Summer Got Me Going Lighter!

Shot by Vlad Petrut

Shot by Vlad Petrut


Highlights please!


I grasped for my last breath of air before breaking up in tears.

I just exploded in the middle of a hair salon and everyone froze.

That happened a few years ago. I wanted to switch from brunette to blond in just one shot.

That's something literally everyone in their right mind knows is almost impossible to do.

Except for me, it seems.

For some reason, I thought I was special and that my hair would somehow magically turn into a little goldfish and grant me all my wished.

Yeah, no fish ever showed up and nothing close to gold either.

The bleaching products slowly ate my deteriorated hair away and broke it down from about the middle. In less than two hours, my hair was just a few shades lighter and about half of it was gone, lying on the floor, dead.

The traumatising part? No scissors were involved. It just.. fell.

I cried that day. Really hard.

The worst part, was that the next day was my birthday that year. I wanted to go back to blond as a gift for myself. Thank God I learned to get myself better gifts in the meantime.

Today, I just think of this way.. like all lessons, I learnt mine the hard way.

What was the lesson? Don't push your hair too far, too fast.

Before that incident, I used to try so many different styles and colors with my hair. I loved the rush of the risk, the edgy looks, the turned heads on the streets.

After that incident, I started associating change with pain and loss.

I didn't change a thing about my hair for years.

Well, until about a month ago.

When I finally decided I was going to go lighter again.

This time though, I would do it with more patience, grace and care.

No more pushing.

These were the first photos me and Vlad took after saying my good byes to brunette.

We were around the house and just picked up whatever was handy that made the shots more elaborate, like pinapples!

Let's be honest, everyone knows pinapples are sexy. Ask an instagram model! She'll tell you!

Pineapples aren't just juicy, sweet, exotic, but they're also vitamin packed and have enzimez that help with weight loss. Mmmmm, now you get it!

Unrelated to hair color, I know, but I had to throw that in. You know I'm a health nut.

So yeah, keep fresh with green smoothies this summer, throw in some frozen pinnapple for the extra sweetness and think twice when dying your hair after it's already been dyied and turned black.

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