DIY improvised Wound


C'mon! Admit it! You just love dressing up, playing a role and sticking to it one whole, crazy, dark night.

It's so fun. - Everyone likes it! Even those, who say they don't, I mean, they're either lying or they have no idea how to fill in a role.

I don't believe you, dear, I just don't. Who doesn't like to have fun? Who? Show them to me and they'll get in trouble!

Heh, I'm just kidding! If you're one of these people though, I can help you now with a super simple make-up idea that will save you from your deadlock.

If you're like me, and you can't wait to get out on the street in your pajamas (not that I wouldn't do it any other day, too) then you showed up on a post that will suit you too!


Here comes Halloween and I'm aware of that ever since one evening in Semptember when, in one of my late conversation with Andrei on the phone, it dawned on me! "Hiiiii ... what are you going to be?" I ask out of the blue, after ending our museum list that we choose to visits in the near future, in Berlin.

Of course, he had no idea how I can jump so easily from one topic to another, and how, for God's sake, I can raise such a question, with a whole 7 weeks before the event.

Then, I explained: "It's not that easy my dear, do you know how many things I have to get this year?" knowing that I want to do a special gruesome make-up, I did a bit of research and found out what I needed. Then I made note to buy myself a bottle of fake blood for some hardcore effects and a liquid latex tube to have some fun with skin molding.

Did I bother to purches them? Neah - of course not, life intervened, and the rest of the thousands of my notes and plans.


October ends as quickly as it started, and now I have to deal with what I've got in my make-up kit, like every year. - Ah, who knows? Maybe in 2015 I'll remember about Halloween in August, and maybe then I'll have a chance to get prepared in time..

In need, I discovered that you don't need too much to get the wound look, or "a woundy" as I like to call it.

Good. What does this mean?

You need:

  • A plain facemask
  • Skin-color powder
  • Lipstick and lip gloss in red
  • A brown eyeliner ( crayon )
  • Purple and green eyeshadow for the bruises

Bonus - the "sewing"

  • String ( you wouldn't say )
  • Adhesives for fake eyelashes
  • A thin bobby pin


Hai, recunoaste! Iti place la nebunie sa te costumezi, sa-ti asumi un rol si sa-l joci o noapte intreaga.

E amuzant. - Ne place, ne place tuturor. Si cei care spun ca nu le-ar placea, ori mint ori nu stiu sa se costumeze.

Nu va cred, dragilor, chiar nu va cred! Cui nu-i place sa se distreze? Cui? Arata-mi-l si-l nenorocesc!

Nu, am glumit! Daca esti unul dintre acestia, te ajut acum cu un machiaj super simplu care te va salva din impas.

Daca esti unul/a ca mine, care abia asteapta sa iasa pe strada in pijama ( nu ca nu as face-o si la ordinea zilei ) atunci tot ai nimerit unde trebuie!


Vine, vine Halloweenul iar eu sunt constienta de asta inca din Semptembrie, cand, intr-una dintre convorbiriile tarzii cu Andrei la telefon, mi-a picat fisa! "Hiiiii... tu in ce vrei sa te costumezi?" il intreb din senin, dupa ce tocmai incheiasem planul muzeelor pe care ni-le alegeam pentru viitoarele vizite din Berlin.

Bineineles, habar n-avea cum pot sari atat de usor de la o tema la alta, si cum, pentru numele lui Dumnezeu, imi pot ridica asemenea semne de intrebare cu 7 saptamani inaintea evenimentului.

I-am explicat apoi "Nu-i atat de usor dragul meu, tu stii cate trebuie sa-mi cumpar anul acesta?" stiind ca voi vrea sa fac un machiaj mai special, m-am interesat de ce as avea nevoie. Apoi mi-am facut o notita sa-mi cumpar timpuriu un tub de sange fals pentru efecte si unul de latex lichid sa ma distrez cu reliefarea pielii.

Oare m-am ocupat de asta? Nee - normal, a intervenit viata, si restul miilor de notite si planuri.


Octombrie se termina la fel de repede precum a inceput, si acum trebuie sa ma descurc cu ce am prin trusa de make-up, ca in fiecare an. - Ah, in 2015 poate-mi amintesc de Halloween in August, si cine stie, poate asa mai am vreo sansa sa ma echipez la timp..

La nevoie, am descoperit ca nu ai nevoie de mare lucru sa poti obtine look-ul de rana, sau "ranita" cum imi place mie sa-l alint.

Bun. Ce inseamna asta?

Ai nevoie de:

  • Masca de fata banala
  • Pudra de culoare pielii
  • Ruj si luciu de buze rosu aprins
  • Un dermatograf maro
  • Fard mov si verde pentru vanatai


Bonus - pentru "cusatura"

  • Sfoara ( n-ai fi spus )
  • Lipici pentru gene false
  • O agrafa subtire


In the first phase we apply a layer of about 2mm face mask in the area where we want to "hurt ourselves" (bad, very bad!).

Then we go to make ourselves some green tea, drink it with lemon and a teaspoon of honey, sit 5 minutes on Facebook to see what's new and then, if you're lucky that is, you're mask would have dried out.

.. If you're getting bored of what's on the News Feed and want to finish this make-up already, because your friends are going crazy waiting for you down town, then put the hair dryer in the plug and aim your future wound with maximum heat.

You'll be ready in a minute or less.

Check with your finger if it's dry. Is it? Good. Powder the whole area really well. We don't want anything to look shiny, not at all.

I used a face mask with caviar from Avon, but it's totally irrelevant - except for the fact that it smells great and gives me the feeling that Halloween night will be beneficial for my skin. hihi

In prima faza aplicam un strat de vreo 2mm in zona unde vrem sa "ne ranim" ( urat, urat de tot!).

