum in partea maxilarului si, culmea, iti sta minunat cu parul scurt.)  Vorbiti de culoare tenului si a ochiilor, de obiceiurile tale in aranjarea parului, preferintele vestimentare, etc.
  7. Clarifica tot ceea ce NU iti doresti. - Mi-ar placea sa nu trebuiasca sa mentionez punctul acesta, dar totusi e necesar. Lasa-i mana libera stilistului, dar ajuta-l sa inteleaga ce te-ar face nefericitia.
  8. Fi atenta cum iti aranjeaza parul si copiaza procesul si acasa.
  9. Afla care iti sunt cele mai potrivite produse. Fac o diferenta de la cer la pamant.
  10. Ups, asta trebuia sa-ti spun de la inceput. Fa-ti poze before&after.


Primesc constant mesaje private legate de parul meu, culoarea lui si felul in care e tuns sau aranjat. Raspund mereu cu acelasi link. TOT ceea ce s-a schimbat in podoaba mea capilara, a fost rezultatul muncii de echipa a celor mai buni stilisti din Cluj, cei de la Pop Academy. Mai jos v-am atasat un butnoas care sa va aduca la ei pe site, iar la sfarsitul acestui articol puteti face un tur al salonului.


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