Apoi mergem sa ne facem un ceai verde, il bem cu lamaie si o lingurita de miere, mai stam 5 minute pe Facebook sa mai vedem ce-i nou, si poate, daca avem noroc, s-a uscat si masca.

.. daca te-ai plictisit de News Feed si vrei sa termini machiajul odata, ca te asteapta prietenii deja in oras, atunci baga uscatorul de par in priza si tinteste-ti viitoarea rana cu caldura pe maxim.

Esti gata intr-un minut sau mai putin.

Incerci cu degetul, e uscat? Bun. Pudreaza bine-bine toata zona. Nu vrem sa arate lucios, chiar deloc.

Eu am folosit o masca de fata cu caviar de la Avon, dar e total irelevant, inafara faptului ca miroase foarte bine si-mi da senzatia ca noaptea de Halloween va avea un efect benefic pentru tenul meu. Hihi


With scissors or anything with a sharp tip, pinch the middle surface of the dry mask upward. Be very, very careful not to hurt yourself, for real - if you have two left hands, than better do the pinching with your fingers, not to risk a more macabre night than Halloween already is, anyway.

Cu o forfecuta, sau ceva ascutit, ciupim suprafata din mijloc a mastii uscate. Avem foarte, foarte mare grija sa nu ne ranim cu adevarat - daca nu sunteti indemanatici, mai bine ciupiti usor cu degetele, sa nu riscam un Halloween mai macabru decat este oricum.


There's no way you could get hurt Iike that without bruising all around.. - So choose a natural shade of purple and green, you can be inspired from pictures onlineor your own signs of good behavior, and smudge it on the outer split of the mask.

The color should be applied all over and blended well. We don't want flashy spots that distract people from the bloody, but rather, to complement it.

N-avem cum sa ne ranim in halul acesta, fara sa ne invinetim in jur. - Asa ca alegeti o nuanta naturala de mov si verde, puteti sa va inspirati din poze online cu vanatai sau din propiile semne de buna purtare, si sa incarcati zona din exteriorul mastii despicate.

Culoarea trebuie intinsa bine de tot si pierduta. Nu ne dorim pete stridente, care sa distraga atentia de la partea sangeroasa, ci doar sa o complementeze.


If you've kept up so far, this is how it should look after appliying a layer of red lipstick. I used the Lip Stain from Sephora inside to fill the crack. It's a very intense color with an incredible persistence.

I contoured the edges with brown eyeliner and I faded it inward. It looks more natural in darker colors.

Finally, dab the lip gloss ( don't strech it ) throughout the interior, to get the "wet" effect.

Daca ati tinut pasul pana aici, cam asa ar trebui sa arate cu putin ruj in interior. Eu am folosit Lip Stain-ul de la Sephora pentru a umple partea din interiorul crapaturii. E o culoare deosebit de intensa si persistenta.

Marginile le-am conturat cu dermatograful maro si l-am estompat spre interior. Va parea mult mai naturala culoarea cu o idee mai inchisa.

La sfarsit, tamponam luciul de buze ( nu il intindem ) in toata zona interioara, pentru efectul "umed".


If the fake injured isn't enough too scare your granny, than I would suggest you try out the last part as well.

Let's sew it back together!

Now, there are two methods, but the first
I'm not recommending!

The first refferes to really sewing the mask from side to side. - But the risk to get injured is very high and the thread can't be thick, so it won't be noticeable from afar, especially in a dim light, like the one at Halloween parties.

So stick to the classical: cut pieces of string how long you want them to be. We add a bit of glue on each end of the wire (or directly on the skin), count 20 seconds in thought and begin to attach the first string.

- You can do it without any fake injury, anywhere!

Daca ranita nu te sperie suficient si crezi ca n-o va impresiona nici macar pe bunica ta, atunci ti-as sugera sa inceri si ultima parte.

Hai s-o coasem inapoi!

Acum, exista doua metode, dar pe prima nu ti-o prea recomand.

Aceasta ar fi sa cosi cu adevarat masca dintr-o parte in alta. - Insa riscul sa te accidentezi e foarte ridicat si firul nu va fi suficient de gros, astfel nu se va prea sesiza de la departare, in special intr-o lumina difuza, ca cea de la petrecerile de Halloween.

Asa ca ramanem pe varianta clasica: taiem bucatele de sfoara cat de lungi ne dorim. Punem cate o idee de lipici la fiecare capat al firului (sau direct pe piele), numaram 20 de secunde in gand si incepem sa atasam prima sfoara.

- Poti face asta si fara rana, oriunde!


With the brown eyeliner intensify the ends of the strings, in the area where they make contact with the skin. If you do it with enough care, they will  seem as if coming out of the skin

Then, to make it more obvious to the world that it's a stitch, you can also leave a long piece of string at one end to hang down. Catch the pin on it, as a needle. - You don't want to be stung with a real one!

It's better to place it in the outer end of the face, so it won't bother you. ( and/or you can put it in your hair when dancing )

Cu dermatograful maro, intensificati capetele sofrilor in zona unde acestea fac contact cu pielea. Daca aveti grija, va parea ca si cum sfoara ar iesi din piele cu adevarat.

Apoi, ca sa intelegea lumea ca e vorba de o cusatura, mai puteti lasa un fir lung de sfoara intr-un capat sa atarne, unde sa prindeti agrafa pe post de ac. - Doar nu vrei sa va intepati cu unul adevarat!

E de preferat sa fie plasat in capatul exterior al fetei, sa nu va deranjeze. ( si/sau sa o puteti prinde in par cand dansati )


Add a few blood spots (red lipgloss) all over, especially on the strings .. they just came out of your flesh, right?

Mai adaugati cateva pete de sange ( luciu rosu ) pe toata suprafata, in special pe sfoara.. doar din carne v-a iesit, nu?